EBACE2017 Static Display Showcases the Latest Aircraft
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EBACE2017 Static Display Showcases the Latest Aircraft

August 26, 2019

The European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition is the place to see and be seen. “It’s really nice that we get opportunity to get inside and have a look at the aircraft.” To be able to see the Gulfstream, the Bombardier, the Falcons, all of these different ones, all together in one place makes this one of the most incredible, valuable… in fact it’s my favorite show. Thanks for joining us on EBACE TV. I’m Lies Martens. EBACE2017 is buzzing with excitement over the latest advancements in business aviation. This is where industry leaders are displaying their cutting-edge products, services and business aircraft. “We’re here at EBACE debuting the Vision Jet. This is the first single-engine personal jet in the industry. This is the first aviation business show of the year and that also is an important driver for us being here in Europe.” And there’s nothing like getting in front of the media and thousands of business aviation decision-makers from around the world. “EBACE is an ideal location for us to debut… make the European debut of our fully outfitted G500. It’s a great market. We see operators that come from across Europe and Asia.” Announcements like these are made at this show because EBACE is where the business of business aviation takes place. “We’re standing in front of the G90XT. This is our first turboprop product and we’re excited because this is the first time we’ve actually brought the airplane overseas. It’s a great opportunity to get this product in front of a market that we think is tailored perfectly for it.” There are 56 business aircraft on display at the Geneva International Airport each with its own unique features. “There’s a huge variety of aircraft for different markets definitely, so there’s… from the TBM over there, single prop to the larger business jets, so the whole gamut is here.” And this is a valuable opportunity for industry professionals to see a side-by-side comparison of the business aircraft. “You get to see them up close and personal – different seating configurations, different interiors and also gives you a much better feel for sort of how the aircraft compare to one another. To see the full list of exhibitors make sure to download the EBACE app. You can also watch our coverage there by selecting the “more” tab and then EBACE TV. I’m Lies Martens. Thanks for watching.

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