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  1. Booo… The owl took flight from higher point than the other birbs, like there's 2 box stacked on the wooden stool. Ofc it doesn't have to flap as much as the other birbs. No flaps, no sound.

  2. Some people find them spooky. I've always found them comforting. This highlights their rare nocturnal beauty very well.

  3. Not a confirmed knowledge,but in stories owl moves silently at night and kills other birds, which can't see,If so…

  4. For me I think owl has strong wing so they need only few flaps in order to lift them up and then just glide when their near the spot.
    Plus owl has small body, feather only make them larger that's it's easy for them to fly without making flapping sounds.😁

  5. You want to show us how quiet an owl can fly and then you put f**** music and sound effects over it – yeah great job

  6. Most of the comment got so many likes,so im hoping a to get a like too,btw owls are like an assasin😂

  7. Ecclesiastes 11:6
    Woman – Woman

    Psalm 80

    Psalm 102

    Zechariah 5 – House of the thief 🇹🇷

    Book of Tobit

    Not an Owl – like an owl 🦉 ashes is symbolized like owl that eats anything uncleanliness.

    Leviticus 15 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

    Sexual Uncleanness

    Some 220 to 225 extant species of owls are known, subdivided into two families: 1. Typical owls or True owl family (Strigidae) and 2. barn-owls family (Tytonidae).

  8. Owl flies without sound because 1000 year ago when people lived in jungle on that time owl know that if i fly with sound at night that interept people sleep that's why owl flies without sound…..

  9. Your team practical work experience is most wonderful and I was excited when Pegion flies it's
    sound but owl flies the littel earbud sound it is fantastic creativity of owl natural effect beautiful…

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