Essen 2016 – Gueules noires Le jeu de cartes – Eggertspiele – VOSTF
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Essen 2016 – Gueules noires Le jeu de cartes – Eggertspiele – VOSTF

August 17, 2019

I love you I am mature from Mooga box and today we are at Essen steel Nestor 2016 with Victor from a cappella but we are in the pegasus lounge because josh villa is distributed by Pegasus hi Victor hi so have you spent a nice fare so far oh it was very nice and successful fair so far now right now I’m already pretty tired because the fair is already going like 5 days for us but it’s great I enjoy it every year but after that for another two weeks I’m almost not capable of speaking anymore haha so we should mention that the fair has been open to the public since three days at the end of the third day of the fair for the audience so we are here with your latest game which is glute look elf so it is the game well this is the very card version of the ball game can you talk a bit about it yeah and actually out the ball game is there’s a French version and I don’t really know how to talk guellen laws was something like this budgie chemic and and well because those asked us if we could do a card version they had something different in mind something small preparation and we told the the authors but they came up with this rather huge card game because they are like 240 cards in it but we loved it so much that we had to do it because it’s similar of course in the theme and mechanics that try to to like recreate the experience of the board game but just with carton and that was just fantastic so we just had to do it so it is a game for two to four players ages 12 and up and it plays in around an hour right yes if you know the game and hours no problem at all so uh what do we try to do in this game who are we and how do we win the game well everybody is well has like a mind and in this case we it play as a board this is the mind and you have tried to grab from the mind a coal which you have to load two trains these trains have to have an engine and you have to have an order and then you can send them off to gain victory points so you win by having the most victory points at the end of the game and there are several ways to gain these victory points so what do we do in a player turn do we have to manage your hand or how do we ship the coal and well take the coal load the coal and ship the coal exactly so em in in coal Baron org well noir M there there was this worker placement element way when you put the worker somewhere and you could do something and the next layer wanted to do the same thing had to place two workers there so it was about managing your workers trying to get a lot of actions and not waste too much workers because you you at the end you might have to spend five or six workers to do certain action and that was recreated and kind of with the cards in here so each player has a hand of cards em they are once and two three four or five depending on the players some some are not in the game but em these are workers and when I and on the game board you have well not the game board of course but on the table you have these different stacks of of things and actions and when you it’s your turn you play a worker to like a stack for example here if there is no worker you play one worker and take the card from that stack and place it where it belongs to them because this is a wagon and this is a joker I can place it any way on this these three three loading docks anywhere so it goes there so then the next players turn next time it’s my turn I can like again make the same action but then I have to spend two workers and I can do it this way or I can use like to want to do this but it has to be so I can’t use the three two to do it but it always one two three four five so and and this way you have to manage the cards there are actions because at some point in the round and you might have a four on hand but when it’s your turn again there is no way because there’s no free so then you have to say I’m sorry I can place my worker and then the round is over for you so em this way you manage your hand and gain these cards and depending where which you then these ones with the coal go on this side and one after the other and then the wagons go there then you have like engines that go in front of the wagons of course they are orders you can pick up and and then there are these actions which you need to do like mine the coal so um if I would place I can place also on this worker and then do this action which is mining and I can mine up to three of the of these little cards so I could take this over and place it in a in a in no gragan at this moment I can’t do this because that it doesn’t show the same thing but for example if it was there this is the same I can so I can go there and because this is a joker I can put it in this in the beneath the cart and then this this wagon is loaded and at some point I can when some of the wagons are loaded and I have orders and everything I can deliver coal is by using this this action and on the on these orders they are certain a certain number of of cards which are needed if I use this action and play the cards this train has enough loaded because it’s at least two and and I have two here I have to have an engine and I have to play this and then I can ship it off I would take everything that here put it underneath to apply where all my card scales just for the end scoring and this one too oh this one too it goes also on the pile and these are five points at the end of the game so and this way you try to manage your your loading docks and try to manage when to get these out when to get the cards here so there is a little bit of time because you don’t have that much loading docks to to do everything you want you have to get the orders and and then they are also a few other piles which can give you points at the end for example bonus for if you have shipped a certain to a certain location because every order also shows the location or four on the bottom and then you have to try to every time a good card comes up of course you want to be the one who gets this card and it’s a lot of timing in it and it’s quite a few ways also to score over these these bonus cards for example so it seems to be quite an intricate system that really is it one together and I have just one last question which is when does the game end and the game ends and depending on the Play account there are five six or seven rounds so in a two-player game to seven-ounce on the four player game is five rounds and and when the round round is over when I can’t play any card from here or I don’t want to I the past and it’s everybody past then the round is over and everybody get us up there they’re their workers and then a new round starts the same way and after defending five six seven rounds of play account the game ends and then there’s an end going where you take this pile and go through it all the victory points that are on there for example on the aureus or on on these and also there are a few cards when I find one interesting actually like this then if it’s a single card there can be a point on a two and this way to go through it and whoever has the most points win today yeah um I think that card games adaptations of ball games in a car game are quite common and quite a trend these days for example where the castles of Burgundy and much many many more so as a publisher what is your perspective in this well we didn’t do a lot of card games in the past and in this case the card game really intrigued us because it’s even it’s the same universe and it recreates these this worker placement in with cards which was just too intriguing to not do and and we did another camel up which was was was very successful for us and we did a card version this year too but for us it has to be really something new something so that that people that know the game might be oh I like this game I can get into the universe but it shouldn’t be the same game just in the small box and so um we won’t do card games for all of our games I’m sure that won’t happen but if the card game is just to go to not to what what shall we do we have to do it way do you we have an explanation of why there is this trend I I think it’s if you have some kind of placed like a a very successful game of course there are a lot of friends of them and um it’s if you have a new game you have to build up some kind of reputation if you have well if you like sailing the shadow of another game which you did then the people already can relate it to them of course this is also sometimes a problem because people say that I don’t need a just a smaller version of the great game I had there but in these cases I can assure it’s not the case it’s a very different feeling and in the gameplay and but it’s easier to relate if you know the other game so that’s the main thing about it I think is that look of the company still coming to French and well we untalked here um I don’t know it right now because the the talks with our partners my colleague does we will see after the fair but I’m hopeful there will be a partner yes so it’s a definite maybe okay well thank you Victor for that overview of your house the carton to the child game sorry [Music] Anson heaven

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