Ep4. Fly Wilpena Pound – RV7 Flying Travel VLOG
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Ep4. Fly Wilpena Pound – RV7 Flying Travel VLOG

February 12, 2020

On the last episode of our Australian Adventure, we spent a few days exploring Broken Hill in scorching temperatures we took a day trip to Silverton and our departure was delayed due to bad weather we eventually set off to Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Rangers Wipena Pound traffic Yankee Hotel Charlie an RV, we’re 15 miles to the east, inbound 4500 traffic in the Wilpena Pound area Hawker CTAF Wow, it’s something you want to see from the air When I look through the lens of the camera and then take the camera away it just doesn’t do it justice its just amazing, those cliffs are spectacular! Wilpena Pound is a natural amphitheatre of mountains and it sits right in the heart of the Flinders Rangers from a distance the Pound looks lush and green due to the abundance of native Cyprus Pines but on the ground it’s dry scrub and rocks Today the park is a conservation area and its managed by National Parks. It nearly feels a little out of place with the desert country side that surrounds the entire area Salt Lake over there too I was going to ask that Lake Torrens
Ok Check out that Terrain! That’s just insane! The Pound receives a higher rainfall then the surrounding area and because of the land formation the rain water runs off the hills and into the Pound Back in the early 1900’s the Hill family thought that this could make good farming land and to the surprise of many their wheat farming venture was successful A few years later, heavy rains washed access roads away, so the family abandoned the site. Later the Pound was used for grazing sheep It was thought that the hills would act as a natural fence to keep sheep in. This didn’t really work so well, so once again, the Pound was abandoned. Traffice Rawnsley Park Yankee Hotel Charlie RV we’re 5 miles to the north, inbound decent through 4000 Rawnlsey Park Hawker CTAF *ring *ring Morning SAR time Steven speaking Yeah, g’day, Yankee Hotel Charlie we’re in the circuit area at Rawnsley Park Cancel the SAR 2230 Yankee Hotel Charlie, Rawnsley Park, SAR time cancelled Thank you see ya. Thank you bye. As there was no phone coverage on the ground at Rawnsley Park we cancelled our SAR watch by phone in the circuit area The Garmin G3X flight system has a terrain awareness warning system and when you fly towards the hills it thinks you may hit them, so all the screen goes red and it starts talking to you. screen doesn’t like that, it’s gone all red oh, oh wow wow it’s a beautiful strip Do they have fuel here as well? yep I didn’t think they did AVGAS?
Yep The Rawnsley Park station accommodation is a few kilometres from the air strip and the staff are more then happy to come and pick guests up we were happy to leave our bikes in the plane at this stop, it was just too hot to peddle. So can you walk to the top of the Pound to a look out? Yeah you can, yep, you can do that from the Park if your keen yeah, if your keen.
ok. How many hours is it?
It’s about 5 hours return oh wow It sort of takes you up to the escarpment, the top of that escarpment just there, so you’ve just flown over it, so that’s the best part, you’ve flown, you flew over it We tell our customers all the time, that the best way to see the Pound is by flying over it After seeing it by air, you’ve got to see it by air.
You do. Yep. There are heaps of bush walking tracks all around the park, and other then bush walking there doesn’t seem that much else to do but being the middle of summer we arrived to find that most of the walking tracks were closed. as too many unprepared tourists get themselves in trouble in the summer months and end up having to be rescued. but some of the smaller walking tracks remain open, so we were off to explore Wilpena Pound in the foreground is the Eco-Villa’s at Rawnsley Park Caravan Park, tents, caravans kitchen, shop. Not that much going on there at this time of year Most people stay away because it’s a bit too hot it’s not too bad, the temperature this morning is probably just heading up to about 30 degrees now. So over in the background over here, you can see the runway Its about a kilometre long, runs north east south west It’s at the south east end of the Wilpena Pound and on the flight over here from Broken Hill it only took a bit over an hour, pushing head winds most of the way until we got to the west of the trough and then the winds died down to about 5 or 10 knots Alicia’s still taking pictures, there must be something interesting there to take pictures of. Got this fan dangle $1.50 stick off Ebay So i can take pictures of myself while your looking at the Pound Alicia over there taking pictures again, still, still waiting I don’t get, how just in here, it’s all lush well not really ‘lush’, but there’s a lot of green you go just over the hill, and it’s desert and back over the other side of the Pound, as we were flying in it was pretty much desert again but just around this area here it’s just beautiful well beautiful for the middle of Australia The tree’s are green, there is a fair bit of scrub on the ground it’s not just bare dirt like it has been over some of the country we’ve flown already. but you just go over the hill, just that hill there and off to the left, and we’re back to the real proper desert where there’s absolutely nothing it would be good to spend more time here and do some more of the bush walks but maybe in the winter months What are you doing? This is um, hiking style meal it’s going to be a little fancier than what i was imagining. We’ve got dehydrated pea’s, that have been re-constituted and Deb Mashed Potato, which i haven’t had since i was about 10 and it was revolting. it’s a whole lot better then it use to be. and we have some packet pasta dishes, which i also haven’t eaten since i was a kid from the days when i use to go camping and i find them to be revolting and why are you eating packet food? We plan on cooking our own meals where we can, because it is going to be a whole lot cheaper then eating out every where we go and we can’t carry much weight in the aeroplane so this is like ultra-light food which smells a little bit industrial but it’s a lot cheaper then going to the…. oh yeah, sorry, we were going to go out for dinner tonight, but it was going to end up about $100 for our meal at the Wool Shed, they serve meals, which they look pretty impressive but there’s lots of places we want to eat out at and things that we want to do, so we thought that we’d save a few dollars tonight and we’d have our packet food um i think the total meal might come to about $7 so as apposed to $100 we’ll just deal with the packet stuff, see how it goes Here we have the finished product. 2 varieties of Pasta’s, peas, mashed potato. what do you reckon Haydn? Why do you need to go out, when this keeps coming up night after night. after dinner we had time for just one last walk to watch another beautiful sunset in the outback. Today we are heading directly south, to the Clare Valley with a flight time of about 50 minutes. Is that the normal way to take off? Into the hill? ah, you can take off which ever way you want We’ve got to wait for our oil to heat up today do we?
Yep. I’ll get you to hold the stick back for me so that I can do the run ups on the run. alright So straight back like so?
Yep. Say when you’re taking back over Ok, taking over Terrain Terrain, pull up, pull up. Are we heading direct right now or are we going for a look around it. Just down here, take some pictures of that one out there. Yep, hold that one for me. All of the land formations are very similar just, all the ranges are the same, look at that one out to the left yep How’s everything looking? i don’t know, i haven’t had a look at the weather yet oh ok no i meant on the um… oh it’s mostly, there’s a 30 knot westerly there at the moment. ahh westerly…
coming from that way. Traffic Clare Yankee Hotel Charlie, turning final runway 17. Clare There’s a plane off to our right, but he’s well out of our way. Yep. Oops! Traffic Clare, Yankee Hotel Charlie, backtracks runway 17. Clare What was that landing?
oh didn’t you like that? No! I felt like we were going sideways there was crosswind in it. oh was there?
Yeah. oh yeah I have never really landed in a decent cross wind where the aeroplane is at a different angle before. It didn’t look like a very decent cross wind No, it’s just because I’m still going 10 knots faster then what we normally do because of all that weight that’s in there, and it still wants to fly when i want it to land

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  1. That Garmin G3X is a bit of a pain around hills. Mine gives me warnings every time I depart on RW30 out of Canberra. Doing a 500 feet run over Lake George, she wouldn't shut up!! Another great vid – thanks.

  2. Awesome small video! We absolutely love that area as well. Can't wait to see more. Have a gander at our vlogs from there https://youtu.be/KUP8rgiuMnE also you should visit to Scotland where we live. Its always wet and rainy but the scenery and locals are fantastic.

  3. The beauty of your country is amazing. Here is a You Tube video from John Veale in Nanaimo BC Canada that shows a small part of the countryside that I live in. His video is one of my favorites. https://youtu.be/JBp1MT3qIMU
    Hope you enjoy it. He produced some nice clips.. Gord.

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