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.eu*ID : EBAS.eu

August 11, 2019

I was born into
General aviation. So my father has a helicopter company
here in Munich, MHS, and since I’m little I’m surrounded by
airport talk and airport people. I couldn’t miss it. EBAS stands for
European Business Aviation Service. If I am a business person or a
very important person in general, and I would like to charter
a private jet, I call EBAS and I say : I want to go to Nice,
or to Frankfurt, and then we try to match their needs
with the perfect business jet. – Our clients, they really do
what they want. They have no schedule. So if they have an important meeting
and the meeting takes, like, 2 hours more,
they depart 2 hours later. – If a CEO, for example,
travels on his own, he can actually do a lot of work or actually find some time
to relax on the business jet. And, you know, there’s not too many passengers on board
and things like that. So it’s a very personalized
way to travel, really matching his or her needs. – They can build everything
into a plane. The only thing that’s, I think in Europe,
not possible is a… jacuzzi. – Well, it’s all very specialized
what we are doing here. So we have people from politics,
we have musicians or groups. And also we’ve got the
leisure travel people who just, you know,
go on a vacation. – Our customers are
from all over the world, but the most are from Europe. So it’s daily business for us
to work with Spanish customers, … with French customers,
Italian customers. – I think that gives us a bond, and we show that
we are really interested in the European market. And I think it helps a lot
to have a .eu domain to show the integrity and how strongly we are communicating
within the European Union. Customers who call us, they choose the
business aviation in general because it’s very flexible. – Normally, we get a handling
request, like, 2-3 days before… – Sometimes they call you
in the morning and say : We need to go this afternoon,
so, of course then it’s a little bit more difficult to find an available jet
sometimes for the person. But we always end up
finding the perfect one.

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