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EPOCH. iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

August 21, 2019

When small indie game studios boast about
their prior professional experience it’s generally a PR move to inspire confidence in what they’re
presenting. What really counts is the final product and in the case of Uppercut Games
and their release of EPOCH., the experience and polish that comes from their years in
the industry really shows in almost every aspect of the game. You play as an AI controlled robot (think
slightly less horrifying than a Terminator, but no less deadly) with a mission of rescuing
the Princess while fighting off other robots that… Wait what? Robot vs. robot warfare and you’re
saving a human princess? Strangely enough the premise works as you uncover snippets
of news and other pieces of information while decimating enemies in what can only be called
a hybrid of chest-high wall covers with agile Infinity Blade style controls all set in a
gallery shooter much like Virtua Cop. I may have lost you somewhere along the line
there, but have no fear – it really does work. Players control their robot through intuitive
gestures such as swiping to the sides to roll to new cover in that direction; swiping up
or down once or twice to take/leave cover or to reload or perform aerial flips to dodge
incoming fire; tapping enemies targets them with auto-fire once you step out of cover
or aims various weapons such as grenades or special abilities at them. It’s an action-packed setup that requires
players to assess their enemies, determine major threats and dodge incoming attacks based
on the enemy type and the weapons they use. Players can pick up armor and weapons of varying
types, adding special effects such as stunning enemies, creating a sort of rock, paper, scissors
situation where items bought or found in combat can be equipped to counter incoming fire and
the enemies defenses. Unfortunately EPOCH. quite literally falls
short with a campaign that takes very little time to complete and only provides replay
incentives through the lure of harder challenges in the additional difficulty levels. More
of the story is unlocked as well, but the variety of weapons dries up early on making
it feel repetitive instead of compelling you to reach for that new shiny item. Those who loved Infinity Blade and are after
something more futuristic should have no trouble enjoying EPOCH. and even with the current
version’s longevity in question it’s worth playing your way to the end of each difficulty
at least once.

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  1. Looks like it's worth getting. Will wait for a price drop though. I'm sure the developers will add more items for later stages, after seeing this review.

  2. I've played the game and completed all difficulty levels as well as grinded (not so tedious in this one) to get ALL equips in the game, and i'd say the game has some really good moments to offer especially on the hard difficulty level.

    Unfortunately, as mentioned in this review, the game is too short to be replayed as much as we hope for.

  3. Where's rocket riot review? And that grenade beeping sound is oh so annoying. I went ahead and got all the best games instead of this one being gears of war on rails kinda. And then I got shadowgun for a buck cut the rope rocket riot but needs multiplayer badly. And I just discovered line rider iride. It's good but has problems and I think they're servers down since it was released in 2007. I wish appspy had a review of it also line rider racing.

  4. Idk about this one for a game on rails I think I'd go with rage since there's just so much to shoot it's tons of fun and often free and way cheaper ATM this is a wait till it's a buck or free game like I did with rage. I was pissed when infinity blade was on rails it said explore castle not tap ur way from fight to fight and the lite version castle explorer let u walk around so naturally I expected to be able to so disappointed when I had to tap especially since ny guy looks so bamf

  5. AppSpy, I really appreciate your videos. They come really fast, just a few days after the game is released. Not like some other channel called appvee

  6. tbh. the controls are not that tight and the game has alot of bugs, dough that doesent mean that its a bad bad game, il rank it a solid 3 out of 5! if no bugs and tighter controls il give it a 5 of 5

  7. @AppSpy yes, well sometimes it fails to move, the first 2 times i start the game it was a bit buggy, the special move (swipe up) didnt work, the second time i started the game he go stuck at the far right and he didnt even move, he only could shoot as i point the enemies.
    but as the review says its get a bit repetativ, not mutch of a veryity in the long run :/

    btw Andrew we cant cklick on the appspy website and see the pros and cons 🙁

  8. But Terminator was good :(… Sure, the story might have sucked but it's a desktop-like 3D game on the iOS.. You can't hate on that… It sure as hell beats Angry Birds.. That game will give me a heart attack one day… X(

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