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August 29, 2019

[Music] It is 4:30 in the morning
and we just walked across town to meet our two group because we are driving two hours back
into the desert to see some geysers. Apparently you have to get there
right at sunrise because that’s when the geysers are best. Also the one perk to waking up
at four o’clock in the morning is that the stars here are beautiful. So it’s one of the best places in the world
to see stars. [Music] So it is a little after 6am,
we just arrived at the geysers the sun’s about to come up over the mountain
is absolutely beautiful. So yesterday we talked about how much
we enjoy having our own car and being able to explore things on our own but this morning I’m really glad
we chose to go with the tour cause I don’t think the car we had yesterday
would have made it it was a long bumpy ride and it was dark. So guys welcome to the Tatio Geysers. We are now here in the third biggest
geothermal field in the world and after Yellowstone in the United States
and also the Velikan Geyser up in Russia. So guys it works like this,
we are in the undersea mountain range and underground we have
a very powerful magmatic chamber and rocks with a lot of breaks on them
so the water that goes underground gets heated by this rocks
and because of pressure and temperature the water looks for escape
and this is how they do it and the water at this altitude
boils at 186° degrees. We just learn that this is
the third largest thermal field in the world and it has eight percent of the world’s geysers. That’s pretty crazy. This smells too pleasant
but it’s a little warmer if you stand close to them. Short here, very poor decision. [Music] We just learn a little bit about the geysers
with a guide and now we get 30 minutes
to walk around on our own and take pictures. We learned that if you come at like 3pm
that the steam only comes up about a meter so that’s why we have to get here
when it’s cold and early and they were not joking
when I said it would be cold. Dress warm, don’t wear shorts [Music] Sun is coming out, feels so good
getting feeling back in my fingers currently and now we’re getting back in the van and
we’re heading to another part of the geyser field. There’s a hot spring swimming pool here. I’m wearing a bathing suit but I’m going to
test the temperature before i jump in not quite positive I’m going to step in. That was pretty one. It’s hot
I’m doing it. it’s really cold here right now. I need to go to the source It’s colder,
oh it’s came warmer. Hot or cold? It’s like cold at the top and hot at the bottom. It is so hot right here and the ground is
really soft but… [Music] Was it worth it? It was worth it. I don’t know if I’m as cold as I was before
I think it warmed me up a little bit but once you get out
and the wind starts to hit you, whoa. now have a few more minutes to go check out
the other geysers before we go to breakfast [Music] We finally got some warm coffee
I’ve been waiting on this all morning. We’re having a pretty good breakfast
there’s a pan of eggs and toast and jam and some oreos
I got a breakfast I’m much warmer now, much more pleasant and now we’re driving back to San Pedro
but we have a few more stops along the way. We just stopped at these wetlands
to look at some chilean birds and these mountains at right there
and there’s an active volcano. [Music] She also told us that
these birds are like really bad at flying and look really uncoordinated
specifically one called the coot and so they have a saying here
when someone’s really drunk they say you’re drunk as a coot,
so that was pretty funny. We just arrived in this tiny town of Machuca
there’s only 14 families that live here and each year one family is in charge
of the llama meat apparently that is a huge business
they’ll have solar panels for energy and they get their water
from underground i think there’s more tourists here
than there are people that live here. We’ve saw more wildlife on the way here
we saw some Vicuyas (Vicuñas) that’s what we were calling llama deers
all day yesterday and we learned that they travel around in
packs and they only have one male and if another male is born
when it becomes an adult they fight each other to see
who gets to keep all the females. They’re really fascinating and they all use the bathroom
in the same spot to mark their territory. We have to get one. Just paid my llama meat inside
and I got a napkin as receipt. Gracias! I feel so bad eating a Llama. Wanna try first? Yum! Llama meat is amazing. Girl feels bad anymore? I mean I’m keeping this family in business. This is so good you’re going to love it
it has onion in it too. Another specialty we’re supposed
to try in this town is empanada de Cabra, it is goat cheese
I already love empanadas and I love goat cheese
but I never get to get it because Nate doesn’t like it
and we usually split stuff So I gave him the rest of the llama meat
and I get this. It’s amazing you would hate it
but I love it Now we’re going to explore the town
which is literally these buildings right here. [Music] The Atacama desert
is just so fascinating to me the fact that it just backs right up
to the Andes Mountains. It has marshes, volcanoes, hot springs
I mean it is just incredible that all that can exist in this one spot. and in some places
they say it hasn’t rained for 400 years. Yeah and in some places
there’s a huge storm. last week where they had to cancel tours. We have loved that Atacama desert
it’s like no other place we have ever been. I think this is the last stop on our tour
so we’re about to hop back in the bus and head back to San Pedro. [Music] You’re right, it wasn’t them. I think you love goat cheese
you just don’t know it. -I don’t, that doesn’t taste like a…
-You do. Look at this dog. It’s not a big fan of you,
you scared him back inside. It’s a few days later
and we just wanted to remind you that we’re doing the 30k giveaway where you can win lounge access
for a year as well as early access
to my travel hacking course where I’ll teach you how to travel
around the world for pennies on the dolar. So make sure you look in the description below,
click the link, enter to win, tell your friends this competition ends
on Thursday January the ninth.

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  1. I love your videos! Have been watching from the beginning, you guys have inspired me to go on my own traveling adventures! Thank you and congrats on 30,000 subscribers!

  2. hi guys. i really enjoy watching your vlog.. you give me a free world tour. . what video editor did you use for your vlog? thanks..

  3. hi guys, was so hoping to be first with comment…ugh…anyways keep traveling. I'm totally binge watching. I'm only at the everest episodes. cheated a lil bit just to say hi

  4. Loved that vlog, I didn't know the Atacama desert was so beautiful, I think you have added a destination to my must see list. Thanks guys, keep up the great work.👍 congrats on 30k 🎉🎊🏆

  5. I'm enjoying the South American videos, they have a little bit more of a "rough guide" feel to them like the early videos from Asia.

  6. Hello from Houston, Texas!! You guys are amazing!! I know it's not easy to be in a different country out of your comfort zone. Very proud of y'all because I am from South America!

  7. Your videos are just getting better and better. Kara seems to be able to eat anything. I dont know if I would have been brave enough to eat llama meat. Good on both of you trying it. Im with Nate – No to goat cheese. Anyway you are both lovely people all the best. Greg

  8. I would LOVE to win…Im hoping to do your Everest Trek this year…having never flown out of the country before, this would be nice to have. Keep this vids coming…love them.

  9. So glad you guys decided to continue vlogging into the new year!! I'm finally all caught up to your present day vlogs. I do have a question for you though. Is there a reason you guys have been ending your vlogs at the end of your planned adventure? Instead of doing the throughout your whole day until you get back to your home for the night. I'm just curious if it's a new things starting in the new year for a reason 🙂 Not that it makes the vlogs bad or anything! I promise they're still just as great, if not better with the new camera and Kara's editing getting better!

  10. I have been to all these places you guys are visiting, this makes me so nostalgic! I also jumped in the pool you guys showed at 4:50, It is awesome.

  11. Just wanted to say so much thanks for taking me with you on your travels, I just love it. You guys are so nice and warm. It is just a joy and you make my day. Love to travel with you keep up the good work, Dennis.

  12. Just wanted to say so much thanks for taking me with you on your travels, I just love it. You guys are so nice and warm. It is just a joy and you make my day. Love to travel with you keep up the good work, Dennis.

  13. Simply amazing! My son and I just watched this together and it was just awesome! We need to go there or at least to Yellowstone that's closer to us. Congrats btw on reaching 30k. Been watching since May of last year. I always look forward to your vlogs every single day.

  14. This is one of your best vlogs! I knew about geysers in South America. But, not like what you showed. You get so close to the geysers. The scenary is other worldly. Great choice of music! Just wow!

  15. Brilliant as always, I can't wait to visit these place one day. My wife is now as hooked on your travels as me and I'm not allowed to watch them before her ha ha

  16. Nostalgia overload! I trekked the same path as you guys are doing now 12 years ago. Makes me wish I had a better camera now, haha. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of Chile! I hope you get to the salt flats in Bolivia, its a really special place.

  17. Hey just wanna say..I love u guys, been watching for a while but it is a bit weird when u go and look at the wildlife and ur like omg their so cute and their so adorable and then u eat them..just makes me feel some type of way but I'm biased..vegan but not hating..its just you show us all the lovely shots of these family lamas and the ur like eating it on a stick in the next clip..just a bit strange..but still love u guys..the cutest couple ever..and keep up the good work..

  18. Hello Kara and Nate! Love all your travelings We are planing in visiting Thailand soon.Thanks for the inspiration and good luck with your travelings and congratulations on your 30k 😉

  19. we have been watching your vlogs forever! seriously we used your vlogs from asia for finding out everything when we took our children travelling late last year, you guys should soooooo totally come to new Zealand I keep expecting to see a vlog of your time here, let us know if you do come here we will totally give you ideas of the best places and can even show you around or at least tell you where the best coffee is…which is everywhere by the way…world famous coffee here. stay safe guys and keep up the amazing vlogs!

  20. 1) The video and the shots are amazing. This vlog and the one before were breath taking!! I'm amazed by the quality and beauty!!
    2) Does Kara has a nose piercing?!?! And I just notices now??

  21. The majority of these so-called "Chileans" are actually Peruvian and Bolivian immigrants and Colombians, in that place the Chileans are a minority regrettably.

  22. Hi Nate and Kara, I am fairly new to watching your videos so I started from the very beginning and working my way to your latest videos. Had a question. Kara always seems to enamored by the animals and especially the baby animals yet she will eat them right after seeing them. Was really just wondering if it ever bothers her. I know I couldn't do it. Thanks

  23. Another fantastic Uruguay video. I haven't seen a country with such unique and varied landscapes since Iceland.

  24. I just looked up the Vicuna (although I think I prefer Kara's Llama-Deer moniker – I'm gonna contact National Geographic about changing it officially).

    Anyhoo… they are one of only two South American Camelids… the other is called a Guanaco. Both related to the Llamas and Alpacas (clearly). They were endangered in 1974, with only 6,000 left. Today, thanks to conservation efforts, there are 350,000 vicunas in the world.

  25. Another Caldera to add to the list, thanks for your videos guys I love it! I am between jobs and your video's are keeping me entertained!

  26. I've been following your channel for a four months, maybe, and I can still remember your first vlog – the travel to Tokyo. Now, I am watching your vlogs from Chile. I can see your development and you have grown a lot. I am very happy that you can share your adventure with us. Thank you! I will keep watching and I am looking forward to your new destinations 🙂

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