Easily track visitors in WordPress with the Leadin plugin
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Easily track visitors in WordPress with the Leadin plugin

August 16, 2019

As a website owner, what do you really know
about those visitors who interact with your
site. How did they first hear about you? How often
do they return to your website? What content
do they find most interesting? My name is Brian Duffy and In this short video,
I’m going to show you a reallly cool
WordPress plugin that allows you to easily track anyone who interacts with your website –
across multiple visits.
Now Im not talking about Google analytics. With Google Analytics, you can setup goals
and then measure what percentage of visitors
convert. A goal might be a person buying something, or
filling out a contact form, or subscribing to
your newsletter Google Analytics is all numbers and
percentages. Don’t get me wrong; its great for
learning about your visitors – but what about your individual customers?
For example, what if a customer came across
you on Facebook but didn’t trigger a “goal” on your website until a much later visit?
How would you know what eventually led to
that new customer? Meet leadin – a marketing automation and lead
tracking plugin for WordPress Unlike Google Analytics (which just presents
anonymous data), Leadin shows you a picture
of each customer, their email address along with everyuthing they’ve ever doneon on your
website It tracks; where they first came from, what
content they looked at, how long they spent
on each page, how many times they came back, everything!
SO how does it work
Well its free and you can set it up in about 5 seconds
GO to plugins add new and search for leadin
Install and activate And that’s it – each time a visitor arrives on
your site a little cookie logs what they do
If it’s a return visit then the log just gets updated for that person
and when they fill out any form with their email
address then the plugin puts the email address and a face with the data and adds
them to the system
Using it is simple the stats page gives you an overview of how
your site is getting on
you can see how many new leads you got today
and how many of your regulars paid you a new
visit but the contacts page is where the real magic
all your customers are listed here at glance you can see how many times they’ve
visited you and how many pages they’ve
looked at And if you click in you can see it all
this guy read a guest post I wrote for a web
design blog he then subscribed right away to the
he then had a look about the free worpress series
and then he came back again
This is unbelievably powerful stuff. And check this out
From the contacts screen I can categorise my
contacts by clicking the manage tags button Based on what form they filled out
It automatically picks up whoever leaves a
comment and I can tell those you subscribed to my
newsletter because all my newsletter forms
have wysija in the title and I can spot people who filled out the
contact form because gform is the name of
that one and when I start accepting online payments
then I’ll be able to segment for customers
I can see who my real fans are – and I can see And of course you can make as many different
tags as you like
I’m guessing I don’t have to spell out how
powerful this is to you.
You can see who your most engaged fans are and cater for them.
You can segment your contact and create
personalized marketing campaigns for them. It’s been a long time coming but this could be
the start of a very powerful built in CRM
system for WordPress. I’m not saying don’t use Google Analytics.
Keep using analytics. But get leadin going as
well. So what are you waiting for, get cracking
And please let me know what you think in the
comments below.

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