Easy Cartoon Drawing : How to Draw a Cartoon Helicopter

September 8, 2019

How to draw a cartoon helicopter. The first
part is the body. Basically shaped like that. Its kind of a strange shape, but easy to draw.
You can do a little, three little fin wings right there. Do your tail rotor or whatever
the helicopter people call it. There’s your skid. Very easy it looks like a ski. A nice
big cockpit. And that’s basically it. Oh, a propeller. Make a nice thin oval. Its movin
very fast, so make lots of motion lines. And there you go with the top. And show some lines
that this is actually glass. And there you have it. You can add little details here and
there, make it look cool. We talked about details. If you want to make it look really
cool cartoon. Have the people there. “Hi mom and dad! I’m in a helicopter.” “Yeah, free
helicopter ride. Hope this pilot is certified” see we’re really high in the clouds. And there
we have it.

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