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Escape Plan – Playthrough – slickerdrips

August 8, 2019

hi everyone I’m Tom and today I’m going to be playing escape plan which is the new game from Vita Lacerta and it is on Kickstarter right now I’ll put a link in the description to the campaign page so you can see all of the final stuff and stretch goals and things it’s going for about another week I think and this is all prototype stuff so while you do get all of the lovely Eno to art the the components themselves are just prototypes yeah these are just you know printed card boards and things and the board is just sellotape together and things not to show you too much behind the curtain but yeah it’s gonna look even nicer I will always recommend gaming rules videos when they exist and Paul has done a fantastic rulz video for escape plan so you can head over to his channel and check that out as well I’ve put that in the description and I’ll put it at the end of the video and as always I’d recommend you turn on Klingon subtitles because if I have made any mistakes in the video hopefully there’ll be no sit up there if you spot any that aren’t there then just let me know in the comments it’s that enough admin we can get started now so in escape plan we are a group of thieves of robbers we’ve committed some kind of grand heist some big Ocean’s eleven scheme and we have we we know that the police are now closing in on us and internal conflict musical differences have forced us to split up and yeah we we are not very happy with each other so this is a competitive game once we were a team now we are individuals we stashed all of our money in various businesses around the city in storage lockers and things and we are hoping to form some kind of escape plan hence the name we are going to be trying to visit these various businesses safe houses all of these places and ultimately try and escape because you may well not escape and you’ll score nothing the game takes place over three days and we all start off in the hospital I’m gonna be teaching the game as I play through it this is a two-player game today against little glass Monty as always but in a two-player game you have an extra player Sandra here has given up her day job as a car factory worker if you played Kanban you’re recognized she was in there but she is now a police inspector that’s going to really get in our way probably so we can get started a day works like this so step one is get income you don’t do this step in the first day we do start with nine money which would be our income then we reveal patrol cards now these are up here now you might have noticed they blend right in we draw two patrol cards now one of these from the deck was removed at the start of the game there’s basically two each of exit one two and three these exits aren’t going to be here by the way this is just where we keep the cards the exits are going to be somewhere on these tiles in the city we draw two of them and they are going to start leading us to guess where the real exit is gonna be because only one of these is going to be the actual location where we can escape from so statistically it’s most likely to be two right now we will see two more in day two and then we will see the final one in day three that’s going to tell us which one is the actual exit step three in turn order we’re now going to place new city tiles and we’re going to expand this map a bit into an order so I am first for now so these are the city tiles that are available there are four different stacks shuffled up and these are the ones that have come out for round one we draw two policemen from the bag to add to each tile but if you draw two of the same color you can never have the same color twice on a tile so you put one back in the bag and that’s what’s happened with these on top for my first tile I think I would like to get a safe house act I’m gonna choose this one and the rules for placing it you have to place it next to two tiles that are already in the city so the only places are here and here right now and you have to match at least one type of terrain so this would be okay this would be okay I think I would be happiest with that we’re matching two colors there and you kind of want big areas because you can skip across easier although you will have to avoid these police that are scattered around now that I’ve placed this safehouse I choose which one it is there are three in the game now we each started with an escape plan card they’re all different but they they basically have the amounts of money where we stashed them away or where we can go and get money right now that’s what this symbol means so to me safe house one has $100,000 in it that I can go over and collect but I will get that at the end of the game I think that I’m gonna go for safe house too because that’s going to get me some money right now and money can be very tight in the game so I grabbed the safehouse to tile and place it on there I think Marty’s gonna go for businesses instead so he’s gonna go forward this one here and he’s actually gonna place it here where he’s not allowed to and yeah I am rear according this bit because yeah I was reminded of this mistake that I’ve made before but I still made it it’s because I am planning something that you will see that makes it a little bit better now in a similar way to the safe houses when Marty places a business he gets to pick which one it is so it could be any of these we can look at Marty’s escape plan card and the most for him would be a restaurant at the end of the game maybe he would like some money now but now I think he is going to go for the restaurant which will be 90 so he grabs that tile and places it in the city then I think I’m gonna go for a big group of safe houses matches up there see so it’s hell out looking at my escape plan again I think safe house 1 is my best bet because that’s gonna be $100,000 to me at the end of the game and finally Marty doesn’t have a choice here this is how I made the mistake because now it all joins up nicely but forgetting the golden rule you need to match a terrain type but hopefully this part of me telling myself off will remind you not to make this mistake and for Marty’s or the business there’s an advantage to completing a set so I think he’s gonna go for the bar next and he could get some money early as well and so there we go that’s the city that we have built up in the first day that plan anyway or blueprint for what we think what we know about the city what we know about the location of the police and now the tiles for next round are going to come out and we will place some police officers on there as well and so we can see that the third safehouse is coming out next round and the exits two of the exits okay we’ve placed city tiles now we had just turn order by notoriety from most to least now for that we can look over here and this is a this is different for the number of players the board is actually going to be two sided I believe in the final version but for two or three players it’s this side or notoriety is all the same because we haven’t done anything yet and if the notoriety is tied then you reverse the relative positions so I’m going last now and Sandra is going to be going first and set five is where the turns really happened one time we will take one action and then it just on at RIT over and over again there is morning afternoon evening night and dusk and basically what we will definitely get three actions but if we have some extra action tokens we can have up to five per day instead so the first person to take a turn will be Sandra and we shuffle her deck and go through it until we find a location that is on the border right now so safe house – yeah unfortunately for me Sandra is going right to where I wanted to go so what do we do we lower her notoriety it’s a bit of a waste because her notoriety is at zero so it’s going to go down that’s what we do for Sandra we it works differently for players but we just put one under her color when I remember which color that is we placed one of her cubes on at the safe house to space and then she is going to discard a fixer tile at random these are think people the fixer will arrange something nice for us if we visit a safe house ourselves Sandra has randomly taken one out of the game and there are also three keys available as each safe house and she will randomly discard one of those as well and it is the black key so it’s as if she’s another player that has taken those away really and that’s all she does she will never visit this place again so we are safer in that regard so we can put that away and now we go to Marty’s to him because he is next in turn order for this now Marty placed the restaurant down because it’s the place he can get the most money so I think he is just gonna head there so on our turns there are three different steps there’s travel avoid the police and activate a location so traveling you have up to three movement points and you spend a movement point moving into or out of a location or moving across one area this is all one great big space if it’s an area of the same color you can’t walk across water unless there’s a ferry port and they’re not out yet so we just can’t walk across water for now and you can also use transportation so later on we might want to use the subway once the other tile is act so for Marty’s turn the restaurant is what gets him money but he would have to go through this tile and have to avoid these policemen just to get to this tile so I think it benefits him to go here first he is going to go to the bar so he moves one space out of the location this is all one great big space because it is all the same type of terrain so one two he hasn’t avoided any police because it’s the it’s when you leave a tile you have to avoid them and the there are never any police on this hospital tile now the bar is income now so he takes one of his cubes and places it in the income section of the bar on the board and he is gonna earn himself his income which right now is $8,000 and this goes in his bag and it’s it’s a little bit of a screen so the money you’ve got is secret you also from the symbol here you get to take a contact card so it’s someone from the shady underworld of thieves and no gooders that will help us out along our journey there are seven on display and Monte can pick from any of them they all have a cost you need to pay when you want to use their ability some of them will increase your notoriety when you use them which you can it’s not entirely a bad thing and they do different abilities so the general store here you recognize the symbol that is get your income amount now pay to to get your income amount now it’s a good one to have early on when your income is quite high the informer would lower your notoriety you can move some police around or avoid certain colors of policemen entirely or you can heal a wound later on we’ll get to those and this lets you once you have used cards they are facedown like that the spy would let you reactivate all of your cards and tokens with that symbol on but for now I think it’s early on Marty is going to go for money he is going to grab this general store now the symbol here tells me that you can only use it in the travel step so he can’t activate it right away but next turn he can and this goes into the leftmost space of your player suitcase and yeah at the end of the game the more the more contact cards you have managed to accumulate to accrue you get a certain amount of money at the end of the game so that’s all that happens with a business building in a 2 or 3 player game when 2 people have visited a business it closes and you’ll need keys to be able to visit there in future ok so next it’s my turn I’m going to end up doing a fairly similar thing actually Marty was going to go for something other than money right away but yeah the order he’d be sure to put things out in a different order I think so I’m going to safehouse – so it was one movement point to move out of there Sandra shouldn’t be here should she that’s gonna be a glaring note right away she should be on safe house – so one movement point to go out at the hospital – to go on to safe house – now when you visit a location that already has another player on it Sandra’s a bit strange because she is a she’s a policeman and another player so she is another player so your notoriety increases by one now on when it’s a player whose notoriety is changing you have these cubes here in this kind of common area when it goes up you put it in there when it goes down you put one in there and we don’t adjust until everybody is how to turn so my notoriety has increased right away so for visiting a safehouse you lose a notoriety so straightaway off balance that out you then can pick a key so Sandra has left a green or a brown key I’m gonna go for green because they are easier to get earlier on in the games or lockers that you unlock or maybe with me I’m gonna use them for a business that’s closed later on who knows so we’ve lost notoriety we’ve got a key and we can buy a fixer tile these are the fix-it tiles you can go through and pick the one you want and you pay right now but later on you can use its ability so we’ve got lower notoriety get a contact card refresh all of your things again an extra action token so I could take more actions this round gain the ability of bikers that we will see later on at healer wound or get income now so that could be good spend 3 to get to get my full 9 income right now and then a to play again it’s important to slide them along and fill them up from the left because whenever Sandra takes some away she always takes the end ones these would be in one big row if you at space but I haven’t quite got space right now I would normally put them sideways but I want you to see them all nice and the right way around so when I visit safe house – I am getting income so one of my cube comes off I’m gonna get eight money and this is going to go in the safe the space on safe house – similarly to the way the business worked just like this and the safe houses don’t close though based on number of people that are visited now I wouldn’t mind getting a slightly cheaper extraction and I think it’s four which is fairly expensive and money can be tight the other way I’ve got up getting one we all start with one asset tile unlocked and you can use asset tiles as a free action it costs five I would get ten points at the end of the game so it’s not all bad but that’s the other way of getting an extra action token right now I’m gonna do that though and hopefully unless I spend all of my cash I could take an extra action this round so those are all the steps are visiting a safe house and we’ve all had a turn so now we adjust a notoriety so Sanders goes down but it can’t because it’s at the very bottom Marty’s didn’t change at all mine went up and down so mine doesn’t change either so we’re all just static there we move over to afternoon and it’s Sandra’s turn again so now we can move to afternoon and it’s Sandra’s turn first still the turn order doesn’t change again until the start of the next day so we can go through her deck until we find something that’s there is shops see there nope the casino isn’t out yet the restaurant is out and that’s annoying for Marty so Sandra’s Cove done the same thing to Marty he has gone right to where he wanted to go so here is Sandra her notoriety is going to increase and she puts one of her cubes on the restaurant because she counts towards closing it so if so Marty might want to hold off visiting there until she’s gone so he doesn’t have to gain the notoriety but if he waits and I go there then it’s gonna close and he’s gonna you know have to get keys and it’s gonna be more trouble for him Sandra also gets rid of the rightmost to contact cards so they are out of the game the medic and the fighter they go back to the box and we slide them along again these would just be in a line and it would be a bit easier when you play it normally so we filled that back up and now it’s Marty’s turn he doesn’t want the notoriety but he’s just gonna do it because he doesn’t want the business to close before he visits it so in his movement face he’s going to go one two three so he’s doing his travel face and I think actually before his income goes down any more he is going to use his general store card so that costs him two but then he’s gonna earn eight so he basically gets six and now we moved to the avoid the police step so any tile that you move off that had police officers on it you need to avoid them and totally not glancing over at the rule book to check these there are federal officers County officers and SWAT team people that you need to avoid and they don’t particularly matter unless that the type corresponds to certain items you might have certain contact cards you might have Marty at the moment has got no way of avoiding police at all so the way that you do it is take wounds so here what we did two police officers he’s going to take two wounds for that so he’s gone to a business again the where has he gone the restaurant that’s money at the end of the game so he puts his cube in there that’s two people visiting the restaurant so we closed it so I’m gonna need a key if I want to go there in the future and for visiting a business he gets another contact card now there is a federal and county on his tile maybe he will want to move one of them off his tile this would be a nice combination it would let him just avoid them entirely pays to money it would gain him a notoriety but he can just completely ignore them when he does move off this tile I think yeah he’s gonna get some help from a ninja I think now Marty’s entered the tile with Sandra on it so he needs to increase his notoriety by one and that’s it for Marty’s turn my turn now I could go straight to the shop here and use my key perhaps but I think I’m going to wait on that so I am going to move to the other safe house so yeah just being a bit safer at the moment and just put doing the things that we put down so one movement in to the lovely grassy parky area and two movement points into the safe house while two altogether one two now I need to avoid this County police officer that probably seen me going past I also have no way of avoiding so I’m gonna take one wound so safe house one to me is money at the end of the game so that’s gonna go there I lose a notoriety which is a bit of a waste because I am at the lowest notoriety you can have and then I’m going to get a key and I think I’m gonna go for green again because it’s just the easiest one to do I can buy another fix a tile too so maybe I want to get a contact card because I’ve still got nothing at the moment – variety is low I could get income before it goes down too far maybe I want an easy way to to get a wound back oh I think I’m going to go for this cheap help from the bikers who let’s let’s go into them I think we’re gonna be picking up bikers quite soon but you can use you’ve got help from the biker gang so you’ve got one use of the bikers you can either lower your notoriety by one you can if you are on a helipad space so a tile that’s surrounded by these H’s you can move to up to two tiles away from it or you can avoid all police officers on one tile so I need to pay one right now so I still got quite a bit of money I’ve got eight eleven $12,000 on me at the moment and these fix-it tiles go back and I think that’s it I’m the last player on tie so I just notoriety so mine goes down but it can’t Sandra’s went up and what color I’m putting this cube in front of maybe I keep moving it and Marty’s went up as well you pay for the fix the tiles straight away when you get them so I need to pay for for this okay and now we move on to evening I’m using the truman show method of remembering afternoon evening and good night so we can see where Sandra is gonna go the art gallery isn’t out yet shops see isn’t out yet safe house 3 isn’t out yet come on Sandra pick a place that’s on the board I know there are many oh she is going to go to the bar and that said that’s a bit of a problem for me because not because she’s getting in my way but because she is closing the bar because now both of these business have been visited by Marty and Sandra and they’ve it’s it’s thematically you know the we’ve we’ve told the businesses that we are collecting or thousands of thousands of dollars we’ve invested into the business we’re collecting now we’re getting out of town and the businesses you know now two of us have done it the businesses of said – you know this is this too much we can’t afford them doing this we no more are coming so we need to shut up shop but if we can get the keys we will I imagine take them by force so she’s gaining a notoriety for doing that she’s put one of her cubes on the business and she’s getting rid of to contact cards that’s going to be the spy and the informer there and the new ones another medic to heal a wound or the fast car to avoid all the cops now Sandra never has to worry about avoiding police because she she is a police but because she is she you have to avoid her she is a police officer of any color you choose when you want to leave the tile that she’s on so she’s had her turn so it’s Marty’s and I think Marty’s plan he is going to go over here one step two step and he is going to visit the local biker gang now it costs it upside down sadly it costs you $5.00 what five thousand dollars to convince them to help you and you get there to meeples they go on your player board and you put one of your disks on here to show that you’ve had them once you have used both of the bikers from here then somebody else can use them in use that space or you can go and use it again if you want and again you can use the bikers to either low your influence one if you’re on a helipad space move up to two tiles away useful for Marty for areas now although unless he’s getting an extra action he wants to he could probably put more tiles down here or avoid all of the police that are on a tile now is Marty gonna get that extra action he’s got a lot of money he would kind of like to keep hold of it but I think yeah for the purposes of increasing his notoriety he is going to he’s going to use his asset tile here five and he’s gonna get an extra action disc so that goes on here and he doesn’t have to use it but he’s going to yeah maybe these things might not be ideal strategy-wise by the way I’m trying to show off things you know as early as I can there’s many different things I can so that’s Marty’s turn isn’t it he just goes on there and he gets the bike that gang members my turn I think I’m just gonna visit the clinic here one two no it’s not as good as the hospital he can’t heal all of you wounds there but I’ve only taken one so the travel has taken me to the clinic the avoid police step I haven’t left a city tile so I don’t need to avoid anybody so that’s the advantage of visiting somewhere that’s already on the tile it’s worth noting that the police aren’t in a particular place on a tile they are on the entire tile they’re in that that vicinity and they will notice you leaving any part of the tile so what can we do at the clinic we can heal a wound and it costs nothing so that’s good for a start unlock an asset tile another really good thing I am going to I think I would like to unlock something from here because that’s gonna free up some space up here now you don’t have to shift these along but say it’s just easier to keep track of the spaces you’ve got available isn’t it so this goes in the next highest slot so it’s gonna cost me four to do but it lets me move a County police officer to anywhere I like and I can take a contact card so we have some more police movement slow-mo notoriety heal a wound the spy would let me unlock an asset tile a lot of them increase my notoriety I think I am just going to go for the medic quite cheap to heal a wound and it said doesn’t raise 102 writing so there we go that’s gonna be good for later and that’s my turn isn’t it I am going to use an executive action you can do these you can do any number of these on your turn and they are your usual contact cards is an executive action use your assets your equipment tiles that we’ll see in a bit your fixer tiles and gangs and things so I’m gonna grab myself that extra action token which I’ve already paid for because you pay for the fix they’re the only thing you pay for when you actually take them so we are just notoriety I think only Sandra’s went up so there we go Sandra has crossed a threshold and will see this for players as well you would get to unlock an asset tile Sandra has doesn’t have those but also for crossing over this notoriety threshold the the police have have taken notice they’ve they’ve gotten wind of your activities and they will be alerted to where you are so in turn order each player with lower notoriety than you gets to move a police officer from anywhere on the board to anywhere on the board as long as it is closer to you so we each get to do that – Sandra now so Marty is next into an order and he’s a little bit stuck for choice because he it has to be closer so he could either move this this SWAT team onto his tile which would be silly it would it would be it would be a bad thing for him but he can move this County officer off his tile onto Sandra’s doesn’t affect Sandra if it was another player you’d be making it a bit harder for them but yeah that’s that’s good for him because now he’s got one fewer police officer to avoid and yet the restriction of only having one per color on a tile it’s happened that a lot of county officers a lot of blue meeples have come out right away so it restricts where we can put them a little bit and you can’t put them on the hospital tile next it comes to me and I’ve only really got a couple of options I can either move this SWAT team onto Marty’s and yeah it’s a little bit harsh on Marty but yeah that kind of helps me later on but I think I’m gonna do this one because now there is no one for me to avoid on this tile I couldn’t put it on Sandra’s anyway but as long as it is closer to like I could have just moved it well I couldn’t have moved it anywhere but if there wasn’t already a blue on there I can’t just move it one closer if I want to but yeah it helps me and it’s Marty bit at the same time so now we move on to night does anyone have an extra action token that they want to spend and once you’ve got one and the plan was for it to spend one kind of so I could show you that bit but Sandra’s for us if Marty had Donny he’d get to unlock an asset tile as well but he’s gonna hang on because I don’t think he could use one of his gang members to helipad over to one of the safe houses but he doesn’t want to do that right now he’s gonna hang on here and since his notoriety at the moment is higher than mine he’s gonna be going before me so hopefully he’s gonna be able to put businesses out in an advantageous place over here somewhere where he can actually go so yeah he’s not spending one for now and you can if you want to you can not spend one here and then when we get to dusk you can choose to spend it then so Marty can just wait and see what I’m gonna do I’m gonna spend my extraction token and actually I’m still gonna have to avoid a police officer aren’t I well maybe I’m not spending one either this has been a bit of a silly wasted yeah the original plan was to go to the shop but by going to the clinic I’ve actually added a step to go into the shop it would cost me one two three four which I can’t do unless I’ve got some gasoline which I haven’t yet because you get that from the shop I can go one two three but then I would need to avoid this county police officer I think it’ll be worth it I’m gonna spend my extra action token and do what I just said and we’re going to take a wound and I could spend four to move the officer but I don’t think that’s worth doing I’m just gonna take the wound and I’m actually going to use my plaster you can use this as a free action any point near your first-aid it’s called but I’ll use my Plus down plus the stroke band-aid for the American viewers out there and that lets me heal one wound so what can we do at the store we take a gasoline token now these are barrels right now but they’re going to be nice gas canisters in the final game we can buy one or two equipment tiles now the equipment tiles are here and they are different disguises different things that can help you blend in with avoiding certain types of policemen I think I am going to take one and let’s see there’s a lot of blue so let’s grab this this policeman’s hat it’s gonna cost me two goes into my free space there I could buy another one if I want to but I don’t I’m not going to do it yet so next I may use one key to open a locker I have a key I’m going to use a green key last look at the lockers so there are three types there’s green black and brown they need different thresholds for you to be able to unlock them you need the key of that color but also your notoriety level plus the number of contact cards you have has to be one or more for green at least five for black or at least eight for brown so that’s why I went for green keys because I haven’t got my notoriety is really low and I haven’t got contact cards so I’m gonna go for green I use my green key and I get to look at the number of tiles equal to the number of contact cards I’ve got plus one so that’s what I went to the clinic because I wanted a contact card first so I’m gonna get to look at two of these one of them is worth ninety thousand at the end of the game three of them are worth sixty one of them is worth zero because I’ve got one contact card I’m guaranteed to get something because there’s only one with zero on so let’s look at this one sixty this one sixty and this is in secret multi doesn’t know that the I haven’t taken the ninety so they all go back and this locker is going to go up here I haven’t got any space for it so I need to discard something from here I’m gonna discard this one because it can’t be used anymore I’ve used it but whenever you discard either something from up here some kind of equipment or a contact card which you might have to do later on you gain a notoriety so that’s everything we do at the store and everybody’s actions at at night because Sandra didn’t have an extra action token add just notoriety mine goes up one and we reset this again and so it’s up to Marty now maybe I’m gonna take this business tile away and do something else with it maybe boys he doesn’t mind as much because he wants to complete the set because you get a nice little bonus either an extra action token or get an asset tile unlocked and lower you notoriety it would be nice but I think he’s gonna hold on because he knows that I probably want the set of safe houses as much as I want to get in his way if I took this business first he could take my safe house away and stop me doing a set of those so yeah I think I think he’s going to save his extra action token for now so that is the day finished we prepare the new day if you had rested nobody’s rest yeah this is something you can do on your turn instead of a normal turn of moving and doing an action you can just rest which you can only do once per day you flip this to show that you’ve done it you get to inflict your cards and tiles with this symbol on there you can unlock an asset tile and you can reset your first aid nobody did that though so preparing the new day will be flipping those for anyone that use them putting the time marker back to the top and we have prepared the new deck so we can move on to day 2 now of three so step one we get income Martis is 700 mines also 7 and if you know to righties 1 or 2 you can pay 3 to unlock one of your asset tiles now we are both on notoriety 2 right now so yeah marty is going to Marty’s gonna pay that he’s got quite a lot of money actually what’s he got it’s got 8 11 14 16 loads of money it’s gonna pay 3 and he’s full upon contact cards at the moment so he wants one of these taken out and these aren’t set you can shuffle these around however you want to they are healer wound whenever you need to use a key treat it as you’ve got any color key you want or avoid all of the police on one tile he’s got no keys he has got a lot of wounds so that’s tempting to do that he’s got gang members to avoid police I think he’s gonna take the wild key and use shift these up because his next card is going in the space to get him the fewest points at the end of the game now do I want to do that I’ve got quite a bit of money now I’ve had some income I think I am gonna do it and spend 3 I’m full up on these again but I don’t necessarily just want to have these do I will say I’ve got the use of a gang member yeah hopefully I’ll get to a lot more later on so I’m going to help myself moving a SWAT team is the next asset tile I’m going to unlock next we reveal patrol cards so I grab two more from the deck so number two so now they’re all equally likely and number one so we know that number one is not the exit there are too many police patrols around exit 1 so when that comes out something special is going to happen in turn order place city tiles so the turn order doesn’t change yet and Sandra doesn’t have an effect on city tel so it’s gonna be Marty than me this is what we’re working with Marty wants to complete his set of businesses so he is going to grab this tile and I think he’s gonna put it like like this maybe something has to match doesn’t it nothing would match that way around oh the water would match but he’s gonna put it over here so it’s harder to get to for me I think the business he’s gonna pick now the casino only gets him 60 at the end of the game but he would like the bonus for completing a set of things I think so he’s gonna put that business out there and I kind of have to think about I haven’t visited a single business yet I am getting money from the safe houses but yeah the advantage of having these contact cards and things Marty is probably getting more money than me for me I I think I do want to make sure that my I can finish my safe houses and I’m gonna put it up there for now and there’s only one safe house left so it has to be number three Marty’s next choice he knows that number one isn’t the real exit it’s absolutely not and so he is going to pick exit three I think just so it can be quite nearby to him I’m gonna put it right there I think because he can visit there and get some more cards and some income so I am left with exit one which we absolutely we know absolutely isn’t the real exit should I put it there yeah I think I’ll put it there and since we we know we’ve revealed that it isn’t the real exit we take one of these stacks of exit tiles and put it on here which we know it’s not the real exit we I may need to rush over here at the end of the game to be able to get out of the city but there is an extra opportunity here to get some more cash so that’s now the city we’re working with for day two and these are going to be the city tiles for the final round we there only these many tars so we know these are gonna come out but this is the configuration of officers and everything on them as well I also noticed there were two SWAT teams on here so they shouldn’t of being there so I’ll put one back in the back so we’ve placed city tiles and put police on the new tiles for next so next day and we had just turned on by notoriety so the most notoriety goes first and then we are tied for the next most so we swap our positions Sandra’s still first so where’s she going to go safehouse three are that’s that’s really annoying ah Sandra what are you doing to me she is lowering her notoriety she is putting her Cube on safe house three and we’re doing this because she gets the bonus if she visits all of the places in a group as well she gets an extra action she gets rid of a random fixer tile so let’s say you’ll say that one and she gets rid of a random key so she can’t get rid of all of the black keys and it’s going to be one of them so there is a green and a black available next it’s me do I still want to head straight over to safehouse three I don’t think I do because I know for a fact she’s not staying there see we could visit the gang members and get their help I don’t think I’m gonna get any gang members right now I’m going to use an asset tile first I’m going to spend three and I flip this over I’ll go in ten for the end of the game now and I’m going to move a SWAT team from anywhere to anywhere let’s move it off the tile that I’m on and on to Marty’s and then I’m going to move one two onto this exit type I need to avoid a County police officer that’s why I’ve got this fancy hat and yeah that’s that so we have gone to an exit it’s not open it’s closed so I can take an exit tile now it’s a bit risky I can only look at as many as contact cards that I’ve got so my options really are two of them are nothing two of them are fifty one of them is seventeen I could get seven money right now or I can take the risk of having one of these tiles I think I want to take the risk so how many of them are there there are five so two or nothing two or something come on seventy what’s their seventy what do we think this one’s kind of balanced on top is that good or bad this one what is it 70 that is some nice look there so Marty doesn’t know what that is so maybe he’ll head over here in the future and hope to grab all of the 70 I could’ve had seven money now though that would have been nice I also get to take a contact card which will make things like this a bit a bit more guaranteed in the future now I think I would like to unlock more asset tasks so I am going to obtain the services of this spy and that is my turn if it was if it was an open exit and it’s we know it’s the real one you can exit the city with it at the end of the game so that was my turn I moved avoided some police and went to this exit tile Marty I think is going to head for his business so he needs to go one two now this is a ferry port so you can basically this whole body of water cans as a ferry port basically a space you can walk on so one two three to his Island Casino in the avoid step his ninja was gonna be perfect to avoid all of those but I think instead he is going to use one of his gang members as a distraction which lets him avoid all of the police on one tile so that goes back onto the gang member space and he has avoided all of those at the casino he gets another one of his cubes it can’t be money now because he’s already had that for this group it’s actually going to be 60,000 at the end of the game he has completed a group though and he can either have an extra action tile or unlock an asset tile and lower his notoriety I think he’s just gonna go for the extra action tile and maybe have a really big turn he also gets to take a contact card to avoid all of the police with the fast car lowers notoriety completely remove a federal federal officer from the board the medivac unless you go straight to the hospital and it’s free but you can’t move again so you have to go to the hospital that turn I think he’s gonna go forward the gang members now this is a bit of a misprint on the prototype it’s supposed to be two and so that’s his term we’re just notoriety sandra’s coming back down nothing happens when you go down from notoriety levels but if you go up the same thing will happen again nobody gain notoriety okay for afternoon it’s Sandra so she’s going to the record shop no she’s not oh gallery no safehouse one which is good because I haven’t been there but she yeah it’s an it’s annoying because though she’s a police officer I need to avoid she puts her cube there and she’s getting an extra action token she always picks that because she doesn’t care about money and thinks she’s basically going to get another turn my turn then I think we’re gonna wait for her to clear off again we are going to go to the shop for now and so yeah so I can take a gasoline token I think in my movement step I’m actually gonna pay this by three cash there and my notoriety is gonna go up to unlock an asset tile I want to unlock this so I’ve got another space up here because I’m about to get more things no equipment would be nice but I would have to discard things so I’m kind of waste being wasteful there but I’m not gonna buy any equipment I’m going to get a gasoline token and I’m gonna use my other green key to open a locker now I’ve got to contact cards I can look at three of these so it’s guaranteed to be another sixty I’m hoping it’s the ninety though I don’t think I got the ninety it can’t be zero though so let’s look at this it’s the ninety there we go so I don’t care about the other ones so I’m gonna take ninety in there and that’s my turn Marty it’s gonna have to leave that tile he could go to the subway I suppose it’ll be one two three you get a movement point back when you go to the subway so he couldn’t actually get anywhere because he would just get onto the to the green space and not actually do anything he hasn’t got a gasoline to spend so I think for now cuz he’s just thinking about so he’s gonna go one two and then is he gonna visit the exit I think I haven’t done the best thing for my team because exit three is going to get you a contact card and he’s a bit full so I feel this is wasteful but he has got two extra actions this turn so he’s going to rest it’s not gonna go anywhere he gets the use of this card back again so he could get some income which is nice that’s six six more money for paying too it would be nice if he’d use more of these things but he hasn’t yet he gets to unlock an asset tile he is going to unlock this one and we’ll say that he used this his first aid before this because now it resets and he could use it again to be fully healed okay we’re just notoriety I think I’m the only one who’s changes I go up and so I get to unlock an asset tile there’s no more up here and I only got two of these three to unlock so I’m not actually it’s not possible for me to fill up on contact cards this game I think the wild-card key would be nice for me but now Sandra and Marty both get to move a police officer in my direction and Marty chooses both so he is basically going to just get rid of the police from his tile and put them on mine which definitely changes things for me so again in that notoriety could have been a really bad thing but I did I would have gained it anyway you know I gained notoriety for getting rid of an asset tile but I would have had to replace one of these anyway in games notoriety I could have not gone to the shop of course but that’s no fun it’s it’s what is it afternoon evening so MA Sandra not party Sandra what’s she doing she is going to the casino so Sandra is gaining a notoriety for sharing a space with Marty and she’s closing off the oh no I’m never gonna visit any of these businesses they are miles away anyway so not really like it was very viable for me anyway but it doesn’t help that Sandra’s closing them all off and she’s visited a full group now so she’s getting another extraction so she’s getting two extra actions this round and she is getting rid of to contact cards but we see two new ones so there we go a bribe another fixer and you can see this fixer is one cheaper but we’ll raise your notarizing okay so it’s my turn and I could go back to the exit if I wanted to but I’ve had this ever and yet space is tight up here so I am going to be I’m gonna be moving so no one it’s all one big space two three yeah that sounds good and I’m going to use my gang members here to avoid all of the police on one top so at safe house three I need another cube to go on it for money at the end of the game I get to lose a notoriety I get a key so safe house three has a black and a green I’ve had the best green have nice so I’m gonna go for a black key note I can buy a fix at all so reset everything would reset my unlock and a sceptile and my avoid a County police officer cut a low my notoriety by one which is good because notoriety is getting me these its downside it’s getting police on my tail upside it’s getting me asset tiles other downside it loses you money at the end of the game first aid would be nice a contact card would be nice I’m going to gain a notoriety by getting one of these tiles that I can not pick one up I think I’m gonna grab this one cost me – it’s gonna game my game you know sir RIT but I have just lost one so bounces out cost me too so only got six money at the moment it’s gonna get me a contact card I’m gonna use it right away and I think I’m gonna grab myself this Informer which I’m going to use towards the end of the game to lower my notoriety and try and claw some some money back okay we’ve done all the steps but I have completed the set so would I like an extra action tile or to have an asset tile unlocked and some income I think I’m gonna choose the second option because I can always buy one of these with five so the asset tile I’m going to unlock is going to be this one avoid all of the police and it’s gonna be free because of my last one so this one slides along for my last card space and my income is six thousand Marty’s turn and he can’t rest again until Sandra’s gone he’s gonna go one two three so he needs to avoid Sandra I think he’s just gonna take a wound he’s actually gonna use his first aid as well to cancel it out because this is negative points at the end of the game as well when you go to an open exit you get income right now here’s is six and you also get a contact card it’s very tempting for him to go for another another extra action he’s gonna go for the bribe in case he wants to move a police officer and it’s quite cheap and if nothing else it fills a space on his on his briefcase and it’s basically ending 30 points okay we’re just notoriety mine cancels itself out Sandra is going up so actually only Marty gets to move a police officer now has to be close to Sandra so he can’t mess me up by doing this but he will move one off of his tile I think that makes sense yeah he’ll move on under there okay we go to night I don’t have any extra action tiles and I’m kind of wary because it’s with no it’s worth saying this now in day three we need to exit the city whichever one is the actual exit in a to play game the first player does it for free second player has to pay a thousand dollars at the stars of every turn after the person has exited and has to pay ten when they exit now I probably want to be the first one out because I’ve only got twelve but anyway Sandra has got an extra action tile so she spends that and she is going to exit two which isn’t out yet she’s going to exit one where is she there she is she goes to exit one she lowers her notoriety and she’s getting rid of one of the tiles and to contact cards so we can see two more no got the snitch there and the rally and Marty is gonna spend one of his because he doesn’t even know he’s gonna be in the city to spend them tomorrow so what does he want to do I think he’s gonna go to the church want to can walk on this because it’s a ferry port and what do you do as a church you can lose a notoriety for on 1,000 of yes he’s gonna do that cuz then he would be losing no points at the end of the game but he is going to be going last on the downside and yeah that is something to think about because if he can gain some notoriety and go first he will have the choice of where exit to goes which could very well be the real exit exit three could be the real one in these next two that now but I think he’s got the money he’s got he’s got he’s got what it takes to get across the city so he is gonna pay to lower his notoriety he unlocks an asset tile it’s gonna be this one so he can have a full complement of cards and he gets to take another contact card now I think he’s gonna take another gang card just in case he would like the use of them later it doesn’t raise his notoriety like the other one he’s got does next Sandra always uses hers so she’s going to shop a which is right where sheís already she’s gonna raise her notoriety so let’s just take that off she’s gonna go up one hand down one we would adjust the notoriety so oh actually this is why we do this we’re just the notoriety at the end so she’s going down Marty’s going down then new turn she’s gonna go up at the end of it which means that she’s gonna go over the threshold so she’s going to get rid of a brown Locker which could very well be one of the hundred and tens in there but there are three of them so you know and she’s gonna get rid of two more cards Marty is gonna use his last one here he’s gonna use his general store in the movement phase while he can it’s basically gonna win himself or cost him two and he gets six now where does he want to go he could go back to he could fly over and try and visit a safehouse the trouble is he would have to avoid he’d have to avoid all the police officers on here okay cost him money he go to exit three but he’s already full up on contact cards and he kind of likes being over here because it blocks him hopefully you can put the real exit here and block me off but he knows that I’m gonna go first so I will get to place it so maybe he just want to be near me he’s go one two he’s to avoid the SWAT team she’s gonna take a win for that he’s gonna use his gang member to fly two tiles from a helipad to anywhere it’s 12 two tiles away so he’s gonna fly to safehouse – I think or actually he’s gonna go he’s gonna go to this shop I think that’s better for Marty than going to that safe house so fast with lowers notoriety doesn’t need to doesn’t really want to fix the tile doesn’t really care about notoriety this has gone back and he gets that and he’s got a lot of fixit’s hearts yeah he’s gonna do this he needs to avoid all of the police officers on that tile that he just flew from he’s going to use the gang members on here for three and that doesn’t raise his notoriety he’s then gonna visit the shop so he gets himself a gasoline does he want an equipment tile yeah he’s gonna buy one he’s gonna spend two he’s got a lot of money he’s gonna get himself a nice little policeman’s hat and that will help him avoid the officer that’s on here and then for the safe he has this tile he can spend for an act like he has any color key now unfortunately with such a low notoriety can’t go for brown it’s a bit of a shame because they’re worth a hundred and ten but he can’t go for black because he need five he’s got five cards straight away it’s no stridor he’s only one so he can look at cut tiles equal to the number of contact cards he’s got he can look at five of these two three four five we can look at all of them which means he’s guaranteed to get one of the hundreds there it is it’s gonna take it and that’s it that’s it for the day there’s just no sir righty again Sandra’s going up where is Sandra she’s over here so unfortunately this officer can’t be moved closer to her and moving officers on me wouldn’t make it any easier he can actually grab this federal officer from here he is one two three tiles away from Sandra Marty can put it on here and there’s only two tiles away although he was thinking of going to safe house three because that’s a hundred for him so he might be making things worse for himself there but he’s done it okay then nothing new we prepare the new day flip all of the rest tokens put the time token to the top and we are ready to go for day three okay so it’s the final day the cops are closing in we need to get some income so that is six for each of us actually now Marty can pay three to unlock an asset tile I think he’s got a lot of money and if he can activate it for one more that’s ten points at the end of the game and it’s a it’s a power he could get rid of her a policeman somewhere so he’s gonna do it let’s see what’s here where is he he could get rid of the blue that’s on his tile right now nobody’s got a kind of thing for that let’s see he’ll get one for SWAT there we go I can’t do that because I’m too notorious Patrol cards and here is where we find out which one is the real exit this is for number three which means that two is the real exit so three gets its own fresh stack of exit tiles and in turn order we play styles so I I want to put exit two near me Marty’s quite near me now though anyway so I don’t know if I mind where it is I think I’m going to place a business down there and what’s best for me let’s see the nightclubs eight to the art gallery seventeen I want to go to the nightclub if I can but I do have to think about if I’m not gonna be the first one out of here I need to save ten money now the plan that exists for Marty is I think to get to safe house three and get out of here he is gonna place exit two down and why are all these extra action things still here so I don’t think he’s even gonna last the whole day I could put another business here because it will have the same terrain type so it’ll be easier for me to get to I would then though have to think about how I’m gonna get back all the way up here it helps that there’s an underground on exit 2 style and so even if I went all the way over to the casino I’d be able to jump right back which business do I want I don’t really know maybe I do want money now case I really need that but I could always go to the exit tile for some money guys put the art gallery out okay to places I’d quite like to be at and Marty can have a business he could put it by himself so that’s at least fairly easy to get to yeah and well he hasn’t got a choice in the matter so hopefully the the tombs gonna be good it’s 84 and that’s actually quite nice so we’re doing with the police I just turned over by notoriety Marty still going last we are tied Sandra and I so we swap opposition’s and I am going first okay I think we’re gonna stick with what I put out there we’re gonna go one two three it’s the record shop so that’s money for the end of the game so I put my cube out there I do need to avoid the three police officers I’ve got there I can I can do that for free that’d be nice a nice easy way of doing it I get myself a contact card I think having the chopper will be useful in case I need okay so I’m really stuck and I need to get to the exit so I haven’t got any gang members so it’s Sandra next every location is out there but she doesn’t visit open exits so she’s not gonna go there she’s going to go to the art gallery her notoriety is going up she puts one of her cubes out and she’s getting rid of to contact carts Marty it’ll be nice to go to the clinic to heal himself a little bit but he doesn’t need the card or to unlock an asset tile really he to another shop he could get an exit tile maybe I think he’s gonna stick with this plan of go to safehouse through it and get out of here you go to to first that’s an extra fifty the keys wouldn’t do anything though and he’s not gonna go to all three to complete the set I think he’s gonna go one two three he has to avoid the blue he’s gonna use his nice little cap he’ll go to an exit tile of course that’s that’s another 50 though so he’s going to safehouse three uses one of his cubes to go there that’s money for the end of the game for him he loses a notoriety but that’s not really an issue for him and he gets a fix a tile could this be something really good for him doesn’t need to lower mana at notoriety now flipping these over having the use of gangs and getting more income could be nice but I think the first aid for one getting to heal a wound which he’s just gonna do right away he’s gonna lose no money for wounds lose no money for notoriety because he can use this as long as he’s got the money to pay for it and he’s got tons especially if he’s getting out first he could use all of this so we had just notoriety Sandra is going up while he’s going down we can’t and we go to afternoon so I think I’m just gonna go one two straight to the shop here now I can’t have a gasoline because I’ve already got two I’ve done with an equipment tile because I don’t want any more notoriety I do want to open a locker though because I have a key and it’ll be another hundred yeah I want to do it so I can look at all of them because it’s the number of contact cards you’ve got so I can find the other hundred I’m gonna have to say goodbye to that used fix a tile which is going to give me a notoriety unfortunately that’s a knowing that now I’m gonna have four plus four I’m gonna have eight note or I’m gonna have eight altogether notoriety and cards I could use the card and open a brown locker that would have 110 in it so this is turn to ya the turn three has to be going exit or the Sandra isn’t supposed to be there is she couldn’t go there she’s at the Art Gallery which would put me off going to the Art Gallery as well okay then Sandra is moving on she’s going to lift some weights there she is she’s almost done that’s that and she’s also going to increase her notoriety over another threshold and get rid of two cards so we put a cube there for her get rid of two more contact cards and we get two more out so we’ve got the jet ski which lets you treat water as a space for one turn yeah the kind of water that isn’t a ferry port like here this isn’t a space still and as in your way now Marty is he just going to get out he doesn’t know how much money I’ve got he’s got loads and could keep going he could be the second one out of the city no problem but so yeah this is the kind of decision you have to make on the third day is it worth going for that extra turn or will you be able to squeeze the other player by forcing them to pay ten I think he’s just gonna go for the escape one two on today he needs to avoid these officers he’s gonna pay two to be able to do that he’s gonna pay three to heal a wound so he’s got no wounds at the moment he’s gonna pay one to move a SWAT team and he may as well put it on my tile so that’s all of those asset tiles used see potentially could have unlocked one more got one mor that was ten more points but no he’s not gonna do that all he needs to do is now to escape the city though he has to escape the officer that’s on the exit tile so there’s only one so he could take a wound that would be twenty points he would lose at the end but using either of these only cost two and would raise his no this wouldn’t raise his notoriety so yeah he’ll pay two so he gets one back and use this bribe it’s worked out quite well and send him anywhere yeah make a nice little Barry so I can’t sneak through a tile if that’s what I’m planning on doing and yeah he is out of the city so that’s that that’s the afternoon it’s just notoriety Andras goes up so I can move an officer closer to her oh she she’s there we could move this guy over there or actually mice let’s move him all the way over there I’m definitely all going there maybe I could go to a shop let’s try and work out my money in a second my notoriety goes up which isn’t great because I’m losing 50 now and it’s the evening so let’s look at money I have to pay one to have a turn there we go so my money I need 10 to escape so that’s spoken for I have 7 now I could buy an extra turn and pay one at the start of that turn but I would have one to do something and escaping police and things I don’t think it’s gonna be worth my while I think I need to escape something I’m gonna spend two to move this officer away from me here let’s just put him over here just away from me and the best way to get there is going to be one two three you get an extra movement point when you use the subway for and then I would use gasoline to go five doing it that way means I don’t have to avoid these I could just walk straight through but I don’t want to have to avoid these quite going through there tile if I go on this tile though I only have to avoid this one blue one sauce but my gasoline I need to avoid a blue so I think yeah I could have got a shot boat but it’s not a helipad tile so I couldn’t have the best thing for me to do is take the wound and then pay to to reverse the wound oh the last thing we can afford to do though with my last three I can pay to lower my notoriety because that’s 20 points effectively okay then and so I can escape there’s no one on this tile to is to have to avoid there’s my ten for being the second person to escape in a two-player game and that’s it so we can count up the final scores okay that’s so haven’t got school sheets by the way can I have to put up with my handwritten one so it could be multi did have another eleven maybe he had another turn in him he could have escaped if he died under the turn maybe to do something well where maybe he wouldn’t have been able to avoid the police and would have taken wounds and things yeah there’s a lot to think about especially in that third day there’s a lot to weigh off of whether to leave or not never mind what to actually do so we can grab our escape plan at cards and do our points for safe houses I went to all three if you went to all three or something you get 150 you see that the card is always with 450 every group is worth 150 as well Marty only went to number three but that is a hundred buildings group one let’s see Marty went to all three of those so he’s getting 150 I didn’t go to a single one I went to the records store of the night club sorry which is 80 Marty didn’t go to any of those cash in hand I have absolutely zero mozzie had 11 asset tiles these are the ones that you managed to flip I only got 30 Marty got 50 contact cards I got 60 for mine cuz I got four Marty gets the full hundred for his dollar bags now this is where a lot of my points come in 60 160 that’s not one that’s a hat 230 320 and Marty just got the one but it was for a hundred yeah that’s one it for me hasn’t it I think but yeah we take it to the end Oh notoriety though I’m losing my musing points for notoriety – 30 for me for notoriety because I’m there Marty right at the bottom with nothing to lose there and neither of us took any wounds in the end yeah we had contact cards and things that sorted is right at so okay total leads up so I think these are the final scores I’ve got 610 to Monty’s 511 so yeah it wasn’t just that last day there is definitely more that Marty should have done apparently maybe he should have gone and visited one of the new businesses could have gotten you know could have got another eighty from the gym for example he did spend a turn resting hopefully I haven’t done something terribly wrong to make that difference but I told by Paul Groban that 500 is the score to be aiming for in this so ya did very well but anyway that is just an example game anyway I hope I haven’t made too many mistakes but it’s just just to give you an idea anyway I hope it’s giving you an idea of the way that you play escape plan again the kickstart is still running you can click the link in the description to see the campaign page if you’d like to know what I think of the game then you can click the link over here but thank you very much for watching everyone and I’ll see you for the next game bye

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  1. Thanks Tom; I was waiting for some more in-depth playthroughs before I solidified my pledge on Kickstarter and it seems you've convinced me! I'm also looking forward to your Backer's August vote!

  2. Not sure if you go back to it, but at 41 minutes or so on your turn, you had already been to safehouse 1, so her being there would have locked it, but you also wouldn't have needed to go there. Would that have completed her safe house set as well? Great video as always!!!

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