Evil Drone Vs. Sneak Attack Squad! Ethan and Cole get in to a Nerf Battle with a Crazy Robot
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Evil Drone Vs. Sneak Attack Squad! Ethan and Cole get in to a Nerf Battle with a Crazy Robot

October 10, 2019

>>Yes! Hah, aw, aw, aw, aw, aw! Perfect! It’s so beautiful! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole!>>What?>>Guess wh–! What are you doing?>>I’m operating the drone.>>I think the last time you
did that, it tried to shoot me.>>It’ll different this time.
I promise.>>Well anyways, check this out! Bam!>>What even is that?>>Only the most
important thing in your life!>>And that would be?>>We are officially the
Sneak Attack Squad Club! Check it out! I’m member: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 1!>>I want to join!>>Bam!>>Sweet!>>You remember 0 0 0 0 0 0 0… …0 0 0 0 —
>>I got it! Awesome!>>Ah-ah-ah! Just wait a second.>>What?>>Put your hand up. Do you promise to uphold the laws
of the Sneak Sttack Squad?>>I do!>>Do you promise to always
be sneaky and never get caught?>>I do.>>I now pronounce you, Cole,
a part of the Sneak Attack Squad.>>Sweet!>>Yeah it is.>>Alright, I gotta get
to that drone working.>>Alright soldier!
See you on the field!>>This is cool!>>Cole, hurry up! Get your backpack, it’s
time to go to school!>>Coming!>>Hurry up!
We’re gonna be late again! Oh, and how did you building
the drone last night go?>>It went good, do you wanna see it?>>Yeah, let’s check it out!>>Oh, Mr. Fluffy Face!>>Fluffy Fa– Wha–? Why did you name him
Mr. Fluffy Face?>>There was nothing better, though!
>>If you say so. [Robot Voice] Mr. Fluffy Face reporting for duty. Ouch! Warning! Warning!
>>It doesn’t seem very smart!>>Fluffy face, STOP!>>Oh, that was weird.>>Yeah, it still has
some bugs but it’s fine.>>Okay, If you say so. Well, should we have it guard
the house and test it out?>>Yeah! Fluffy face!
Guard the house today!>>Roger, activating guard mode!>>Alright, let’s go to schooll.>>Activating : Follow mode. Stay. Stay!
>>Stay, Fluffy face!>>No, stay!
>>Stay! Stay!>>No, you have to go!
>>Stay!>>System Update Required! Please reboot system! Fatal Error! Activating : Search and Destroy mode. [Robotic sounds]
No hostile threat, continue scanning. All-marine mode activated. Non-organic threat detected. State your purpose; or be terminated.
You have 5 seconds to comply. …three seconds to comply. Termination imminent. Termination: Successful. Non-organic threat detected.
Halt, and state your purpose. Comply or be terminated. Comply or be terminated. Hostile action detected,
Terminate immediately. Termination: Successful. Ouch! System Error: 22% damage reported. Please reboot system.
Fatal Error. Repair mode activated.
Scanning for repair stations.>Self leveling: Successful–ful-ful-ful… Adjusting optics. Please reboot system.
Fatal Error. Error– error-error-error… DESTROY ALL HUMANOID FORMS!>>I’m gonna go play XBox.
>>I’m gonna rock out, too.>>Cole! Run! Run! Go, go, go, go, go!>>Open it! Open it!>>What’s wrong with your drone?>>I don’t know, I certainly
knew this will happen.>>What did you do to it?>>I ain’t do that much!
it’s just acting crazy!>>Well, how we’re gonna defeat it?>>We’re not… Sneak Attack Squad!>>Oh, yeah! Let’s do this! What have you got here?
>>I know in here…>>Oh, we got a drill.
Nah. We got trash. A pencil. An RC car. A Go-Pro? [Gasps]
Wait!>>Are you thinking what I’m thinking?>>I think I am. We attach the GoPro to the RC car
and see what the drone’s doing in the house.>>I also put some power for weapons
in the garage, too.>>Why?>>You see, it’s a drone!
That’s the reason!>>I guess I can’t argue with that.
Well, go get them!>>Here you go.
>>Thank you.>>Is the car ready?
>>Yeah, let’s do this. Okay, we have a first-person view
the RC car. Okay, let’s see where the drone is. Uh=oh! There it is in the living room.>>Non-human hostile detected. So, if it’s in the living room,
we have to flank it.>>I’ll go in the front
and you go in the back.>>Got it! Let’s go show this drone
what a Sneak Attack Squad is made of. Cole, Pssst!>>What? What?>>The drone is right there!>>What?>>The drone, obviously!>>Target detected.
>>Uh-oh.>>War Mode active.
Eliminate all targets.>>Cole, hit it!>>I’m coming!>>Cole hit it! Hit it, Cole!>>I got it!>>Go, shoot it!
>>Got it!>>Nice shot!>>No one messes with
the Sneak Attack Squad! Hey guys! Today’s comment of the week
comes from: GirlZilla 64. “I got shot in the head once…
By my dad.” Yeah. I got shot in the head by my dad
once in a while, too. I got shot in the face with the drone.>>Picture of the week comes from: Tommy! Whoa, he’s like suit-up for war.
>>Yeah.>>I like the background, too,
it’s like the uh…>>Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
>>Nice picture, Tommy. And also we’re gonna start selling these!
>>Yeah!>>Sneak Attack Squad dog tags!
>>Yeah.>>Go to our Instagram and Facebook
to buy one if you want it. They’re not there yet, but they’re
gonna come they’re very, very, very, soon. And if you want to be comment of the week
next week, answer this question… Go!>>What’s the scariest thing the world?>>Okay, you heard it.
What’s the scariest thing in the world?>>Give us a thumbs up!
Or double.>>Check out our Facebook
page and our Instagram page. Click on our faces to subscribe
and we’ll see you all next time! Run!
>>Wait for me!

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