Ep7. The Ultimate Fly-in Destination – RV7 Flying Vlog
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Ep7. The Ultimate Fly-in Destination – RV7 Flying Vlog

January 21, 2020

On the last episode of our Australian Adventure We spent a few days exploring the beautiful city of Adelaide and then made a short but very bumpy flight to Murray Bridge We are hiring a house boat with some of Haydn’s family We are hiring a Houseboat with some of Haydn’s family, and we will spend the next 8 days exploring the Murray River We board the boat from the small town of Mannum Which is fairly close to Murray Bridge Aerodrome We arrived in Mannum a few hours before the boat was ready so we took the opportunity to explore this pretty little riverside town. Before they hand of the controls we get an orientation on the houseboat including a lesson on tying the boat to the bank usually when you park at boat it is with an anchor or at a Pontoon, but apparently that’s not how it is done on the Murray you just ram the boat into the bank and tie up to a couple of tree’s this was a new concept in boating for us What is that? what is that? that is not a camera how can you buy a camera that big? that is microscopic just don’t drop it in the water This is Mark, owner of the award-winning Unforgettable Houseboats There service and their Houseboats are awesome. They go above and beyond to make sure your time on the Murray is Unforgettable you’ve got all the kid haven’t you Look at those little push bikes, i reckon they are awesome. The Murray River is Australia’s longer river and it’s one of those iconic Australian landmarks it stretches over 2500km’s and passes through 3 states. it’s a significant water source for farmers throughout the inland and it’s a bit special to have the opportunity to spend the next 8 days here. In the 19th century, the Murray River played a critical role in trade. Large paddle steam boats would travel from South Australia to Euchuka and sometimes all the way through to Albury today these goods are transported buy roads and trains so most traffic on the Murray is recreational with the most popular activities being fishing, waterskiing, and houseboats We made the most of the flat water by spending our week Waterskiing, learning how to Skurf and resting our sore tired muscles. Along the way there were little town, where we could get off the boat and go for a walk or ride and get a better feel for life on the Murray Loving the Murray River! It is a spectacular river It’s December for us, and i think we’re expecting temperatures of about 42 today and Friday, Saturday is meant to be hotter again. so it’s going to be a stinker but the water temperature is just beautiful so it’s pretty comfortable and refreshing, and it’s just beautiful, loving the Murray. and our time on our Unforgettable Houseboat it’s the flashiest motel we have stayed in since we have left home. it’s awesome! We’ve just returned back to the plane after spending 8 days on the Murray River it was just apsolutely fantastic well worth doing, so good I’d definitely do it again we’ve just got back to the plane and everything is looking good we had some pretty windy weather while we were away so we were worried that it might have caused some drama’s but we’ve come back and everything has checked out to be good. today we are heading to Kangaroo Island from Murray Bridge Airfield, it’s about a 35 minute flight so looking forward to getting to the island and seeing what’s over there, it should be good. Traffic Murray Bridge YHC we’re entering backtracking runway 19 Murray Bridge You all good to go? yep I’m all good to go. it’s a noisy runway. Yep. what wrong? the stall warning comes on after it becomes airborne. wooo Are we in for another bumpy day?
Possibly. it shouldn’t be as bad as the other one, the wind is coming from the opposide direction. ok we wont get to fly over the Murray will we? No I don’t think i remember what it feels like to fly without bumps. yeah We’re on our way to Kangaroo Island, It’s about a 35-minute flight, off the bottom of Adelaide. there is a big lake out there on the left which looks like ocean at the far eastern end of that lake is where Meningie is. straight out over the other side of that lake there. Goolwa is straight out that way. Adelaide is somewhere back over there, it looks like the hills up to Mount Lofty over where those towers are. Adelaide over there. a few bumps right about here straight out in front of us is Cape Javis. and beyond that is where Kangaroo Island is the coastline down here is spectacular Look at that really pretty coloured water down there wow it is a big island. I thought that was the width of the total island but it’s just that one little section. all your bounces are thermals off the ground.
Yeah. cause now it’s nice and smooth that’s the ferry going over down here.
Yeah i saw him before So right over there is Kingscotte around that point and then the airport is kinda that way this middle section somewhere in here, I’m not sure which beach it is, the one to the right or the one to the left, is American River Straight down there is Penshaw which is where the Ferry comes in. Kingscotte CTAF Kingscotte traffic, YHC joins circuit crosswind runway 06 Kingscotte I thought you had that one lined up perfect.
Yeah. How high were we flighing?
How high? 4500 feet.
My ears are popping GA area, west of sealed taxiway Bravo Charlie Maybe they think that it’s a really busy place and they have to put us in the corner what does that Yellow sign say?
Ah, GA Parking. there you go.
Tie down area. I wonder how far they want you to go? Entrance on the Entrance, right there in the middle of nowhere. might go over near the gate though is it a walking out gate?
Yep. Oh that’s nice. Keep your eye out if there is going to be anything in the way. Oh, we’ve got our own little exit. and it’s sheltered Welcome to Kangaroo Island We’ve made it to Kangaroo Island, where it is not tropical, and there are no palm tree’s. and they have wind socks that point different directions. On the next episode of our Australian Adventrue we experience some cooler weather as we explore Kangaroo Island If you have enjoyed watching this video, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button, so youtube will let you know next time we upload a new video.

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  1. Have enjoyed your videos very much, thank you for your effort and time producing them. I noticed the American River on Kangaroo Island, well, I live near the American River, so obviously it flows all the way to California, seems the Murray river isn't the longest. Cheers!

  2. Really enjoying your videos and reliving my SA childhood. Grew up loving the flight into Kingscote on the F27's, watching the undercarriage come down and lock, then kick up the marbles on the dirt strip. Incidentally, my grandfather cleared the land that subsequently became the airport after it was compulsorily acquired. Many happy memories there. Your journey is nearly enough motivation for me to pull my finger out and crack on with riveting my RV-8. Much respect that you are travelling Australia in yours!

  3. My first RV was a 4, took 7.5 years to build, I have built 4 RV's more and currently fly an RV-3. I'm retired (pensioner to you) and I do prebuy's and builder assistance part time. I like to see people use RV's for what they were intended, you build a very nice plane, congratulations you are among an elite group. How do I find you on Facebook? 2 years ago the wife and I spent 3 weeks on your east coast, would love to go back.

  4. Great job. I have subscribed. Give a yell if you are ever in Perth as I will shout you lunch at the Old Fliers Group at Jandakot!

  5. Fantastic to see an intrepid team of flyers. I fly out of Callington SA 9 Nm south east of Murray Bridge. I think you have been very brave flying in the middle of summer in the middle of the day! I also admire your wise use of the "go around" it is important for us pilots to affirm that there is no shame in a second or a third attempt. Once it took me 5 times to put a Jabaru 160 down at Gawler, I should not have been flying! Good communication in the air between pilot and co-pilot. Thank you for all the video editing and contextual information, I'm lovin it!

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