(ENG/JPN) 전생 체험하다가 죽음을 경험한 로켓펀치 연희 #아이돌 #리얼리티 ┃로켓펀치 [펀치타임 2 – ROCKETPUNCH UNIVERSE] EP2
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(ENG/JPN) 전생 체험하다가 죽음을 경험한 로켓펀치 연희 #아이돌 #리얼리티 ┃로켓펀치 [펀치타임 2 – ROCKETPUNCH UNIVERSE] EP2

February 23, 2020

Let’s try going to your past life I’m not a human What are you, then? A Pepero (Is this for real?)
A Pepero? Yes, I’m being wrapped
in the kitchen I think someone just ate me (What’s she talking about? LOL)
Did someone eat you? After unwrapping you? (Did the So Hee Pepero get eaten?)
Did someone eat you? (100 spoons of cuteness)
Subscribe! Like Please press them~ (Suddenly embarrassed) Please [Punch time : ROCKETPUNCH UNIVERSE] (Rocket-hi) A lie detector? What’s a lie detector doing here? If we win the first game,
can we get off work? (Caught off guard by the good news) (So simple)
(If you want to go home, win!) (Hoping to be 1st place) (First truth or dare)
(Q. RoPun is the most important to me!) (Confident X 9999) You need to control your heartbeat
to win (We believe in you, Juri) (Buzz) (Oh, my god) (Pinocchio) (We feel so betrayed) It really hurts! (This isn’t fair) (I’ll show you how it’s done) (We believe in you 22) (Watching intently) (Well?) (False) (Juri, another victim)
Wait! I think the machine’s strange (I agree)
It’s broken! (Next is Yeon Hee)
RoPun is what matters the most to me! (Confident X 9999999) (We trust you 333) (Our leader!) (Machine failure) (Rocket Punch, I love you ♥) (Getting off work)
Goodbye, everyone [Staff] You guys can leave after
a short interview (So jealous) I’m so jealous! (Going to do the interview) (Happy) (Excited)
Everyone! We’re the first ones to go home! So we won’t get much camera time (Don’t worry about) (camera time) Aren’t we doing the interview? (No, you’re not…) Actually, this place is… a place where you can experience
your past life under hypnosis (They’ve been tricked) (Can’t go home yet)
(Congratulations on returning to work) (Angry)
What interview? (The Squirrel is going first)
OMG Okay, close your eyes [Kang Ho, Hypnotist] Let go of all
the thoughts in your head Your right arm will float up and stay in the air (Rigid) You’ll see an elevator in front of you It will take you to the second floor
basement (Loading… 75%) (Loading… 82%) (Loading… 96%) (Loading… 98%) (Loading… 99%) (Loading complete)
And the door opens, one, two, three! (What was Da Hyun in her past life?)
What are you right now? Armor? Something I’ve seen in dramas… Are you dressed in armor like in dramas? Yes, I think I’m guarding an entrance (Entrance?)
[Hypnotist] Are you guarding an entrance? [Da Hyun] Yes [Hypnotist] What do people call you? (What was Da Hyun’s name
in her past life?) General? General (General Da Hyun) [Hypnotist] Are you a handsome young man? (Joseon’s Brad Pitt)
I don’t think I’m ugly [Hypnotist] You’re not ugly (Laughing on mute)
[Hypnotist] Do you look decent? [Da Hyun] Yes… (Already taken)
I think I have a girlfriend Oh, really? I wonder whether you’ll marry her Go to the point in time
when you marry her One, two, three Do you marry her? (Now a married man)
Yes, but… (But?) I think she’s someone else (Oh, no)
[Hypnotist] Someone else? [Da Hyun] Yes I think my ex-girlfriend was prettier (General) (Joseon’s Brad Pitt)
(Married) (Can’t get over his first love) (Moments later) (Hello) (Ruining the moment) What have you been doing? You’ll find out soon Imagine holding a microphone
in this hand You’re holding it naturally like this (Rigid) (I was like that, LOL) [Hypnotist] We’ll try to remember
your past life One, two, three! [Hypnotist] Just tell me whatever
comes to your mind I’m at a countryhouse And I’m having a meal with my parents [Hypnotist] Look at your mom and dad Which country do you think they’re from? Korea (Was also a Korean in her past life)
[Hypnotist] Oh, really? What do they call you? Gil Dong Hong Gil Dong (Sudden Hong Gil Dong)
(Jeez) [Hypnotist] Hong Gil Dong, you say? [Hong Gil Dong] Alright, what does
Gil Dong like to do? I like to play games… [Hypnotist] With your friends? No, on the computer or the console (God, I’m crying)
[Hypnotist] I see Which time period is it? 1990… (Born in 2003) (Past life reboot)
Let’s go to a life before that One, two, three (Part2. What could be Gil Dong’s
past life?) Huh? I’m not a human (Excited)
[Hypnotist] What are you, then? (If not human, what was Gil Dong
in his past life?) Pepero (Oh, come on!!!)
[Hypnotist] A Pepero? – The Pepero that you eat?
– Yes – Which flavor!?
– Chocolate (Gil Dong’s past life: Chocolate Pepero)
Chocolate Pepero (Can’t stop laughing)
Where are you now? I’m at my grandmother’s kitchen
being wrapped (Holding back his laughter) (Sad thoughts x4) (Luxurious handmade Pepero) Pepero… How long do you live? (Suddenly sad)
I think I die soon I think someone ate me [Hypnotist] Someone ate you after
tearing up the wrapping? Someone ate you? Then for how many months did you live? Three months (Please stop)
[Hypnotist] You’ve lived for three months Then let’s go back to the past life
before you were a Pepero (Part 3. Pepero’s past life) It’s a bit strange I see a Shine Muscat grape And it’s riding a slide – Is it riding a slide?
– Yes Are you a grape, then? Yes, I think so (Fast send-off)
Go back to the end of your past lives (Refusing to be sent off)
But I’m not done Oh, really?
What state are you in right now? I’m a singer – [Hypnotist] Have you become a singer?
– [So Hee] Yes (Getting dizzy)
[Hypnotist] Oh, a singer~ Are you popular? I think I am I think I’m happy (A Shine Muskat grape that became a singer
Are you with us, too…?) Are you a singing group? No, I’m a solo artist (Experience over!) (They’re just being left at the cafe) Did you know that the show has just
left us here with nothing to do? (The others are experiencing
their past lives) (Starting to speculate)
I think they want us to do something Shall we try eating that plant
or something? (That’s a bit…) (No such thing)
They want us to do something (What happens when you neglect
a girl group for too long.mov) (Timing game) (Cham-Cham-Cham) (Acting cute) Su Yunnie has something to say… (Make me laugh) (Self-blur effect)
(Punch Time police show version) (Yeon Hee’s seduction (PG-13))
Take this money and break up with him! (She’s the female lead)
Stay away from him! If we do absolutely nothing for 3 minutes,
will they let us go home? What’s that? (Glimpsing) (Escape) (Caught) (Self closing)
Today… We had no idea we’d be playing
an escape game like this This is Rocket Punch
and we’re Yeon Hee and Su Yun (See you next week~)
Bye~ My mind, stay with me… (Yeon Hee’s mind)
Please add that with CGI Subscribe and Like Please press them! (Finally, they’ve also been taken
to experience their past lives) What’s this? (Truly surprised)
What are you guys doing here? (We’ve been waiting)
Didn’t you guys go home? (After seeing your past lives, they can)
Welcome, Yeon Hee (Let’s move this along) Feel yourself in your past life I’m wearing silk shoes and a blue hanbok (Excited because it’s her first time)
[Hypnotist] A blue hanbok!? Are you a woman? I’m a man How old are you? Twenty-seven [Hypnotist] Twenty-seven What do people call you? Kang Seo (Su Yun’s name in her past life
was Kang Seo) What do you do? I’m in the palace And I’m playing a flute [Hypnotist] You’re blowing a flute? [Hypnotist] Are you a renowned flute player? Yes Are you married? (Also married)
Yes I see, try to picture your wife (Married man) – She’s pretty
– She’s pretty? Does she resemble someone
that you know in your present life? Yes (Her wife looks like someone?)
[Hypnotist] Who? Da Hyun (Da Hyun) [Hypnotist] Oh, Da Hyun? [Hypnotist] Da Hyun as in the member
of your group? (Wow, I’m right here)
[Hypnotist] Does she look like Da Hyun? [Su Yun] Yes [Hypnotist] Do you two get along?
Are you a great match? (A bit nervous)
[Su Yun] Yes (Relieved)
[Hypnotist] I see [Hypnotist] Are you two living happily? (We’re made for each other…)
Yes (Perfect guy) (Flutist) (Palace)
(Pretty wife) (Da Hyun doppelgänger) (Next past life, please) (Next up is Leader Yeon Hee) [Hypnotist] What do you see yourself as? I’m swimming [Hypnotist] Are you swimming? Are you a human? No [Hypnotist] Then are you a swimming fish? Fish Are you a fish? (Swim-like movement)
Dolphin Dolphin!? (Décalcomanie) Are you swimming with other dolphins
or are you swimming alone? I was with my pod But I got left behind I just like swimming Life as a dolphin, is it a happy life? No, it’s hard Is it hard? Look in deeper
What’s making your life so hard? The people… have hurt me It hurts so much Did people hurt you? Something sharp… is lodged in my stomach What happens to you? I keep swimming to where I wanted to go Do you swim with the sharp object
in your stomach? Yes Where are you headed? The place where I got separated
from the group I go there But there’s no one there It hurts so much… But there’s no one there… (Confronted with the memories
of her past life,) (tears are steaming down her face) Mom and Dad… I should never have left them [Hypnotist] What happens to you? I keep hurting… and I say goodbye and fall asleep [Hypnotist] Do you fall asleep? [Hypnotist] When you look back on
your past life as a dolphin, do you have any regrets? The places I wanted to go… I wish I had swum more and gone there… [Hypnotist] Why were you born as Yeon Hee
in this life? To live more freely [Hypnotist] Are you living more freely
in this life? – Yes
– [Hypnotist] Alright (Time to come back)
[Hypnotist] Open your eyes on three Now, one, two, three Jeez, wait (It was so sad) What? What’s with the dolphin? (Dolphin) (Separated from the pod)
(Tearjerker) (Tragic) Are you a good swimmer? No, I’ve never learned (Shame) I really didn’t believe in these things (RoPun members were all skeptical)
I was like, ‘Will it work on me?’ (Yun Kyoung)
Share yours first We came last, so we don’t know
about you guys You know everything Well, my name was Lucy – It fits you!
– It fits you! Jinx I was a girl named Lucy in Europe [Hypnotist] What are you? Everything’s white My clothes and everything around me (Yun Kyoung’s white past life)
The background is also white? Yes, I’m going to school [Hypnotist] What are you studying? We’re all wearing gowns (Lucy is studying in a white gown)
We’re staring at the teacher Lucy, what is your dream? I talk about going to the hospital
with my friend (Lucy’s dream is to be a nurse)
I think I want to be a nurse [Hypnotist] Let’s go to the future
and see if you become a nurse (Will Lucy have fulfilled her dream?)
[Hypnotist] Now, one, two, three [Hypnotist] What have you become? I don’t see anything (She couldn’t see Lucy’s future)
[Hypnotist] You can’t see anything? Do you feel your existence? No Don’t you feel it? Lucy, let’s go to the final moment
of your life I’m in the car And something’s coming at me
from the opposite direction – [Hypnotist] Something’s coming at you?
– Yes – Does it hit you?
– Yes I see a diploma next to me [Hypnotist]
Is there a diploma in the car? (Oh, no) [Hypnotist] Do you die in an accident
around the time you graduate? (Lucy dies after graduating from school)
Yes The diploma was so sad I was sad, too Pied Piper (Breaking out in laughter) (Pied Piper of Joseon)
My name was Kang Seo I had a girlfriend and I got married to her! (Kang Seo’s wife) But she was really pretty! She had this traditional hair And wearing a white and yellow hanbok She was sitting so innocently like this
and she was so pretty (Really?)
[Su Yun] She was glowing (Sorry we couldn’t do better with CGI) What about you? I was outside and was looking for something I kept looking for something Well, I keep looking In the process, I’ve become immortal But it was so sad (What was Juri in her past life?)
And so tiring [Hypnotist] How are you living? I’m bored, really I’m not happy As if I don’t even feel alive I want to fine it – What do you want to find?
– Something alive An animal or a human (Juri was all alone)
Do you want to find something alive? Yes [Hypnotist] Look to the future I don’t know, I can’t see (Juri can’t see the future, either)
Can’t you sense whether you’re alive? (Time has passed and Juri turned into
something that doesn’t die) [Hypnotist] You want to die but you can’t? [Juri] No But it’s sad, really – [Hypnotist] It’s sad?
– Yes I don’t want to die [Hypnotist] Why don’t you want to die? Because I’m lonely (Engulfed with loneliness) (Juri couldn’t stop crying for a long time) I was shocked It was really sad So, now I’m… working surrounded by a lot of people Oh, because you were lonely
in your past life? [Juri] I cried because I was so sad We’ll keep you company (Maybe she no longer wanted to be lonely) (and became the Juri she is now
surrounded by the members) [Hypnotist] If something is lacking before
you die in your past life, [Hypnotist] your present life flows
in a way to compensate for that (The 6 members’ path)
[Hypnotist] To not leave the pod, (Their past lives were all different)
to not be lonely, you’re in a group together (Could each tiny fate of the past have
brought them together?) (Rocket Punch grew as an artist
and returned with Red Punch) (Good luck, you guys!) (BOUNCY) (Let me put it up) (I wanna hit the world with Rocket Punch) Punch Time~ Subscribe and like~ Please~ Go, go~ Hello, we’re Golden Child! I heard Rocket Punch is launching
Punch time Season 2! We’re also very excited about season 2! I hope you guys stay healthy and happy
during your second album promotion We were Golden Child
Thank you very much! Fighting! (February 27 (Thur.) 7 PM) (Check out my true colors) (It’s a bit different from others) (Bye, camera)
Aw, so cute Could I get a discut (?) (Nowhere else) (Dongmyo FLEX party) I don’t have much money (Look forward to next week) Su Yun I’m out of money and stamina (Next week, why Rocket Punch took over
Dongmyo will be revealed!)

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  1. 펀치타임 어서오소희!!

    켓치 오늘 펀치타임도 재밌기 보셨나요?😍 재밌게 보셨다면 좋아요 구독 알림설정까지 부탁드릴게요오!!!
    전생에 초코빼빼로 샤인머스켓이었던 소희가 이렇게 데뷔도 하고 켓치들도 만났으니 너무 다행이네요ㅋㅋㅋ!!😽 앞으로 엉뚱소희(?)모습도 많이 기대해주세요ㅎㅎ 켓치들 켓랑해요😻😻

  2. -쥬리 누나는 나중에 치과에서 알바하면 딱일것 같아요
    쥬리 누나보면 입이 안다물어지니까요

    -쥬리 누나! 위험하게 왜 밖에 돌아다녀요
    누가 보석인줄 알고 훔쳐가면 어떡하려고

    -연희 누나 보고 내 시력 몽골인 됨

    -연희 누나가 예쁠 때마다 100원씩 저금하다가 일주일만에 빌딩 세웠잖아요

    -드디어!! 선글라스가 발명된 이유를 알았어요!
    그것은 바로 빛나는 수윤이를 보기 위해서랍니다

    -어쩐지 요즘 하늘에 별이 안보이더라
    수윤이 눈에 별을 한가득 담아버렸어

    -윤경이는 올림픽나가면 금메달 휩쓸듯
    켓치들 마음에 10점짜리 화살을 꽂아 넣으니까

    -저 얼마전에 윤경이 콧대에 미끄러져서 공짜로 미국 갔다왔잖아요

    -소희 사진 보다가 핸드폰에 과즙 튀었어요 좀 닦아야할듯

    -인생은 가까이서 보면 희극, 멀리서 보면 비극,
    소희는 매일매일 보고싶은 일일연속극

    -다현아! 다현이를 볼 때면 발가락이 너무 아파ㅠㅠ 너무 아파서 한 번 보니까 발가락 관절들이 다현이 예쁘다며 박수치고 있더라…

    -Angel이 한국말로 뭔지 알아요? 바로 정.다.현.(진지)

  3. 작년부터 빙하 녹는 속도가 너무 빨라졌대요. 로켓펀치에게 온 지구가 너무 열광해서 ^^

  4. 아…이번 편은 소희양이 하드캐리했네요..아마 전생이아니고 본인이 먹고싶은 샤인머스켓과 빼빼로였던듯…글구 잠재의식에 내재된 솔로활동의 무한 욕망까지..ㅎㅎ 로켓펀치의 현생과 소희양의 욕망을 응원합니다.

  5. ㅋㅋㅋ 빼빼로라니
    무생물 먹거리가 전생인 사람은 처음보네요
    웃느라 힘듬 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  6. 이번 1월 1일에는 해돋이를 보러가지 않았어. 왜냐면 나에게 해는 로켓펀치 사랑해 뿐이거든ㅜ

  7. 정확하겐 최면 전생이 아니라 최면치료죠.

    저게 다 현재 내면에 들어있는 상처들

    그렇다고 전생이 없다는게 아닙니다.
    그건 신만 알죠.

  8. It's amazing! And sad at the same time. When Yeonhee cried, I don't know why I cried too. 😭😢

    Rocket Punch, fighting! Be on each other's side always, okay? We, Ketchy, love you! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. that's a very original content, i appreciate. but please tell me they've agreed to do this? not every one wants to remember past lives or let deep feellings emerged (depending to the perspective). i'm quite worry with them now, how they're dealing with this :")

  10. 자꾸 귀엽다 귀엽다 하니까 세상이 로펀이들 것 같죠? 기다려요 곧 우주도 로펀이들껄로 만들어줄 테니까

  11. 연희언니가 너무 귀여워서 벽 쳤더니 우리 집 원룸 됐잖아. 나 옆집 사람이랑 하이파이브 했잖아ㅠ

  12. 로켓펀치를 뭐라 불러야될지 모르겠어요…
    제가 보기에 형 같은데… 제 마음속에 이상형? ㅎㅎ

  13. 이야~~~~~ 빼빼로 진짜 웃겼다…. 웃다 죽을뻔 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  14. 1.언니들 안무 한눈으로 보고 두눈으로 봐도 너무 어려워요…
    바로 easy off해서….
    2.아 또 공룡이 멸종한 이유가 언니들이 발산하는 미모에 박수를 못쳐서라던데요???
    3.켓치들인사람 손가락 접어했더니 지구의 반이 접혀 펭귄과 북극곰이 만났데요…
    4.언니들 미모감탄고 너무 귀여우셔서 머리를. 쾅쾅쳤더니..거북목이 되어 버렸.. .
    5.언니들이 너무 좋고 이번 컴백 때문에 미쳐버려 제 벽을 두드리며 계속 울었더니…방 1평되어버렸어요ㅠ 이러다가 제집 없어지겠어요…

  15. 사실상 전생이 아니라 무의식속 정보의 재조합 아닐까요.
    연희가 사람들한테 공격받아 다쳤다고 말할때 대중들로부터 악플 받고 마음의 상처를 입은 연희 자신의 모습을 말하는것 같아서 순간 짠했습니다. 연습을 위해 엄마아빠와 떨어지고 멤버랑 같이 열심히 아이돌의 길을 따라 헤엄 치고 있지만 마음의 상처는 점점 깊어지고 있을 것만 같아요. 멤버들이 행복할 수 있도록 선플 많이 씁시다!

  16. 로켓펀치 다이어트 하지마세요 가벼워져서 하늘로 날아가서 천사되면 어떡해요 아 맞다 지금도 천사지..

  17. Sad and funny at the same time…
    Pepero Sohee seems legit.. 😁😁 I googled Pepero and they started making them in 1983.
    If she was Gil dong in 1990, the timeline sticks.

  18. 로켓펀치 팬인데, 솔직히 요즘엔 펀치 타임 내용이 뻔하네요…

    지금 한 100번쯤 돌려봤거든요…
    100번만 더 보고 뇌 속에 프레임 단위로 저장해서 갠소할거에요..(별)

  19. 로켓펀치 다들 넘 귀엽고 사랑스럽고 ..,, 입덕하지 않을ㄹ 수가 없네용 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 응원합니당 항상 화이링 🤍

  20. 데뷔한지 200일된 신인인데 리즈는 매일매일 갱신 중이니 언제쯤 그 끝을 볼 수 있을까요? 근데 로켓펀치에게 한계란 없으니 제가 무한한 우주 속 로켓에 타고 있는 기분인데 어디로 가야하죠? 제가 빠져나갈 곳은 도대체 어디인가요? 로펀이들 매력에 제가 벗어날 수가 없어요!!!

  21. 그렇다. 소희는 전생에 빼빼로로 혼자 포장된 게 너무나 두려운 나머지 현생에 그룹을 하고 있는 것이었다..

  22. 우리언니(于里言你) 개귀여어(凱歸蠡魚)

    하고풍거(河鼓風去) 삭다해라(削多海蘿)

    신의미모(神義美貌) 세상간지(世上間地)

    용안에서(用安恚西) 비치난다(費治難多)

    좌로인정(左虜人正) 우로인정(右虜人正)

    압구루기(狎鷗漏器) 대굴대굴(大窟大窟)

  23. 다현아 내가 친구랑 손병호 게임 하다가 정다현 좋아하는사람 접어 했는데 우주가 접혀서 나 블랙홀 빨려들어갈뻔 했어…

  24. Hope to see other gg do this..Their past lives seems so sad, Juri's korean is improving..👍👏 Fighting!!! ROCKET PUNCH!!💕

  25. 언니들 그거 알아요 ? 너무 아름다운것을 보면 기억을 잃는데요…..
    언니들 그거 알아요? 너무 아름다운것을 보면 기억을 잃는데요…..
    언니들 그거 알아요? 너무 아름다운것을 보면 기억을 잃는데요…..

  26. 催眠中でも韓国語でやり取り出来るほどの語学力を得ているジュリちゃん、もっと伸びる予感もするしすごく頑張ってる!応援してます〜!

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