Egg fighting gains popularity in Pakistan
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Egg fighting gains popularity in Pakistan

August 16, 2019

Did you ever play conkers at school? Hit one with the other or a string kind of
thing? Well this is a bit like that but with eggs. Young people in Peshawar are turning to an
old fashioned game to keep them occupied during the late Ramadan nights – egg fighting. The game involves using brightly coloured
boiled eggs to crack your opponents’ egg, and has been played for generations in Pakistan. OK a slightly smellier version of conkers. The bustling city of Peshawar has become more
and more congested, leaving less room for children and young people
to play games that need a large open area. The game is popular during the holy month
of Ramadan, when Muslims stay up late to eat their last
meal of the day before sunrise, when their fast begins again. Egg fighting, also known as egg tapping or
egg jarping, is played in other countries around the world and is even known to have
been practised in Europe during medieval times.

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