Ep. 111 Strange Sounds in Antarctica, a Flying Man, and Beaver Benefits | Twig Science Reporter

March 1, 2020

On this week’s news update– Strange sounds in Antarctica– The many benefits that beavers bring– And wings built for people! First up– These scientists are drilling
an ice core in Antarctica. By studying air bubbles
that were trapped in the ice thousands of years ago,
they hope to learn more about the history of our planet. It’s serious work, but when it’s done,
there’s nothing better than dropping a chunk of ice
back down the drill hole! [ice block hits the bottom]
“PEW thump thump thump” When the ice hits the bottom,
it generates sound. Some of the sound travels
straight back up the hole– creating the “pew!” noise. And some of it bounces off the sides,
again and again, causing those heartbeat sounds! It all goes to show that serious
science can also be seriously fun! Next up– 400 hundred years ago, wild beavers were hunted to extinction
in England. Then, in 2013, beavers were discovered
living in an English river. It’s thought they escaped
from captivity, then reproduced. Now, a study has found that
the beavers are bringing lots of benefits to the area. Beavers use branches and mud
to build dams in rivers. The dams slow down the flow of water,
creating calm ponds where the beavers build their home,
called a lodge. The ponds also create habitats
for other animals, while the dams reduce the risk
of flooding further down the river and help to filter pollution
from the water. So these busy beaver builders are
a big help for the local environment! And finally– Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Uh, no– It’s an athlete named Vince Reffet,
flying high over the city of Dubai! Vince was demonstrating
a jet-powered suit which allows him to fly at speeds
of up to 400 kilometers per hour! The suit’s wings are made
from carbon fiber– a material that’s both
very strong and very light. It’s powered by four
mini jet engines– tiny versions of the engines
that power airplanes! Unlike an airplane, the jet suit
doesn’t have any steering mechanism. Instead, the wearer steers
by moving their body like a bird! At the moment,
the jet suit is just for fun. But what do you think
it could be used for? That’s all for this week. We’ll see you next time.

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