Engie Sings Lady Gaga’s “Teleport” – TF2 Animation Music Video
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Engie Sings Lady Gaga’s “Teleport” – TF2 Animation Music Video

August 8, 2019

– Need a Teleporter here! ♫Hello, hello, baby!♫ ♫You called, I can’t hear a thing♫ ♫I have got no service♫ ♫in the club, you see, see♫ – Boooooooo!! ♫Wha-Wha-What did you say?♫ ♫Oh, you’re breaking up on me♫ – Freakin Unbelievable ♫Sorry, I cannot hear you,im kinda busy♫ ♫K-kinda busy♫ – Put Teleport Here! ♫K-kinda busy♫ – Mpmpmmmh (Need a teleporter here!) ♫Sorry, I cannot hear you, I’m kinda busy♫ – Teleport deploys here! ♫Just a second,it’s my favorite song they’re gonna play♫ ♫And I cannot text you with a drink in my hand, eh♫ – This sucks on eyes! ♫You shoulda made some plans with me,you knew that I was free♫ ♫And now you won’t stop calling me,I’m kinda busy.♫ ♫Stop callin’, stop callin!♫ ♫I don’t wanna think anymore♫ – Need a teleporter here! ♫I left my hand and my heart on the dance floor♫ ♫Stop callin’, stop callin’,I don’t wanna talk anymore!♫ – Deploy a teleporter here! ♫I left my hand and my heart on the dance floor♫ – Need a teleporter here! – We need a teleporter around here! – What the hell is your guys problem?!

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  1. me whenever I play engie & my teammates tell me what to build all the time & to move the buildings after.

  2. when your parents say clean up but you put this song
    mom turn off the music and clean up
    me shut the fuck up *puts the music on to know what I mean

  3. I bet someone read this

    I also bet you pressed read more

    I bet you came down here

    Ok not more, but you have to replied to tell me you didn’t read this, but you did to reply so ha ha and you can’t tell me you didn’t read this

    I bet you came down here

    I bet you paused to see this demo man:2019

  4. Omg I’m just going to send this to my friends when I’m not up for talking😂
    2019 still watching this

  5. 0:16 i just noticed it wasn't my computer but the video because the engineer's mouth freaked out when it glitched xD

  6. Engi be like: 🤘🏻😏🖕🏻

    This is meant to be a joke plz don’t be offended by the emoji.
    Come to think of it why did apple add it?

  7. It's easy to reject a jerk scout but medic he lets you live in a life or death teamfight and he rejected pyrbro

  8. I heard this at an amusement park and I sang along but I said teleport instead telephone!
    Thanks so much

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