Emergency Helicopter Exit
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Emergency Helicopter Exit

September 6, 2019

– Well last night was fun. (sighs) And now it’s time to
jump out of a helicopter. What is my life? (soft upbeat music)
(helicopter whirling) All right, we’re going to Guatapé, which is a cool little
town a couple hours drive outside of Medellin, but we’ve got a special
TPG way of getting there. (soft music) – This helicopter is a Koala. It’s an Augusta Alpha 119. Avoid anything that can can be loose because we’re going have the open doors, so the air is going to be
flowing around all the time. You’re going to be seated here. You can sit here–
– Okay. – And then you jump.
– Okay. So you can put your feet here and then just jump off.
– Yeah. Yeah.
(laughs) Just try not to jump– – Up, no up.
– Up, okay? (soft music) (helicopter whirling) (laughs) – Ah! (soft upbeat music) – Woo!
(laughs) – Whoa! Sorry, mom! Ah! (water splashes) Ah! (water splashes) – That was awesome!
(laughs) (water splashes) (water splashes) – Woo!
– Wow! That was so awesome! – [Man] Super cool, I loved it. – Yay, I’m so proud!
– Woo! – You did it!
(laughs) Unbelievable! What an experience. (laughs) (upbeat music) I’ve been on probably 100
helicopter rides in my life. That was by far the most exhilarating and a little bit scary. Sorry, mom. But we’re now in the town of Guatapé. We’re gonna go get some food and just take in a beautiful day in the Columbian countryside. It’s kind of sad. This is my last full day. I do not want to leave Columbia. (soft upbeat music) It’s a hotbed of Instagram-able
activity here in Guatapé. Everything is so colorful. You can’t take a bad photo
unless you look like me. (soft upbeat music) This is bandeja paisa. It’s got meat, meat, meat,
and carbs, carbs, carbs, egg, a plantain, avocado, arepa. That is stellar aguacate. (soft music) Today I really felt like I started to get a sense of what
Medellin is all about. Seeing it from above and
even coming to Guatapé and seeing these amazing manmade lakes, jumping out of a helicopter, getting picked up by a boat to an island, it was so James Bond,
so worth the splurge. Yeah, it’s been an amazing three days. I’m getting a little bittersweet that I have to leave Columbia, but I know one thing for
sure is that I will be back. So to follow all of my other adventures, make sure you subscribe because we have a lot of
amazing stuff coming up. (soft upbeat music)

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  1. Glad you enjoyed “la ciudad de la eterna primavera – Medellin”. Three days isn’t enough you need a year to explore Colombia in it’s entirety. Many expats now call this home. Look up Sam LifeAfar.

  2. Love the videos!! Every time I se them it reminds me of what Mae West used to say…”forget about the six feet, let’s concentrate on the seven inches”! 😉

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