Easy Boss Fight Guide – Streets of Rage 2 Jet – Stage 2
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Easy Boss Fight Guide – Streets of Rage 2 Jet – Stage 2

August 31, 2019

hey everyone RobJ here and welcome to
easy boss fight’ where I make any boss fight look easy
today’s easy boss fight is jet from Streets of Rage 2 now let me show you
the strategy after he flies in two thugs will appear and it’s a good idea to take
them out first as it will make this boss fight a lot easier anyways you want to
trigger jets dive kick by getting a bit close to him but not too close or this
will happen to you and it sucks after his dive kick you’ll have a tiny
window of dealing damage to him easily so make the most of it and just keep
triggering his dive kick thank you so much for watching and I
have a question for you was that an easy boss fight’ comment below if you liked
what you saw please like and subscribe I’m RobJ thank you for entering the
Nova and I’ll see you next time take care

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  1. Dude Jet is honestly one of my least favorite bosses in any game. Reallllllly wish I knew your tricks for him. Def made this look easy, well done.

  2. it's funny how in the third game these guys are wearing masks but in the second game they have no masks. like they're just realized, if they're going to be flying like that they're going to need an extra supply of oxygen.

  3. I always had problems with jet lol and like said in a previous vid most flying enemies …particular bosses lol but another great way to take jet down. Sweeeeeet👍👍👍

  4. Hey man, thanks for the good tip. Those guys are very annoying, especially on stage 5. Keep up the good work!
    And yeah, you've made it look very easy.

  5. Thank you so much for watching this Easy Boss Fight video.
    Check out my other Easy Boss Fight videos where I easily defeat Abadede and R. Bear from Streets of Rage 2!
    Abadede – https://youtu.be/YKqtT5oA_rg
    R. Bear – https://youtu.be/p-xLP-1TBGA

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