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August 29, 2019

we are in the last round hello everyone i Kosif today we are with you with a video full of excitement Turkey’s PUBG kill record holder armuttv is with us his name is Ahmet but we will call him Armut today we are in Antalya- Kemer we will do water sports we will try all the tools here we will try the latest flyboard do you think i can ride in flyboar i think you ride Let’s start wearing our vests this friend grew up beside me we will do the ring first sorry ringo Sezai will also attract us Let’s go you have the whole image we will ride these will you throw us Do not throw us bi be polite what is this we are always ready what is this slow this is fast hand hold Armut slow Armut dropped I looked at the Armut is not with me do you need help let’s not play slow I’m a dreamer i don’t feel my ribs help I’m exhausted Did you see how it fell did wrong let’s continue it is very difficult with one hand I’m offended yerlerdeyim Press you are old unmarried we will get on this now normally we lie on it face to face and they pull us but we will try to stand on this let’s see what is going to happen you have to be a snake in this I’m exhausted I can’t stand Armut Let’s try to survive now 3 2 1 Cihan lost 3 2 one last round begin scammed the captain take me to the shore my arms hurt a lot I do not want to go I’m exhausted I’m so tired hard to stand on it was very nice it’s time to flyboard flyboard master is with us I am introduced as the master of everything but Armut is very interested in winter sports Now we will introduce the flyboard to us shall we begin there is a jet ski jet skinin the water pushed the bi hose we stay in the air with pressurized water coming out of this shoe Let’s go you’re in complete control you break your knees slightly very tired you will rise as I gas try to stand up do not rush oLuyo no walking but your feet will stand united it was nice calm down he doesn’t give you direction you give him direction press after I gas here we cut I could do it again. I understood everything it was very nice Armut tries now he is experienced Let’s watch Armut come give me a kiss rose well If I tried another 15-20 minutes, look that simple I already did it was very nice tourist Armut You do it one more time. anyone can do this sport a bit of familiarity but a little expensive a sport in Turkey I hope you like our video i had so much fun today i’m so tired I hope you have fun too yes i had fun I had fun being with you Let us entertained right thank you for letting us try everything here after that you can come to another video about water sports don’t forget to like and leave a comment and subscribe to Armut’s channels Take care of yourself don’t forget to laugh by

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  1. Sevgilisi olmayanlar beğensin bakalım kaç kişiyiz 😂😂

    Bu arada kanalıma 2 dk uğrarsanız çok sevinirim

  2. Kosif yine yapmış diyeceksiniz 🙂 Seviyorum sizi <3 instagram.com/kosifcihan/
    Armut'un Instagramı: https://www.instagram.com/ahmettanik

  3. Çok eğlenceli bir video olmuş. Lakin benim göbeği montajlamışsınız bende baklava vardı armut göbek olmuş. Üzdü =[

  4. Cihan abi 2.320 tl borcum var icralık olucam yardım edermisin ? bi umut yazmak istedim Allahtan umut kesilmez

  5. Sakin aşşagı inme

    Biraz daha aşşagı inme

    Bu cümleyi okuduysan daha fazla inme

    Seni denemiştim sen güçlü bir TÜRK erkeğiysin

  6. Abi lütfen instegramda Bi dm bakarmısın lütfen sana bişi söylivem lütfen abi instegramım ubeydbakiskan lütfen abi bak

  7. Video'nun uzun olması çok iyi olmuş kral seni daha fazla görmüş olduk 🙂
    Ha bide instada şu dm ye bi bak be abi yılmadan sana mesaj atıyorum(alikaraaslan44)

  8. Abi gecen videodaki yprumuma kalp atmissin adamlar yorumlari ben okyorum diyo umrunda olmuyo ama sen her yprum kalp seviyoruz seni abi

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