Essen 2018 – Blackout: Hong Kong – Eggertspiele – VOSTFR
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Essen 2018 – Blackout: Hong Kong – Eggertspiele – VOSTFR

August 27, 2019

[Music] hello we are at the essence a at the essence peel Messer 2018 and we are there with Philip hi hi so you’re going to give us an overview of black hat and black out Hong Kong right exactly the new came from Alexander Chester yes so a very talented and famous author so it is a game that is not cooperative despite us being trying to solve the blackouts exactly we try to help our neighbors during this blackout and we try to get enough yeah influence and we so that society can work again at a normal pace because after the blackout nothing works you have no refrigerator nothing no goods are available so this is what we try to do and we want fresh tea right so it translates into picture points I think exactly so for several parts of the game you get victory points which show how good you achieve those smaller sets that we need to fulfill to to get those things done how do we get things done I see that we have a lot of cars is it count driven it yeah the main part is a is the card management you have your hand cards and you have with special abilities and missions that you want to complete so the main part of the game is hand management how do we play the game are we playing the same phases at the same time or do we have a plateau exactly that’s the case we have eight phases for each round and they are marked by the starting player we begin from the bottom of our player board and move up and each phase is done simultaneously by the players sometimes in player order but it is we complete this face and move on to the next one so there’s no long waiting times so what do we try to do what are the main choices that we do in these phases so the main first thing that we do we use cards from our hands and place them in the three slots here and these cards will be those that we use as the actions will be used in the second phase so we plan ahead and then use these cards for the actions essentially two kinds of cards I’ll just exchange this one two kinds of cards that’s the volunteers they bring you the resources that you need to keep your people happy or to fulfill some of the actions you have so there’s red cards as blue and yellow cards and they correspond to the dice we have rolled so that’s one of the main effects we have no fixed resources each one so it’s just by the dice and they change in each each round so they procure the goods we need and then there’s specialists they have more specific actions you where you can either spend goods to get more money or you can get other tokens that you need later on and during the face the next thing you do is you fulfill goal complete goals on cards and it depends on the on the kind of the card what you get afterwards if you if you initially have some of the guys living around you they will later on help you so you can get them to your hand too so to start your card management your action man your engine exactly and then there’s other cards that are objectives which you try to achieve and they have a small attacks which gives you a bit of flavor what you are doing so in this case we have the fire station we bring them gasoline and then they they can work on on the fires which will break out during the blackout so and these cards come don’t go to your hand but they give you special actions which you can fulfill later during the game another element is scouting so because each time we have cyber somebody this region is secured because he takes care of that that regions and we can we can try to find new stuff that is in this area or not new stuff but goods that we can use and that’s done during the scouting phase later on we can get new cards objectives which we need to to start our engines also again and one main phase is the eight phase where because we will place each round we will place three cards here and we die we only get them back if we have less than four cards in our hands so we try to have a small hand to get our cards back and do the actions again of the stronger cards how many rounds do we play so we play as many rounds as the deck allows us so the deck runs out and then the game ends and it depends on the play account or the mission we play because we also have a solo campaign so for all the solo players out there so you have five chapters which you can play through which gives you different game lengths and different goals to achieve how do we interact with other players so we interact with other players during the scouting face because sometimes you want to get something that somebody else wanted to have but most of the time we spread on the on the board so you if you secure entire districts you can get victory points and you want to be the first to do that so you run for securing districts in this case the orange player has done this and she will receive three victory points whereas the other players will receive none but the funny thing is if you join in a little bit you can also get victory points for being present okay yeah and otherwise it’s the card market that also gives you interaction exactly yeah yeah because you’re selecting against the opponent quite quite a very interesting part of the game because the price of the cards depends on how many cards there are so if there are three cards left you have to pay for Hong Kong dollars to get a card but if there’s only one card left you only have to pay to Hong Kong dollars so that’s also a very interesting phase where you have to manage your your money to to get the best cards for the least price okay so when is it going to be released is it a release from this asset booth and this will be shortly available after was in installs exactly okay thank you Phillip overview of blackout Hong Kong I think we have got the drift from the game so now let’s see you on the box at a Farah bye bye [Music]

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