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Essen 2018 – Fog of Love – Hush Hush Projects – VOSTFR

August 26, 2019

[Music] hello and mature form of ox dot afar and today we are on the fog of love booth with the creator the author of fog of love Jacob hi hi very nice to meet you likewise so you are the author of this game which has a peculiar theme in the bull gaming world which is a couple right yeah so it’s a relationship game so of love you’re playing two fictional characters who meet and fall in love and try to make this relationship work and basically it’s some kind of a deduction game you’re trying to figure out who my partner is it’s like a real first date you’re meeting and trying to figure out is this person interesting and nice do we match and and what does turn on my partner and and she or he fit my needs and you basically as you’re playing you’re exploring this relationship playing different scenes and in the end you feel yard where you say together or not and if both are happy or both are unhappy or one is happy and one is unhappy so like a real relationship and can go in many different ways so the it seems to me that the kind of goal that we have is very different from other games because there is not one path to victory it’s not victory points so the the the the end of the game is like the journey and the end are both in you know what’s important right it’s very much a game like where the journey is most important so I’m very inspired by the game philosophy behind the games like The Sims 4 computer games where when you play the sims it’s not about optimizing of course it can choose to optimize but it’s also about just putting your sim into a room and then see ok what happens when here he’s hungry and and then then it walks around and then just playing around with it and in this way this is also you’re playing around this relationship it’s not necessary to optimize it but it’s just fun to have to explore how the story evolves so that’s that’s important so how do we develop this story together I guess it’s to play your game right to play a game and the first thing you do is to create your characters and this way is in many ways it’s a role-playing game also so you create your character using these three so yeah I’m just so the first thing you would do is to take a hand of five traits and these are secret so like these so kind and tense down to earth a conservative are subservient and I would think okay this time I think it could be fun to play some buddies down to earth subservient and kind so very like perhaps a bit about its love I think that’s might be okay I think a cheat now there are two kind down to it an intense person it’s a really intense kind and the other person does not know watchos and would choose his or her own traits and this way we are building characters first with the traits and then I would pick some occupations to like work and hobbies then what do I work as and I can choose so that’s what I picked and I can choose one of these so I think it could be fun to be a wedding planner and then the next thing is when we have done that and my partner would be something else and then the next thing and that’s one of the fun things the game is that you have some features like these and these features features you pick for your partner so what what did I have fell in love with in you so I think it’s nice that you giggling and that you have a flowery hat and fashionable for examples so you would get that and and the partner would give some cuts traits to me and this way we are sharing this experience about creating characters so we both are invested in these characters we give them a name not our own name and then we are playing the scenes the first thing that happens is that if I the first part is a chapter so Disqus star under a full moon so children marriage share dreams travels romantic dinner spooning in bed the first kiss the first date it all began with the first special moment how was yours so that’s the question and then you choose a BSc I was dancing all night or you were dancing all night or I can’t remember was drunk and then you choose both choose at the same time using these trophies sorry and we close I chose a and the other one chose B that’s why I’ve actually very lucky because a means that you attend I was I was dancing and the other one says I was dancing so actually remember the same thing so we get a bit more happiness and in this way we are already beginning to play the game we are making choices on scenes and they get some happiness and then begins to play scenes from hand that’s these ones so for example a hand could be like this breakfast in bed or butterflies it’s Christmas and then starting hand would also include a serious scene and a dramatic scene so argument at the restaurant or argument with the parents in law oh it’s Christmas so so the so already we’re at a bar and then the next scene what happens then and then of course the players begin to imagine okay did they go a long time since then or always already Christmas so actually perhaps it was just up to Christmas we’re at the bar or why are we fighting with the parents in law and then in this way you’re building this the story and in the end of the game as you play you play through multiple chapters so in this in this story there are three chapters and after each chapter you have played you will discard your destinies and these are you could say winning conditions we don’t call it winning but basically it is about the winning conditions and these are things you need to fulfill and initially we have everything available so everything is opening the relationship so like a real race if you meet and everything is possible you could go away from each other or you could fall in love and did you get the favor all right go ahead might be that you stay together but you’re unhappy you don’t know but as you play up each chapter you discard some of these nice initially discard two or three and then it’s cut some more and then you have two left and then you pick the last one and some of these destinies are cooperative so meaning that you are actually working together and some of these tests in it so corporates if one could be loved see we are I’m just happy when we are a happy love team so our shot have an essence behind and I don’t care about who is happy I’ve it’s both but just our shared happiness and we need to make a lot of positive gentle decisions and if we do that I can fulfill this whatever you have done so I might win with this or I’d also be dominant meaning I’m happy if I’m more happy than you are etc so so these are still and these won sustain the relationship self-realization our focus on my own needs equal partners I don’t need to be very happy but just the same level as you or unconditional love which means I’m happy if you are happy so if I choose unconditional love and you choose dominant for example that’s actually very there’s a lot of synergy there because I want to make you happy and the dominant wants to be more happy so it’s not necessarily like the best relationship in the world but for us it’s good but it also be that I’m the heartbreaker and here I break up and you would then automatically lose because you want to me to stay in the relationship unless you play honorable exit and then the honorable exit wins there are very losses so there’s some element of bluffing in this but also trying to understand where is my partner going with this relationship can I trust my partner and where do I choose to go and you have choice and I think that that’s that’s part of what relationships are about it’s not just about optimization it’s not just about bluffing it’s not just about like the doctrine is also about choice so what do I choose and what does my partner choose and what we see when we play the game is that people even though they can be the heartbreaker most people don’t choose that most people choose choose to do something positive and a lot of people often fall a bit in love in the game because it’s it’s such a nice experience because you are trying to make this work and then it happens but but then sometimes you can also then just choose to be the heartbreaker and have fun of that and create really fun and quirky stories so it seems that you have some expansions for the game with different themes like ISO death in-laws and whatnot so what gave you the idea of creating this game in the first place and why expanded well to match different thematics yeah so that I didn’t start with an idea so I guess my profession is to do both like product development innovation so that’s why I live as a consultant doing that for others and I always start with a user need and I wanted to I had one user for this game that’s my wife I thought I would make a hobby project for us for using my methodology of innovation but just on her so I interviewed her but what what is interesting for her because she does not like all the other games there are and places like here she’s she’s not interested in all this geeky stuff and so what what could be interesting for her so I interviewed her I played games with her but tested what kind of experiences are interesting for him so not not just trying to reinvent something but just trying to understand what is good for her and then based on all these things I find out that it could be something about romantic comedy and something that fits with the dynamics of love and relationship but but no I know what none of the other games do have that so I read a lot about how love works several thousand pages and from this I picked up a lot of dynamics that could be interesting and translated through a game and basically this game grew out of these this research and this testing and iteration so I didn’t start with an idea I just started with a need for a person that is not interested in regular games and what we have found out is that this game also then attracts a lot of other people were not interested in other in regular game but it’s also attracting for people who like games so I love games and I think this is very very fun and I said we see a lot of geeks really felling falling in love this game but also non players or players who don’t play a lot think this is really meaningful for them and interesting and this radius has been a very very very different from anything else and and my experience is that I’ve talked a lot of publishers initially because I wanted others to publish this and they love the game they get the game they played and they have fun and then they tell me no they want to but they don’t want to publish it because there’s no game like this and I don’t know if there’s a market for this so so we have experienced that I’ve had received a lot of notes but then I published it myself through Kickstarter and there was a big success and we got a lot of good support and if we couldn’t have done it without the Kickstarter and then Walmart noticed and they walmart sells like most of the games most of every anything they sell is for women and they want to have something that attracts more female audience and I think this game is perfect for that and they took it in and now it’s the best-selling game at Walmart online ever so it’s really doing or I don’t know everybody this year but one of the best selling games ever for them online it’s really good and they are now we’re discussing about expanding with them and it’s a really big success it’s selling a lot of the UK and Canada Australia so the English version is really good and now I’m discussing with with other potential publishers but they still see okay it’s going well in the English language but but our country we don’t have a game like this so they are still reluctant about staying in it so I don’t know when it comes to other countries I hope it will if they if nobody else takes up I haven’t a lot of offers but we need to figure out how it goes are you talking about France France for example yes so we have we have offers for France I’m very sure we would be in French so the French one and the Spanish one are very certain because I have like three or four offers from different publishers German one is more essential because there’s more like I think the publishers have been speaking with our more conservative Italian we also have some offers there it’s coming in Danish because I’m coming from Denmark so we have some good relationships there China we have a lot of people from China I have I think 14 different publishers from China so China will definitely be there and I think the Chinese market and the Asian market they love love and romance so that can be very big but I also think in Europe and I think for example I think the France and Spain will be very big for this because it fits very well with like the lets in the tradition of storytelling true that there is something with Latin and you know storytelling and probably romance as well yes exactly sorry publishing some of the reviews we are getting from people because we had a lot of reviews already in France you’re getting amazingly good reviews in France people really get it and they really love it we have some people who I can remember one of the reviewers saying that this is better than any woody allen comedy and I was like oh thank you so so there are some some people who really love this and I think this will fit very well in France and also in Spain we have salsa and I’ve also seen some of the I’ve seen one of the big movie directors in Spain has actually played this and was like oh this is good so we I think this can go very well there okay Thank You Jacob for that overview of thug of love and we wish you luck so bye bye and see you on the box [Music] so yes I do I I pack a lot of mini pancakes not us I never have time to do anything about them I don’t I don’t know I’ve bought a lot of paint I have not even started painting one so it I have like this I’m falling in love with them but I’m not doing it I think I would rather play gloom Haven to be honest the love letters is good but III think the the meatiness of blue maven is amazing so actually so the good thing about having companies I have a budget they have for buying games my books so I buy I pack a lot of Kickstarter’s and I actually have an agreement with my local store about how much I buy so I get a discount so I’ve never been in can s not Jenkins so for me s knees close to home so that’s where we had our debut we started here I did not know any part in the business I was like completely new there were anywhere was the second time as was ever esta and I started with my booth and people came to my booth and helped me new publish it so existing publishes some of the big publishers came to us and said wow that’s amazing what you’re doing and they gave me a lot of advice and some of them have become my friends and as I wouldn’t have been it wouldn’t have been possible my project without essen and what they have done for me so definitely the essen is special I definitely prefer the bad game with nice players that that would be a better evening for me I play to enjoy the social setting I love games but for me I love people more and people I wouldn’t play with nasty people serve Lada definitely I love Lara and I love his games I had in play my game and I Annie loved that so I was his he’s good do you prefer video games or role-playing games anytime a role-playing game I’m a role-playing game ER and I’ve played since I was 12 13 and the games and the people I play with I play with in in Denmark we have a very good convention called festival and the games that are made there are some singles a short one night games they make me cry they make me feel and they make me fall in love so we have played games about a mom that tries to be commit suicide and you are the husband and the two kids and you’re trying to figure out how the family works and I’ve played games where you are rockstars on sex drugs and rock and roll I’ve played all these games that they have like I remember them forever I’ve never played video games that really impressed me but none on this level as role-playing games

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