EXCLUSIVE: Inside World’s Most LUXURIOUS Private Jet
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EXCLUSIVE: Inside World’s Most LUXURIOUS Private Jet

September 1, 2019

– Welcome to the Middle East
Business Aviation Show 2018. This is the biggest business
jet displayed behind me. Now I’m gonna present to you all of these beautiful
luxury business jets, and see which one you like and perhaps you wanna buy one. (upbeat music) Out of all the business
jets on this plate, I have set my eyes on the biggest one, because I wanna show you the best. Let’s go! Welcome to one of the
world’s most luxurious airbus copper jet, a340. (upbeat music) Follow me, I’m gonna show
you how crazy this plane is. (dings) (upbeat music) How’s that? This is just the entrance. This is the entry lounge. Look at how beautiful, beautiful. The finishing, the decoration,
the completion, the design. (upbeat music) It’s so big. It’s bigger than many many
people’s houses together, I can tell you. There’s so much room to
move around, you know? You’ve got so much seat to choose with. Can bring so many people together to fly, to enjoy, this is incredible. (upbeat music) And you can have two games
playing at the same time, and this is the Chinese mahjong. Chines game, very good. Well, you know, I can’t play this game, I need four people to come and play the Chinese mahjong. It gives us four dimensions, four people to play together this game. Amazing. Or have a glass of whiskey at the same time as playing chess. (upbeat music) (dings) Now I’m into the dining area here. Look at this dining area. You know, this is a bigger dining area than many of the hotel
restaurants I have seen, and the thing about it is
this is a flying restaurant. This is a very fine
dining flying restaurant. About 12 people can dine together. Look at the beautiful dining ware here. Show you. Beautiful, beautiful dining ware. Beautiful dining ware coming from Versace. Look at this crystal glass. (upbeat music) I have to say, the decoration,
the design, is terrific. You know, you can even move. Like, you don’t get this at home. This chair can swivel and move around. This is why I like it. Incredible. I need 11 more diners to join us. Who wants to join us now? This aeroplane is a private aeroplane, and this is displayed here from the owner of Citadel Completions, and this is a company who does completions of interior, and
this 834500 belongs to them, and they’re based in Louisiana. I don’t have to say anymore, because, you know, seeing is believing. (upbeat music) Behind me, this corridor leads to four private, partitioned
bathrooms behind. (dings) (upbeat music) The plane was about to
depart out of the show, and the bedroom was being prepared. I was only able to have
a very quick look here, but I was really grateful of this rare opportunity of the company allowing me to make a
video to share with you the crazy luxury interior in
this privately-owned plane, so we can have a glimpse of
how the crazy rich travels. This is a beautiful tray, but there’s something very special I’m holding here. This is Tabasco, but do you
know where Tabasco comes from? Tabasco comes from Louisiana. This is a special version, a Citadel Completions Tabasco bottle here, and a one and half hour drive from their base in Lake
Charles is the Tabasco factory. It’s estimated about 100 million for this beautiful, opulent
interior by Citadel Completions. Okay, I just need a couple
guys to join me to enjoy. See you guys, thank you
very much for watching. (upbeat music) Now I’m having some dreams, ah. – This is not a single person shower, it’s a two person shower. (upbeat music) – This is a total private bedroom here. Comfortable. (curses)
(laughter) – [Man] The water’s really coming out. – One of the most technology-advanced cockpits in the world right now. G650ER. This is the Gulf Stream’s
flagship aeroplane. See, guys, this is French,
this is French interior. That’s why it’s so stylish. (speaking foreign language) Good morning.
– Good morning. – French macaroons. Feels like your own
privacy, your lounge here. (upbeat music)

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  1. This is not my best production as I want to show much more than this. But it was EXTREMELY difficult to convince the owner to allow his private plane for filming and I only have maximum of 10 minutes to present inside. Hope you appreciate the coverage.

  2. I’ll invite you on to my plane to play Mahjong after I return from Thailand and India! I’ve played for years!

  3. My problem is that I hate 90% of these interiors, besides the occasional super modern one. I like my jets to feel like a starship, not a 90s beige hotel foyer.

    But that's just me.

  4. VP-BMS Las Vegas Sands Corporation A340-500. New to Singapore Airlines as 9V-SGD in 2004, then became F-WJKM with Airbus Industrie in 2014 before its current identity.

  5. A 15 years old A340 , probably much cheaper than we thought it would cost 😀 Given Qatar Airways just flown some younger one to Holland just to be scrapped .

  6. It looks like something Trump would travel in. The Embraer Lineage 1000E is a million times better.

  7. Obviously very luxurious, but the design is atrociously dated. The materials for the furniture, the overuse of gold paint and mirrors make it look like a cheap hotel from the 80s trying to look expensive. there are much more beautiful and refined private jets out there…this one is just exceptionally bad looking.

  8. the middle-east needs it's own space colonization's., turn the moon into an space port. have more influence in USA's government. work out business deals with Trump administration. and God Bless Prince Al Malaki. great job Arabia.

  9. This private jet is just insane. The interior is beyond imagination. Will someone give me the price tag of this thing of beauty. Maybe i get interested in buying that. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  10. Hello sweet heart. ……looking so parfect look stylish sunsecnal beauty your style is very gorgeous mmmmmuuu. ……….hh all the best sweet heart all the best take care jaan good luck

  11. i wanna see all those flowers, plates, glasses, that chair, the soap dispensers, and all those snacks and papers flying when they hit moderate to severe turbulence at 2500 feet XD

  12. Yet…..the lifestyle of someone owning such things can be very stressful mentally and emotionally, not to mention deadly especially if they are a high profile figure…..this doesnt directly equate to peace and happiness.

  13. Sadly….our DNA 🧬 Doest deserve this all precious metals to be happier rather this is just shows unsatisfied ego….

  14. This plane will make you feel like you living in palace in sky. This is only way to truly travel the world feeling like king.

  15. Great video, great plane. Opulent. Visit our page by clicking the logo on the left and visit our web page CafyDesigns . com

  16. Hi Sam , I'm i flight attendant. I want to work for a private aviation company. Do you have some recommendations for me. Thanks you! Amazing video ❤

  17. This is amazing! But it's really expensive to own one so I recommend chartering to anyone looking to fly privately, I have a video on it up if you're interested in learning how to

  18. Unbelievably bad taste, ugly Arab and American chunky, nouveau riche bling. Need anti-nausea medication just to look at it.

  19. Wow!!!! Beautiful BIG BIG BIG LIKE 👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤝🍀🙋🌞 amazing ♥️!!!!

  20. Smaller youtuber let’s get bigger together! Please watch Lucas’s 6, first YouTube video! Thanks. He is super excited 😜

  21. 100Mil just for the interior? Either the money is inflated like hell, or rich people realy dont have a feeling for money anymore. Interior should be 1-3Mil+Workhours at most

  22. The world of the new rich elite in China. The elite like to show how rich they are, like rich Americans. The Chinese economy is growing fast.

  23. This is the most amazing thing, I could have ever seen.
    Thank you Sam for making this amazing video.
    I really appreciate, sharing it to all of my friends.

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