Essen 2018 – La guerre des boutons –  ADC Blackfire
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Essen 2018 – La guerre des boutons – ADC Blackfire

August 10, 2019

[Music] hello I’m Matt from luvox @fr and we are in essence real mr. 2018 and we are there with Robert from ad siblings Blackfyre and entertainment hi hi so you are a German publisher and you have a game which is translated in French English well and German and it’s it is called leg le bouton which is a very French title yeah that’s right so we were really happy that the author andreas stating who is well known for heavier euro games came to us and he had a passion for the story of Lucky Rabbit oh and he had an idea about a board game and if we found out it’s a really nice idea so we made a boat game from it so this is a board game a fun family ball game for two to four players they just turn up and games under the hour yeah it is it is a family board game but it should be a game as a family so it’s definitely too complex for for kids so um what is the goal of the game who are we is it like in the in the book yeah a lot of elements are like in the book so each player is taking control of a gang of boys which are like your dice your gang of boys and you’re going to roll them at the beginning of your round and send them to different spots at the field like you can send them to school you can send them to the forest or to the mud meadow so they are going to fight each other steer each other’s buttons and try to complete their own check so that is the goal of the game the first gang who completes the own shack will win the game so do we so buttons are not picture points per se but how do you use buttons then the currency in the game so by entering at these spots you will earn buttons you will also get buttons at the beginning of each round and you use the buttons to do a lot of different things like you could manipulate your dice because of course the results matter so you can manipulate them you can by more dice from the like the neighbor village to increase the size of your gang you can spend the buttons to get your boys out of the tension because obviously like in the book this is all also a problem so what do we do in a player turn I mean there’s everyone play at the same time or do we have like something to do each turn yeah so when it’s a when it’s your turn you have your role results from the pinning of the round and you’re going to send you guys to these spots so like in a regular worker placement you can occupy one spot and then it’s next players turn so for example these we have these locations here and I could send like two of my boys to the tutor at the Crary so I put them here in the first column and then I get a reward of two buttons for just being there so I take my two buttons I can use them later and then next players turn so let’s if at the end of the round red would be the only one here then he would gain this reward which is another wooden tile for your Shack this is really important because you need to finish the game so the other players want to send boys to send these dice away they can do this I will take the blue ones here by using the same amount of dice like also – but with higher numbers it is really important if you use more than one die in your in your round it needs to be the same number so that’s why you try to manipulate to get same numbers so these two fives would send away the force also a reward of two buttons are given to the blue player and now blue is in control of this spot so now I can go there with more dice with the same number and send these two away it’s not about counting it’s about the amount of ties you use so I send this one away and this is what we are doing in these turns try to get control and there is a point when nobody has any add ice left anymore and that’s when the round is over we see okay red is the last one year red will gives us reward and we are entering the next round so this is mainly what happens here at the locations there’s also the school of course in school there’s no fighting because teachers are taking care of that that’s why there are only one spots it’s like a regular worker placement you put your diet there and then it’s your spot you can buy more parts for your shake there you can be starting player or really interesting you could try to get through the exam so if I put a dye here it leads to this reward but only at the end of the of the round we will check at the end of the round this number in the whole board so who used the most to values in this round and this one would get a lot so when a player starts putting in a 2 there all other players start to think how can I add choose to the game so this really makes the dice manipulation very important yeah that’s actually the basically the thing what you what you do you can buy action cards to improve your to improve your actions or you could spend ice spend passing sorry to get your older brother all the brothers help you fighting in the locations because they are like bonus die well you talk to me before we shot the interview you told me that the buttons were made in Germany so a lot of gamers in France start thinking about the environment about you know taking products that are made locally so did you choose to make them have been made in Germany because of that or because you found a way that was cheaper or no yeah actually we did some research because we wanted to add buttons to the game we thought like it’s the currency in the game we need buttons on the game so we try to find ways how to get how to get a lot of patents and obviously that’s something nobody did before and so we try to find another solution and as we you know black files also doing organizers and egg boxes made from wood so we just decided to make these from wood ourselves so we made the design and we produced them in induce pork in our production company and this yeah it gave us the possibility to include the the same design in in the game so these are really they just belong to this game and that makes the game very unique and it feels good it it adds to the theme yeah we’re really happy with that solution and that we are able to do this so was it just released for this Essen or is it is it going to be released in stores just after no it’s actually it has been released in April and we already had it in festival de jure in in can this was actually the first appearance but it’s it’s still a new game also for essence also in the in the news show so yeah it is available right now from this moment okay Thank You robot Robert I think you gave us an overview that is an idea about how we play like le bouton so bye bye and see you on the dogs okay fire bye bye [Music]

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