Embraer Lineage 1000E Private Jet with Double Shower
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Embraer Lineage 1000E Private Jet with Double Shower

September 2, 2019

– I want to see the top of the line Embraer Executive Jet offer. – Nice to see you again.
– High five. (soft music) (loud laughter)
– Isn’t this great? – Oh my God, automatic table. Now I’m having some dream. – This is not a single person shower, it’s a two person shower. – How much this jet is listed at? I wanna give you like $120 right
now you can deposit for me. Steve I’m happy to see you
in the Dubai, Middle East Business Aviation Show here. Now from your pre-tour on the Embraer, that was like a mid-sized family jet. Now, I want something bigger, I want to see the top of the line Embraer Executive Jet offer. – Top of the line, you’ve
come to the right place. The Lineage 1000E, 4600 nautical miles, takes you anywhere in the
world that you wanna go and it’s a complete style and comfort. – Let’s go, can’t wait, let’s go. Hi Pam good to see you, how are you?
– Hi, welcome Sam. Nice to see you again.
– High five. Wow! – Welcome to the foyer
of the Lineage 1000E. This area also will double
as a crew rest area, with the forward lavs with them so they will not necessarily be back there and interrupting the guests
that you’ll be entertaining. We’ll walk through the galley here into our first zone out of
five zones that we have here. Our first zone here out of the five is our dining area and also
doubles as a conference area if you wanna get away from things. And what we can do is,
this area will seal off from the rest of the zones. You got a cabin door here
and another one over here. – Oh you get your
private dining room here. – Private dining room. This area will also convert
into a three person berth, if you need that, so we
can berth people up here in the front as well. So Sam, let me show you
the rest of the aircraft. You come into the next
three zones that have… – Wow!
– First is a nice comfortable sitting area. You can individually
or jointly get together these chairs also, swivel
around make things easy. – I mean this is wide, this is like (mumbles) your Embraer
Praetor but this is way wider. – And you can go ahead
and move the seat around. – Oh my God! (loud laughter)
– Isn’t this great? – This is amazing. Oh my God, automatic table. All I need is just fold it.
– You don’t see that everyday. – I know, this is some hidden
technology, amazing stuff. – These seats also will be able to berth, so that you can again sit
two more people right here as you look at… So Sam as we walk down from
our first conference zone, we walk into family room proper here. Where we get to sit down and have the big screen
TV, to watch movies. – This is comfortable,
like I was looking at lots of these super
mid-sized executive jets. I noted they kinda have a living
room feeling like this one. This one has extremely amount of space. Now I like this feature here. If you’re my loved one we
can cuddle together (laughs) – My wife’s gonna be upset now. – Oh my wife, so would be my wife as well. I like the cushion design, beautiful. I like the carpet, look
at this whole plane. – And the idea with the decor in here, is to create a sense of serenity. So that you can relax, be productive. And really recharge as you’re going to your next destination. – Your plane has the Wi-Fi or not, that’s the most important thing here. – Yes! The Ka-band fastest,
– Oh, Ka-band! – [Stephen] Newest most
technologically advanced version. – You can stream YouTube video. – The upload the download, we’re not even close to being done yet. We’re only halfway through
the aircraft at this point, so we’ve got a lot more to show you. Let’s go on to the next area. – Let’s go. – What we have here is
another conference area. More open dining to
interact with everyone. – And these seats can
also turn into a berth. – Yes! Now the state room, which is completely private area here in the back. – [Sam] Wow, look at that. – With the principle
when they’re on board. – [Sam] Hidden door, and oh my gosh. This is the bedroom, a real
bedroom not a converted one. – No, this is again a queen-sized bed that will allow you to have
your own state room back here. Completely private and sealed
off from the rest of the cabin so you have your quiet zone. So you can sit back and relax. – I’m gonna try out your bed here. This looks like a full-sized double bed. – Please get comfortable
(mumbles) like privacy. – Lineage by Embraer, nice pillow. Oh nice one. – You want to put the shades down? – Oh, look at this. – Then you can have sleeping mask. – Thank you. – [Pam] Now you look comfortable (laughs) – Now I’m having some dream. – Is the bathroom here in the back. This is not a single person shower, it’s a two person shower. – [Sam] Two person shower! – With 40 minutes of hot water on it. – There you are. – Oh, look at this, the brush. The towel, oh thank you nice slippers. Let me check out the shower guys. Double sized shower on this plane. Bigger than the Emirates A380 shower. Look at this, let’s see
if there’s water here. Oh there is water, oh my God. I’m really wet. It is as real as it gets. You have shower and look at this. Look at the shower,
look at the water here. Oh my gosh, I just had a shower. Oh my gosh look at me. Nice bathroom really. There’s even a place to
sit down in the bathroom and there’s a window by the way. A window with a view in the toilet. Imagine having a shower
at 40,000 feet in the sky. Here’s something you can do. There’s a window in the bathroom so you can look out while having a shower. – The other thing that’s
very important with this is, you also have access to additional
luggage while in flight. – [Sam] Oh you can go inside
the luggage holds, oh wow! That is incredible, look at this. – [Stephen] You’ve got
a substantial amount of luggage space in here, and that can be accessed
while you are in flight. – The most important thing
you gotta tell me is, how much this jet is listed at. – $54 million! – $54 million? – This is phenomenal value in
the market place right now. And what’s most impressive,
you see the size of the jet, the ramp presence this has, but yet it can still get
in out of tight airports like Vale, Aspen and Eagle, and it allows the person to
have tremendous flexibility and go into any of the regular business jet airports they would
with smaller aircraft or even larger aircraft. So as a result, the size of this aircraft with the five cabin zones,
that double shower in the back, the ability to have 19 passengers on board with all of their luggage and access it while they’re in flight, it gives that home-like feeling, and it allows you to go anywhere and do anything that you
can think of at this point. – Can I give you like $120 right
now you can deposit for me? And maybe I can save it up later? – We can talk about that. We have an instalment plan
we can definitely work on– – Oh so there is finance
available for this beautiful jet. Wow, this is like exclusive
close galley, private. – The galley of this
Lineage is so spacious. It has room for the crew rest area here and a crew rest lav and it offers ovens and refrigerators and microwaves, plenty of room for all the passengers. So Pam, is this your
favourite galley to work at? – How could it not be? Look at how spacious this is. It has everything you could ever ask for. This is the bathroom for the crew. – [Sam] Oh this is a
third bathroom on board? – A third bathroom.
– Can’t believe, this plane has three bathrooms! – Oh yes it does.
– Oh nice! This is not a shabby one
either, this is nice. – We will first serve the passengers. So when the passengers are asleep this is an opportunity
for the crew to rest and we have our own area for that. So it’s a very nice and convenient. – [Sam] So you have your own
crew rest area in private? – Right! – Oh this sofa can convert something. Let me check it out. Cosy here, this better than first class. As a crew area, it’s still better than first class in
commercial, this is very cool. – Exactly, it’s very
comfortable for the crew. No complaints at all. – How can I get a job like you in Embraer?
– Give me your resume. Think you could join us.
– Maybe I can get considered. – I’d be happy to have you with us. – Everyone really wish to be you, ’cause you get to fly on the
Executive Jet all the time. – I wanna be you. – Oh no no, I wanna be you. – Hello, welcome to Embraer, my name is Captain Pierce Brooks. Welcome to the Lineage 1000E cockpit. Aeroplane that will fly at
mack decimal 82 at 41,000 feet. And we have all the equipment is here from electronic checklist, auto-brakes, (mumbles) with auto landing. I think your passenger’s
comfortable from Dubai to London, Dubai to Hong Kong and welcome aboard. – Bye Sam, nice to see you,
I hope you love the Lineage. – Bye Pam, bye. (upbeat music) So now it is time for the best comment for the last few weeks’ video. In the Asiana First Class Alone video, the best commentary is Robert Tutor. He said, “is there no greater feeling “than take-off and landing, “and the sound of the
turbines at full throttle. “And lovely Australian wine as well.” So thank you Robert and I
concur with your comments. I love the 747, there is
no better, greater feeling at take-off, landing with full throttle. The Italian style Alitalia Magnifica Class 777 flight video comment. The best comment of that video I like is from sweetbootysweat. So sweetbootysweat say, “Buckle up lads, “it’s going to be a cringy one. “Still love all your videos though.” So I think you guys love my cringe act. So, if you love my cringe act, it’s gonna do more
cringe next time for you. I wanna tell you, another good news, is the merchandise giveaway is still on. There’s three more days. So if you like my
t-shirt, there is a chance to win five of these merchandise. Enter the giveaway now. (upbeat music)

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