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Even MORE Unsolved GTA Mysteries! | @ArcadeCloud

August 27, 2019

Welcome back to our countdown
of the Greatest Mysteries of Grand Theft Auto V. I’m Dave Control with ArcadeCloud and today, we’re rounding up
a list of the GTA mysteries that still have players
scratching their heads till their scalps bleed. Let’s begin. Blaine County Motel. In Sandy Shores you’ll come across
the Blaine County Motel an establishment that was
abandoned by its owners and once you know it,
you can enter it and explore. During the day, you come across
the hobos and druggies that call this tetanus trap home but the big mystery begins
after the sun goes down. According to those
that have experienced it the motel is known to be haunted with voices appearing
to come from inside the walls. You may even hear pounding,
scraping and other sounds
that may convince you a demon is currently
occupying this estate. It gets all the creepier
if you’re lucky enough to hear what sounds to be the ear-piercing
wailing of a baby. So a few questions
obviously remain. Are these really the noises
of the dearly departed? If so, how did they die? How did the motel
become what it is in the game? Well, you may want to
book a room for yourself and find out. The Jetpack. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas introduced the fan-favourite
vehicle to the franchise the jetpack. When it was announced that GTA V
was to take place in Los Santos the fan base was certain that they’d be embracing
their inner James Bond yet again with a next-gen jetpack
to end all jetpacks an expectation Rockstar
was well aware of. So they did
what any loving developer would do for their fans,
drive them crazy with a metaphorical trail
of bread crumbs that may or may not
lead to the jetpack they waited nine years for. One of the hints regarding
the jetpack is found on a logo painted on the Trevor’s hangar
of a flying goat labelled Jack Sheepe Servicing
Tri-Manifold R-108. “What the hell does this
have to do with jetpacks?” you ask impatiently. Jack Sheepe
was a real-life male porn star that acted in the porn parody
of the jetpack-wearing superhero The Rocketeer. We’ll give you two guesses as to what The Rocketeer’s
porn parody name is. The R-108
is the porn parody’s runtime 108 minutes long. Bow chicka bow wow! As you can imagine,
hackers got impatient with Rockstar’s antics and took a peek
into the game’s code to find remnants of a jetpack. This has led to many
to hold onto the hope that it may be added to the game
as DLC for GTA Online at some point in the future. Of course, this could just be
another elaborate middle finger but, hey, one can dream, right? The Kraken. In the off chance you’ve gone your whole life
without hearing the line… Release the kraken. A kraken
is a legendary sea monster that has dominated
pop culture for centuries. Said by legend to dwell off
the coasts of Norway and Sweden a kraken
is a massive tentacled beast that can tear apart
entire ships. While absolutely nobody has seen
a kraken in the game there is evidence
that one could live or had visited
within proximity of Los Santos. Said to be found in the deepest
part of GTA V’s ocean called The Abyss players have found
the torn up remains of giant ships, airplanes and even UFOs
on the ocean floor leaving many to deduce that the kraken
pulled them down. You can even find
entire whale skeletons picked completely clean. The leftovers
of an ideal kraken snack. If the kraken
does exist within the game it probably resides
deep within the ocean to depths that the in-game
submarine can’t sink to. But just before
they have to bail players claim
they’ve heard very strange and unique calling noises before
retreating to the surface. Clever, Rockstar, very clever. The Epsilon Program. The Epsilon program
is a religion based on the GTA universe
that feels a bit more like something of a cross between a pyramid scheme
and a cult. After all,
those that pledge their lives to this collective forcibly recruit random folks
only to brainwash them and make bold promises
of eternal happiness glory,
and spiritual enlightenment at the cost
of their entire bank accounts. Out of fear
of being sued for slander we can’t say
we’ve ever heard of such a thing happening in our reality,
especially not in Hollywood. Just who the hell
are these guys actually? Well, a few clues
hidden throughout the game appear to indicate that there’s something
beyond a merry band of zealots. The biggest clue players
have caught onto the fact
that the sun in Epsilon’s logo resembles that of an eye a symbol
associated with Illuminati. Eyes are also frequently found throughout the city
of Los Santos itself on various structures
and buildings like the Penris building. Penris. These titbits
have led many players to believe that
Epsilon is actually the GTA universe’s
version of Illuminati. And considering the fact that they manipulate others
into doing their bidding under the guise that
it’s for their own good it’s not that far of a stretch. Bigfoot. Ah, yes. What would
a Grand Theft Auto game be without everybody
going completely bonkers over alleged Bigfoot sightings? Fans rejoiced when they discovered
the legendary Sasquatch in the mission Predator in which
Michael uses a sniper rifle with thermal vision to take out the O’Neill family
from a helicopter. If you know
where to point the scope you can see
the thermal silhouette of the real Bigfoot
standing behind a tree. But was that really Bigfoot? In the post-game Franklin
mission titled The Last One we join a hunter as he’s
on the verge of tracking down and hunting Mr. Foot himself. However,
Franklin soon learns that Bigfoot isn’t Bigfoot at all,
he’s a guy in a suit a guy that looks suspiciously
similar to Jimmy Hopkins from Rockstar’s
other game Bully. With this upsetting detail some fans were convinced that the Bigfoot
seen in the Predator mission was just some dude
with a fur fetish. It’s perfectly normal to admit to being aroused role playing
dressed as a fantastical beast. Others are not quite convinced. The Bigfoot seen
in Predator is ambiguous. We never see anything other
than this thermal outline so it could be that there were
two Bigfoots in the woods one real
and one a costumed freak. Even if the one
seen in the earlier mission was the guy in the costume that’s not going to stop
a good amount of fans from scouring the map
for the real deal until GTA VI comes out,
eventually. The Riddle of Mt. Chiliad. Here we are, folks, the mother of all Grand
Theft Auto V mysteries. Hell, it may even be
the most complex and elusive mystery
in the whole series. No, wait, the biggest mystery
in all of gaming found at the summit
of the massive Mount Chiliad is a mural of a mountain
covered in markings that wins
conspiracy theory Bingo containing everything
from UFOs to all-seeing eyes. But what exactly
does this mural represent? Is it a secret message?
Is it a map? It’s a bit of both
as far as we can tell. Over the years,
the community has deciphered bits and pieces of the mystery one of the first being a message
at the bottom that tells players to return when they’ve achieved
100% completion. Given how big of a game GTA V is this mystery is an instant pain
in the @#$%! Once you’ve done that you begin
to see the mystery unfold. The player base eventually found
that the mural fits well over the Los Santos map and eventually
several secret locations scattered throughout the city. Some of these locations
are places in which UFO sightings can occur but only if you’re
at the right place at the right time. Others deduce that it has something to do
with player choices that influence the game a map that shows
the player the road to choosing
all the right actions to take when dealing with
key characters and scenarios in order to achieve
some kind of reward. Players that have peered
deep into the game’s code have even found remnants
of the mystery hidden deep
within the game’s files like a model of an alien egg,
much like one seen on the mural but alas, still no cigar. To add fuel to the flame Rockstar has been asked about
the mystery quite a few times often on their technical support
hotline and have declined
to comment on the matter while not denying that
there is no mystery to be solved or confirming that
it’s already been solved. Much like the amount of licks it takes to get to the centre
of a Tootsie Pop we may never know. There you have it, folks,
part two of our top mysteries in Grand Theft Auto V. Is there a personal favourite
of yours that we missed? Let us know
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  1. Wait if that Bigfoot in the woods would hav to be real because the thermal vision would not hav picked up the suit right

  2. 1. Blaine County Motel – Any creepy information on this is exaggerated. We have no solid proof of any of this. Also, there's no crying baby sound in the game (We looked)

    2. The Jetpack – We are still looking. There's evidence of code in some older versions of the game as well as a glance during a specific update, but this seems related to the Mural mystery. None of the code references seem complete from what we can actually look at currently.

    This one divides a lot of players, but the mystery hunters still think its there based on the code snippets, its just extremely well hidden in the files/scripts or even only partially implemented.

    3. Kraken – Doesn't exist. Nothing like this in the files/scripts at all. Lots of BS videos made with mods though most of them come from the same people who only do Modded game plays.

    4. Epsilon – Parody of Scientology. People think there is a lot of secret things attached to their Tract, but nothing concrete has ever come from it.

    5. Bigfoot – Yes, you can see him in a mission. However, you should look up information on The Beast Hunt / Golden Peyote Easter Egg. There is a real Bigfoot in the game, and it leads to a grand hunt that lets you play as The Beast in directors mode after its completion. There's even an achievement and a hint placed in the scripts that aided us in finding the solution.

    6. Chilliad Mural – First off, CHILL-E-ADD. Secondly, this is the be-all-end-all of Mystery work. Some people think its solved, others think we are missing clues, or there's so much more connected that we have never seen the full picture, but this is the one we all work to solve.

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