Everything I Use On My WordPress Website – My Page Builder, Theme, Social Media Icons, LMS System
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Everything I Use On My WordPress Website – My Page Builder, Theme, Social Media Icons, LMS System

August 9, 2019

I get asked all the time how I did this on
my website or how I did that on my website and I’m going to try to answer as many of
those in this video so if you been to my website and you want to know how I did something I’m
going to answer it right now hi my name is Adam from WPCrafter.com where I make WordPress
videos for non-techies and this is my websites and I actually kind of made a lot of this
from scratch the layout and everything is just stuff that’s floating around in my head
but my website is constantly in this changing evolution to things so if you look at my website
snapshot every month for the last say two or three years it probably will look a little
different every single time so I want to try to answer these questions and tell you some
of things that I’m running on my website so one of things I get asked a lot is I’ve got
this sign in button right here when you click on it this is really beautiful elegant pop
up so someone can sign into my website and this makes it easy because I have a learning
management system so it’s really easy for them to login but really I think white people
like it is because it looks pretty darn cool and I can actually change a lot of the colors
on here and I can make it however I want I just left it at this unfortunately you can’t
buy a plug in for this is actually part of my theme this is the theme that I’m using
right now it’s called newspaper and it’s available on the theme Forest I’ve links everything
down below and it’s going alive me to do what I was actually on sell right now it’s only
39 bucks it’s normally I think 59 but it’s on sale right now that’s actually really good
price but normally 59 bucks and this gives me lots of features to my website that there
just might not even be plug-ins available to do so that is one of them right there is
this really slick sign then another thing that’s cool is there’s the search button here
but as you type it’s gonna start showing suggestions so if I type the word back up there it is
I just entered in the word backup and it’s already showing me some suggestions and it
does that as well I I really like that feature another thing that this does is it allows
me to have these really nice video playlists so if you look at this new video series how
to create an online course website when you click on its I would have to posit okay there
you go I posit it allows me to make this really nice looking video playlist were here’s the
video playing and I can scroll down here and I can easily add a bunch of videos and it
always shows the title here of the one that’s playing and it’s very nice and allows me to
customize these colors this unfortunately as well is a feature specific to this theme
is actually very easy to create a playlist like this and I really like the way that it
looks it’s one of my favorite things about this theme honestly is really this video playlist
of course the click to lot login is really nice as well and it allows you all these different
header layouts where I can have this navigation in different locations and there’s also a
bunch of footer layouts and it also does this style that you see here there’s 10 different
styles it’s an okay theme I really like it and it does come bundled with visual composer
which is optional and I don’t have that part installed and I don’t use that part on my
websites and so okay so the next thing that I get asked all the time is how I do this
a scrolling text bit right here well that is actually very easy this is a feature that
comes in a plug and I have installed called ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder so all
the pages on this website I built using Beaver Builder and there’s this add-on package called
ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder and allows me to do things like this and this specifically
is called fancy text and so I can have this life typing option if I wanted I didn’t want
that here’s another example of that without the blinking thing and then here’s the one
that I have for this just rotates and you can put as many as you want in there and you
can set the speed you can do all kinds of cool things like that and I think you can
also change the color of what scrolls but what’s nice about ultimate add-ons is when
I click on modules there’s module after module after module there’s all these awesome modules
and features that it adds for the one low price now I do talk a lot about Elementor
I love Elementor and so people that see my Elementor videos might save why aren’t you
using Elementor you talk about all this all the time and the answer simple I also talk
about Beaver Builder all the time it’s just Elementor is newer when I built my website
and really got in the nitty-gritty of building it Elementor wasn’t even around so I doesn’t
really make any sense for me to switch from Beaver Builder to Elementor unless I was really
doing everything on the website which I don’t plan to do I do have websites using Elementor
I do love it I do use it is just on this site I am using Beaver Builder because it’s what
I have always used and so that is how I am doing this scrolling text and I also use the
ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder and Beaver Builder to also make my recommended pager
put a lot of effort into this recommended page right here where I have all the different
products that I’m personally using and I made this design layout myself and that’s the beauty
of one of these page builder plug-ins you can literally see anything on the Internet
and build it yourself which I think is tremendously powerful and I really love Beaver Builder
and Elementor for that power another thing you can see here is that sticky menu you see
that that’s pretty cool ha just like that I actually made a video on how to do this
you can make anything sticky like that I like it because I can just make it so my visitors
that they want to see WordPress themes they can click on that if they want to see this
they can click on that and they can scroll right back up to the top and I just did that
very easily with this free plug and I do have a video on that I think it’s called the sticky
something or whatever and you can make anything stick but I actually have a video on how to
use it now the next thing I get asked a lot when you go to my homepage is how on earth
did I get these social buttons like this and this is actually a really easy one this is
a plug-in called social warfare now the problem with choosing a social button whatever for
your website is there’s a lot of options out there and unfortunately what ends up happening
is these are high maintenance plug-ins and what that means is if someone’s going to come
out with a social media button plug-in they’re going to have to be on top of it because the
social networks are always changing things and the connections get broken and there’s
all these little things that happen and so the reason I use this one is because it’s
a paid plug and its relatives like 30 bucks or something like that but if you can start
paying attention to all the very popular bloggers Internet personalities and you keep going
to these websites your written notice they’re all using this same plug-in called the social
warfare I’ll have a link down below to this let’s actually take a quick look at the price
what I like about it is that it gives you a lot of design control what I like for instance
right now it it’ll stick the buttons to the bottom I kinda like that a lot and there’s
different ways that you can style these buttons it’s just a really nice package it’s right
here it’s only 29 bucks to have this on your website now nothing run out and buy this for
29 bucks I am saying it’s the social media buttons that I personally use and I really
like it there’s other social media button options out there there some free ones in
the WordPress repository but what I notice is these plug-ins they come and then they
go so if you’re gonna get one of these free ones in your to put it in there and might
be gone any year outdated it doesn’t work anymore Juergen have to switch anyway and
that’s probably actually what happened was social warfare it’s really a situation where
they just built a better mousetrap there were plenty of really popular ones I think one
was Cloudflare everyone had flair on their website and now no one has flair on the website
because they don’t even develop it anymore they just stopped I don’t know the full story
behind it but social warfare is pretty awesome in that is what a lot of people are going
to now the next thing is on the some of these let me go back to this page right here and
I’ll posit I generate pop-ups now I don’t abuse pop-ups I don’t show you pop-ups when
you come to my site leave my side or go to specific pages on my site only pop-ups I’m
really using I’m right under Lou utilizing pop ups so when you come to here in I have
a download for downloading some resources and you click on this button I generate this
really beautiful light box pop up with this contact form now what I’m using for this is
thriving leads I’ve always been a fan of Thrive leads I’ve always recommended Thrive leads
it is I only scratch the surface on what this thing can do I should actually do a full video
training on it if you are thinking of adding pop-ups to maybe could generate leads or to
capture people’s email information or to deliver some freebie that you’re emailing to let you
know right now don’t look any further Thrive leads is the only game in town it really is
there are other ones but they pale in comparison nothing is even ever come close to what Thrive
leads can do for you so it’s even used on John Lee Dumas’s website he’s a very well-known
podcast are very successful the of the the feature set that you get is just completely
comprehensive and completely amazing all the different often elements you can you can create
with this is just outstanding what you can do with Thrive leads nothing nothing even
comes close inside so I’m generating these various pop-ups that you might see on any
of my websites that you might visit others another thing that you’re actually knocking
to see on my site right now it’s only appearing sometimes and I’m sure you might’ve been to
my website and you see a notice here on the bottom maybe I might be having a promotion
on something or I’m discounting a price whatever and you’ll see it slide up and there’s a countdown
timer well I use the probably the most amazing plug-in for it no one’s even tried to make
anything to compete is called Thrive ultimatum and it allows you to have these scarcity offers
when people come to your website and let me see if it shows you any kind a demo of its
oh yes you can create these different offers you can have it slide from the bottom the
top you can integrate in your content there’s lots of different ways that you can use this
this is probably the most powerful plug-in of its kind there’s some things I don’t like
about it but it’s totally worth living with it because of the power that it brings to
your website is just outstanding if you sell anything on your website or market anything
or have any kind of products or or anything like that you really need to take a look at
this plug-in and see how you can integrate it into your business and on your website
it’s pretty fantastic so you know that is pretty much everything everything that you
see that I didn’t explain like this grid it’s all done with ultimate add-ons for Beaver
Builder with Beaver Builder so if I didn’t explain in this video it was definitely Beaver
Builder you know to facilitate all these courses I use LifterLMS and I have my whole video
series on LifterLMS you know the live chat right now I’m using talk to T a WK.T0 it’s
a free live chat application and I think that about does it that covers everything and I’m
using on my website I would go ahead and put the links down below and if you noticed I
do prefer to use things that you have to pay for in the reason why am not saying you have
to everything you use you actually bought what I’m saying is I prefer commercial software
where I know it’s good to be supported updated if there’s a problem I got someone to go to
complain to versus if I used everything that was free or if I made a video on all these
free alternatives if something broke I’m going to be losing out big time because I don’t
have dedicated support someone I can go to and say hey rattle their cage hey I need help
that’s why everything I use I paid for I paid for my theme I paid for my page builder every
single thing I listed I pretty much paid for but it’s money well spent to support these
developers and also to have reliable stuff on my website that’s going to make me look
professional God forbid if you came to my website and something was broken it would
look really weird reflect really badly on me and that’s something that I never want
to soak anyways I have links to everything below if you have more specific questions
that I didn’t answer in this video I am thrilled to answer them for you I go ahead and leave
those down in the comment section down below and if you think there’s any suggestions that
you have for me of things that I can add to my website to make it better go ahead and
add that down below I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions hey thanks for watching
this video

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  1. Thank you very much Adam! You are an inspiration.

    Too bad the Newspaper theme is sold on ThemeForest. Though the price is $39 for one website looks enticing, this is for the Regular License. The ThemeForest Regular license forces you to make ALL of your website accessible to users without payment.

    What I don't like about ThemeForest: If you want to create a Membership website where pages are protected from view without the user paying for access then you need ThemeForest's EXTENDED LICENSE. Examples include membership websites where course pages are protected from view without paying a fee – such as when you use LifterLMS and want to make income from your courses. The reason is that the theme page is becomes part of the course itself. The course isn't something you can download independently of the theme.

    For Newspaper, the Extended License costs a whopping $1200 per website. For many themes on ThemeForest such as Avada or X-Theme, the Extended License is about $3000 per website.

    ThemeForest doesn't show you the extended license when you look at the sales page for a theme or product. You have to pop the menu triangle next to the Regular License label so see the price for the extended license. Obviously the price is shocking to customers if it is plainly shown. Some developers aren't aware of the Extended License. On their websites they tout the lower price of the Regular License.

    But ThemeForest clearly describes in a lengthy hidden page the limitations of the Regular License. Most customers simply aren't aware of the pitfalls should they want to create a membership or protected website.

    ThemeForest aggressively enforces their license. You will definitely get a letter from their lawyer if you misuse their Regular License.

    So if you plan to sell courses where the course content is on a protected page on your website, you have to pay the Massive cost of the Extended License for each website you create.

    The only way around this is to put the course or protected pages on a separate website or subdomain using a different non-ThemeForest theme, such as GeneratePress.

    Nearly of ThemeForest's products have an Extended License which is generally several times the cost of the regular license. Some products don't have an Extended License – such as UberMenu. For those products, you cannot use them on paid membership sites with protected content pages – sad.

    The only exception to the extremely expensive Extended License are products which are 100% GPL licensed on ThemeForest. There are a few.

  2. sir I want to make a website like apkmirror . com, In Apkmirror there is a option to upload a apk on there web server {apkmirror built on WordPress cms}. I tried many plugin but I did not copy exact like them. also when I click on download button, after some time download start and there is another option (click here to if you have problem to download). sir can you make a demo site look like apkmirror and also the functions & options are similar.

  3. Though I like Elementor Pro and it's user interface, I find it has many fewer options and features than Beaver Builder and Brainstorm Force's Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder and other third party Addons for Beaver Builder. These I miss – particularly since Brainstorm has been very aggressive in building out its features.

    One thing I don't like about the Elementor Pro user interface – compared to BeaverBuilder and Thrive Content Builder is that it uses a left side panel for its interface that INTRUDES on your webpage. You get a squished version of your webpage as you work on it.

    For some themes, like GeneratePress, the header doesn't render properly when using Elementor Pro. The header gets shifted to the side.

    Sure, you can hide Elementor Pro to get a preview of your website, but ultimately I want to do WYSIWYG web site building. So Elemntor Pro needs to have the option of popping out its side panel so get to see your webpage as you build it.

  4. Hello one more time Adam and thank you for being so transparent. I gotta say I'm missing some important resources though. I have done a couple of big websites already and I'm not a newbie but still hesitate when it comes to hosting and security. I know you recommend InMotion Hosting, I have watched your video of 2015 explaining the reasons why. The thing is I live in Spain and want speed support. When I asked them if they could provide support in Spanish or at least a non-expensive support phone to call from Spain they answered this 'We don't offer Spanish support however you can reach out Support team 24×7 via phone, Skype, chat, and email.' I don't know if Skype will do. On a second note, and as I mentioned before, I'm missing recommendations regarding to back up plugins (or if you don't use any because InMotion Hosting back up system is enough) and antispam software (Akismet, Antispam bee, Sucuri, WangGuard, Wordfence). I don't know which one's best and end up having them all in the website which is probably not good either… Also, do you use any plugin to avoid someone typing www.wpcrafter.com/admin and guessing your password? What's your favorite plugin to analyze Google Analytics data? (Google Analytics Dashboard for WP,
    Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights…?) What's your favorite email marketing service (aweber, mailchimp, mailpoet…?) to use together with Thrive Leads? I bet you can make a part II of this!! 😉

  5. Thanks Adam. I can't live without BB + Ultimate Addons. Your theme has some amazing features. I starting playing around with Thrive Leads this weekend. I couldn't figure out how to change the text inside the (I think it's called) "Lead Generation" module. Those popups on your site look fantastic. Do you think Thrive Leads could replace a contact form? Are you running Gravity Forms?

  6. Nice that you made tutorial explaining about your awesome website that what you use. Between generatePress and NewsPaper theme, which should I prefer to buy?

  7. Great video! Is it easy to make a page builder like Elementor and a theme like Newspaper work together? I see you used Newspaper with Beaver Builder for your site. How were you able to make Beaver Builder the primary styler? It seems like Newspaper tries to force you to use Visual Composer.

  8. I've enjoyed your video. It was good to see what you use and how. One question , can you use Newspaper and Elementor Pro together? You got me to change to Elementor.

  9. Hi. Adam. I followed the the directions to get free SSL on my website. It worked for about 3 months. Unfortunately, It has gone away. I went to my Cloudflare account to make sure it was still active and everything checks out, except the padlock has disappeared on my actual site but still shows only on my website's admin panel. Can you help? I hope I made sense of this.

  10. Another great video. Thanks. I checked the Themeforest.net website and couldn't find whether purchasing the Newspaper theme allowed you to use it on more than one website? Is there a a rule of thumb on whether you can create more than one website per theme purchase?

  11. adam you said we can build anything we see on the internet , with beaver builder , but why can't we create the cool pop up of the " login " with beaver builder ? and , can i integrate beaver builder with newspaper themr

  12. Hey Adam, your videos are awesome.
    I want to build a website to put some ebooks I have for free. Do you know any plugins that can do that. I have looked at easy digital downloads but it has many stuff that I don't need and it requires free download add-on. Any idea?

  13. Very helpful, Adam. I agree with your advice about trusting paid solutions more than free ones. Unfortunately, I've been around long enough to outlive a number of those purchases which promised "lifetime" support. So now, I lean toward companies with annual subscription models because I believe the company has a stronger base for financial sustainability.

    Along that line, I am so glad to see that you like many of the Thrive Themes products such as Thrive Leads and Thrive Ultimatum. A few years ago, I signed up for their all-in membership, and it has been the best money I spend every year. Just having access to their frequent instructional videos is enough to justify the expense.

    If a friend of mine sought advice about how to get started in an online business, I would first recommend that they hook into your instruction and follow your guidance. Your honest appraisals and knowledgeable insights are priceless to beginners and experienced users alike. Thanks for all that you are doing for us!

  14. I see that the "Newspaper" is not listed in your "What I use" list. I there a reason for this? I really like the video features of your theme. What "Demo" theme did you use with the Newspaper theme?

  15. Thank you so much for this video. What software do you use to record your videos and also be able to appear in that circle?

  16. Hi Adam. Highly effective content and help in all your videos. On this video, in the end, an arrow came up and said something like, click here to subscribe and it moved towards your picture. Is that arrow part of a plugin or add-on?

  17. I'm new here and I like your site and your teaching style. I have made several false starts so I have bits and pieces all over the place, including GoDaddy, Bluehost, WordPress.org, Elegantthemes, and DIVI. I would like to consolidate all these pieces and put them in an WordPress.ORG, elementor, Astra, WooCommerce environment. This will let me start fresh. How do I do this?

    Also, there is the WordPress.COM vs. WordPress.ORG confusion I'd like to clarify. Thanks.

  18. These plugins sound so cool. Would love to add to my site that I maintain for work, but we are told our site is “bloated” with too many plugins. Can you offer insights as to how to consolidate plugins and theme to avoid this kind of problem? This is one reason we use 3rd party sites for our shop and online courses. Would love to bring them home, but….

  19. Hi Adam, Again – Great Tutorial. I have a question about my shopping cart – when an item is placed in it and the continue shopping button is used it takes me back to the item that was just places in my cart – I want my Continue Shpooing Button to bring me back to my store – Can you help with this? Thanks – Frank

  20. Thank you for your impressive videos and tutorials. I was hoping you would explain what you used for your What’s New pop down page. I really like it.

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