Electrified Wolverine Claws: HOW DEADLY ARE THEY?
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Electrified Wolverine Claws: HOW DEADLY ARE THEY?

August 8, 2019

hey guys I’m the Hacksmith and we take fictional ideas and comics movies and video games and make a real working prototypes, it’s called make it real we’ve made captain america’s electromagnet shield Batman’s grappling hook gun psylocke’s psionic energy sword Reinhardt’s rocket hammer from Overwatch and even an exoskeleton from call of duty just to name a few. But one of our first project was Wolverine claws and since Logan just came out we decided to revisit it was a few upgrades. I originally designed and built them a machine shop during an internship I had and if you want to see more the original video is linked below. We tested them out by catching 50-pound hay bales, a suitable replacement for bad guys But then, I got creative what would happen if we electrified them using a high-voltage transformer we had some fun and gain a bit of notoriety online but today we’re upping the ante more electricity and i’m wearing them big shout-out to Kustom Kraft Leather who hooked me up with this awesome custom fit Wolverine jacket! Alright so how are we going to do this? We’re actually going to use a car battery and we’re going to short it using the claws… now I know you think that shorting a car battery is actually bad for it but in this case it’s not that bad these car batteries are designed to put out over a thousand amps when starting a vehicle and sparks well it’s usually under a couple hundred amps not to mention this wires is only rated for 200 amps so technically it would melt before we actually start hurting this battery, that being said don’t try this with your parents car battery they need that alright so for the first test we’re only going to use one set of claws. We’re going to connect the negative lead of the battery straight to the welding table, now we’re going to connect the positive lead into the Wolverine claws But we have to take it off the table first Now if we touch the Wolverine claws to the table we’re going to complete a short circuit with the battery, resulting in lots of sparks hehhe, alright let’s try that again in slow motion and see what’s really happening now this is actually damaging the claws because those sparks you see are actually tiny bits of superheated metal coming off the claws and the table itself so we are damaging the tips of this but we can always just make another pair but that being said it’s totally worth it because it is so cool alright enough of that let’s try putting both claws on and see what happens unplug the table and plug in the second claw caution these are live! So how deadly are these? It only takes about 10 milliamps across the heart electrocute someone, and we’re pumping a few hundred amps through these, so you might be asking why haven’t I fried myself yet well luckily human skin is very resilient to DC voltage, especially low voltage like 12 volts — but if i was to stab someone like this I’d electrocute them they also died from multiple stab wounds Man, I’m thirsty… alright hope you enjoyed the video we had a ton of fun with these and we do all kinds of cool stuff like this on the channel all the time you should totally check out our other make it real projects don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and the notify belt make sure you notified as soon as we do another project! Thanks for watching!

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  4. Its funny when he said "if i were to stab someone like this they would be electrocuted and die from multipul stab wounds" while smiling. 5:28

  5. What i like about the hacksmith is he always copied the heroes hairstyle and look in every project like cap he make his hair looked like steve roger and thor his beard and wolverine his jacket

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