Ep5. Potholes in the Sky – Rv7 Flying Vlog
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Ep5. Potholes in the Sky – Rv7 Flying Vlog

February 25, 2020

On the last episode of our Australian Adventure We flew around the spectacular Wilpena Pound In the Flinders Rangers We spent a night at the Rawnsley Park Station and explored some of the bush walking tracks We then flew to the Clare Valley, just north of Adelaide We’ve just arrived at Clare Airport Unpacked, and ready to set off on our days riding We were really impressed with the Clare aerodrome which was recently built by the local community It was really good to see a community embrace and aviation facility as many other communities are far less supportive of this type of infrastructure We’re riding on the highway to connect to the Riesling Trail and ah, some cars are really rude There happy to speed past us at 100km’s an hour without moving over you feel like your just cm’s away from touching the sides of their cars or trucks some drivers are really good. Thank you good drivers We’re at the end of the Riesling Trail but we haven’t started yet We’ve just found it so we’re here… 29.5km’s or something or 30… I don’t know That’s a long way, let’s see how far we get along Some of the destinations we plan to visit are because of the cycle tracks, and that was the main attraction for us stopping here at Clare The Reisling Trail is 27km’s long and it runs from Barinia through to Auburn it follows the old train line which was originally built n the 1800’s to service the growing wine region the railway line was removed in the 1980’s and in more recent years converted to a popular cycle path winding through charming little villages vineyards and beautiful country side wow, look at the size of the grapevine! moo! You did a skid yeah i did oh, you’ve reached the highest point we’ve only come up 90 meters? that’s from Barinia we’ve come up 100 meters since we left Barinia plus all the riding we did from the airport way out here somewhere yeah that was all up hill, that was horrible that bit and down to Auburn that’s down the entire way There hasn’t been anything majorly just right on the side of the track everything you’ve got to ride off to, the bike hire place was just off the track back in Clare I was expecting the track to go more through the towns a little bit so that you ride past cafe’s and things like that instead of getting off the track and riding 500 meters yeah and then get back on There were a few suprises along the tack that we didn’t expect to find like Cherry Plum tree’s loaded with yummy fruit, grapevines olive tree’s and other edible fruit trees there were also rain water tanks for us to refill our drink bottles along the way I really like the 6 gears on my Brompton, but i still don’t like riding up hills We managed to ride as far as Leasingham before turning back we didn’t really have time to get all the way through to Auburn as we planned to head to Adelaide this afternoon given our lack of time, a super generous local that we met in Clare offered to pick us up and drive us back to Clare so we didn’t have to ride all the way back he took us on a scenic route past some iconic locations like the Seven Hill Church and the Quarry Hill Lookout thanks Dave, it was so nice to meet you and made our stop in Clare that much more memorable. On becoming airborne from Clare heading to Adelaide We worked out pretty quickly that outback flying during summer, should be left to early mornings and later in the evening we bumped the rest of our way through to Adelaide Do you need me to do something? yep, ipad on please. We’re half way there Are we going to turn to go down? yep You need to go to the aerodrome chart.
Yep. and scroll to you get to… back to the map page please that’s all that fire there. oh wow! that whole huge big section in there it became quite evident as we were flying along the extent of the South Australian bush fires during November 2015 by all the black fields of wheat and grass that had been burnt out Despite it being so rough, we stayed at a relatively low altitude to stay outside the controlled airspace of Adelaide and defended through, following the lanes into Parrafield Airport Are we going the way they said to go? yep Back in that brown area over there I think. Or that one. that’s where we’re going to?
Yep. ah I see, cause we’ve got to go straight and then turn.
Yep oh well this is much smoother sailing Parrafield tower good afternoon Yankee Hotel Charlie we’re out Harbour 1500 inbound

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  1. Awesome video guys. Editing is on point πŸ‘Œ Love it. πŸ™‚

    Wish the RV was bigger would love to go exploring by air more!

    That turbulence looked crazy. The heat plus hills really changes the air doesn't it.

  2. Very nice video…I look forward to seeing more of them. Question…what type of EFIS screens are you using in your airplane? I can't tell. Thanks

  3. Great video! You have a good co-pilot there! Now I've got to finish my pilot certificate so I can go do the same thing.

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