EU sends drone to kill James Bond: BREXIT IS FOREVER 007 Parody

September 28, 2019

Hmmm… Blast from the past… Moneypenny’s idea of a joke perhaps… Unboxing… Hmmm… Drop of the good stuff… I wonder if this is M’s idea of an apology? Ah… Irish! Now that’s what I call a backstop!Good morning, Mr Bond!
It is good to see you again! Skynet!Guess again, Mr Bond! Careful! Those rotor blades are edged in diamond – they can slice through solid steel… This drone is a message: no one ever leaves the European Union… Well tell that to Greenland and Guadeloupe… Are you expecting a second opinion? No, Mr Bond. As my good friend Auric once so … eloquently put… We expect you… to die…The vote to leave was a vote to take back
control, Mr. Bond. Do you feel… in control?What makes you think… I wanted to leave?!?Now… Hard or soft? There’s a ghost… in the hallway… A skeleton closet, I’m sure! A haze that is haunting… A secret to shatter the Earth! Take my hand now… Don’t be scared! For you I’ll pretend though… I’m not prepared… Burying the question of my self… Do I wanna know? As my eyes, break the darkness… I know I’ve been here before… Pieces of a nightmare… Beating beneath the floor! One quick glance – yes – you’re still there… but can you stay and will you dare? So much in this world we can’t control… Do I wanna know? Do I wanna know? Backs against the wall! No choice must face it all! Nothing’s safe – you are what I chose! Nothing’s safe – you are what I chose! Even if I don’t want to know… Even if I don’t want to know… Even if I don’t want to know! Knowwwwwww!!!! Knowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Bond M Or is it ‘L’ for leave… Mmh? What happened here? Oh, just the normal drone about Brexit.Tea? Sure! Help yourself. Ha. Bond, we need you back. We? Your country needs you. My country? What is my country?Is it the Commonwealth – the former British Empire? Singapore? Hong Kong? India? Australia? America? Canada?Is it Great Britain (also known as Blighty)? A single large island that includes England, Wales and Scotland?Is it the UK, the United Kingdom: the same as Great Britain but now with Northern Ireland added?Is it the British Isles? All of Great Britain
and now with all of Ireland?Is it part of Europe? A key founding member – soon to end with Brexit? Or is it just little old England? No Europe, no Scotland, no Ireland, no Wales… just this…A quadriplegic torso without a head! …which may be all that’s left after Wales, Scotland and Ireland all leave us to rejoin Europe! Or is it just the idea of England? ‘Cool Britannia!’ A flag used to sell milk tea… Honestly M… I don’t know my country anymore…We hope you enjoyed that video by
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