epic philly motorcycle vs police helicopter
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epic philly motorcycle vs police helicopter

September 13, 2019

READ VIDEO DESCRIPTION the heli points a laser pointer at him

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  1. That was a waste of gas for that ghetto bird ?. Shouldn't they maybe I don't know using it for real stuff like chasing a getaway vehicle from a bank robbery or finding a dangerous man on foot pursuit at night? Oh wait that's right taxpayers pay for the gas they will wasted on some guy out having a little fun on his bike

  2. Why would they point a spotlight on him? They should’ve just discretely sent a patrol car out there to bust him

  3. Cops are just wasting both of their time. They could be out catching robbers or murderers or actual criminals, but no. They just have to chase guys on bikes who speed a little. Fuck these cops. Go after thieves or killers, not guys on bikes. These police are wasting everyone's time. Fuck them.

  4. While these cops were wasting tax dollars chasing this guy, I bet some of their deputy friends where at home beating up their wives like 40% of them do.

  5. Usually when the conversation starts with "my friend/customer…", it means the person talking is the "friend". LOL

  6. "friend" and why you gotta ruin the best getaway video by putting that watermark right in the middle of the fucking screen?

  7. Having previously offered a thumbs up, the video seems staged. Pay attention to shadow depicting what appears to be guy holding commercial grade beta camera at Senoco station. Driver was supposed to be using GoPro mounted helmet. The reactionary movement of the head mounted camera is weird.

  8. So glad he made it , what do you mean f him he is just a squid , he paid you right! I go to the track but wish I had squid balls! You shouldn't get famous for his work! O never mind , it was code , I see,

  9. I m a biker and there are two types. One that obey the law and the other that dont. I wonder what happened to our society when lawlessness seems to be kool. And they rationalize it by saying catch real thieves. Well speeding is against the law. What happens if this guy t bones a car and kills the occupant inside. Then if be different right. Has happened… be safe and obey the rules like the rest of us.

  10. Heli Cop pilot says to partner: Man it's a boring night, been yawning for like an hour. Partner: Sure is, who could we mess with. Pilot: Hah, Don't know but lets find someone, maybe even get on a YouTube video. Partner: Lol, that'd be awesome. Oh Oh, check it out, biker 3 O'clock. Pilot: I see him, yeah perfect let's go see what he does.

    3 Months Later: Pilot's phone rings. Partner: Dude you were right, I found us on YouTube, LOL. Come on over and check it out, I knew he was hiding under that bridge. Pilot: Seriously He did? Oh well, maybe next time say no more I'll be right over bringing a six pack. Partner: Awesome, LOL!

  11. Been missing your videos man , I come back to this one once in a week just to not forget the legend you are !

  12. I remember watching this way back almost when it first came out. Fucking fantastic video.
    Fast foward to today, just ran from ground trooper for the first time on my zx14
    Crazy shit

  13. I still come back to this video after two years for the insanity, the rush, and the feel the rider gives. So damn amazing.

  14. Things must have been really slow at the station that night to expend a chopper for a bike chase. And they didn't have any cars available?

  15. what a great way for philly to spend our tax dollars. asking for a chase so people can die. but im glad the guy driving had mad skills and made the cops look stupid.

  16. I remember Scottish kids riding with night vision headgear and absolutely no lights. Fucking mental. Cops could hear them, couldn't find them. Reminds me of this.

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