Endless Forge of Warhammer 40k
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Endless Forge of Warhammer 40k

August 17, 2019

No Mercy, No respite. You die today! Emperor protect me! We are targeted… Strike with fury and zeal. That shot almost got me! We serve the dark gods as well you fools. …for the glory of the Imperium. …by the emperor, look out for the mines! Repairs are completed and ready for duties. Accept our dominion You have the honor of serving me now. Reap our malediction Welcome to oblivion. It is his will. Light of the emperor… …for the imperium and for glory! Charge! Fire! Fire! Fire! That’s proper demolished.. By the dark gods, move! Take us into the thick of it. Bring down the rain of fire! We will cut a sward through their ranks. Commence immediately, we must now be prepared for the most arduous struggle. Enemy attacks from the right… Coordinates received, we will commence at once. Now you are fighting real warriors. Fire coming from the left… Sisters, we must go as martyrs. We must go in flames. In flames! …my fingers are gone.. …my blood spills for the blood god.. None stand before his might. Service to the emperor. Stand, and, fight! Back creatures… You would dare stand againts me? Blood for the blood god! Curse your gods and die! Be decisive brothers. They will not stop us. A suitable match. Taste the wraith blade. Look upon your doom… It is as i feared. They must be stopped. They are preparing to march their doom. Charge! Space marines, advance! Human! Do not destroy the stone. You will doom us all. Stand aside! You know not what you do. No… I AM A GOD! Daemons, have faith sisters. Fire! Fire my sisters! Do not falter! Do not blink, until the enemy are cinders. Cinders and ash! Die… Regroup! Do not let them slip away! Foul Daemon! Fire on them! Blow them apart! None may block our path. I shall hold them back! In death as life I shall honor my brothers… Artilery, fire when ready. They got me… Fire! Fire now! Withdraw and regroup! The forces of chaos… are mine to command! I fear no evil! For i’am fear incarnate! For Terra!

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  1. Отличная Работа мой друг)
    Думаю что новая версия которую я тебе дал , поможет тебе заснять ещё более эпичные и качественные моменты.
    Спасибо что помогаешь нам в распространении мода в массы.
    (Ведущий Разработчик UMW 40k)

  2. I love how comically the demons just saunter around, but no seriously huge props to you guys for putting this together it was quote fantastic

  3. > Me literally enjoying the battle between Imperium of Man vs Chaos
    > 6 Minutes later, Eldar and Tau came out of nowhere
    > F**king TAU! Oh and some SoB.
    > Me: What the [giggle] fuck is going here!?

  4. i wish there were a total conversion mod to play Wh40k with some cool features of the Company of Heroes:
    -triage centers
    -trenches (like in "the great war 1918" mod)

  5. Seems like the kind of 40k Battle that would last years and costs hundreds of millions of lives, but no one will pull back. It everyday millions upon millions land on the planet to continue the fight! FOR THE EMPEROR!

  6. Хотелось бы что то похожее но с Некронами против Тиранидов. Или Орков или Демонов или Тау.

  7. Were those Doom demons at the end? I don't think I've ever seen a Chaos Daemon that looked like those unless I'm just poorly seeing them.

  8. This is like seeing your models come to life and fight in real time. It's also what DoW 3 should have been instead of the abomination it actually was. I'm glad a mod of this caliber exists to really capture 40K battles properly. It's really making me want to buy the game.

  9. When the death korps of krieg, Acadian guard regiment AND the Adeptus Astartes and soroitas show up you know this planet is important to someone high up.

  10. I never knew a Men Of War game had no lag with these amount of soldiers

    Oh, this guys computer is Blessed by The Emperor

  11. Wow, the amount of scipts, camera placements, waypoints and fixes for this is something that i think even the developer of this game will be amazed.

  12. Thought dreadnoughts got teleported to safe distance for recovery. Or he just sacrificed himself, probably the ladder.
    EDIT: imagine retribution “Astartes” in this battle. Then again, they were only humans. But the last two weren’t.

  13. Was looking for the Commissar Execution Shot Soundeffect from DoW but found this instead. This is some 10/10 stuff!

  14. Не хватает только две вещи:Орков, титан класса император и слай марбо.

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