September 18, 2019

Hey ladies. *Intro* *yawning* Guys, hi. Good morning, Logang. What’s poppin’? I’m eating waffles. It’s 6:30 a.m. Bright and early I got my sweet sweet mother. Hi how are you mom Logan why you wear it all white i can explain this is day two of shooting our music video for our song the number song yeah, it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like it’s a song about numbers now I did notice Lydia is here, good morning Lydia. Are you tired? Yeah, are you? i mean dude It’s interesting because the first shot of the day how do i say this your boys dangling from a ladder dangling from a helicopter like 500 feet in the air so i better wake up quick look alive squad it’s a big day is gonna be a good day feel like dangling from a helicopter might not be the smartest Decision in my life right now guys no looking we had the incident with my parachute my main parachute not opening the other day And then i had the guy break into my house there’s a kid on my couch and that room over there i don’t think i invited over they escort this guy out i’m just still just as confused as anyone else a streak of bad luck bad this has been the worst year of my life but i have faith that today i will not die if i do This could be my last vlog ever so make sure to like and subscribe join the logang *grunts* The STRONGEST family on the internet cuz we’re lit dude and we make dope songs about numbers oh okay you wanted a sneak peek here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Woah woah thats it, thats all guys good news out we did not get a car accident good job lydia yeah So we’re here at the hanger and you can actually see the helicopters over there my only regret is that i’m not gonna be wearing maverick merch but like don’t get me wrong this outfit sick but hangin from a helicopter Is some of the most maverick shit you can do good thing got the diamond pendant yo keep me safe honey please man muah I also like the gold theme I got goin on here Who’s doing it bro literally who’s doin it bro ?that’s right guys y’all know where to get the hottest softest merch from the game Link in description is just devolving to just a noise well it hasn’t been a word for a while just stop saying link in description it’s just like Yeah, if people get it bro i’m starting a new language or look out Explain ta me whats happenin now yeah so so we’re gonna head to downtown Whah what whah not going over the ocean no No, there’s there’s a more epic shot we’re gonna go to downtown between… What wait wait wai stop stop pause pause Solid earth underneath me is over going over ocean there’s solid earth beneath you like some are sick it’s gonna be fine Look at this helicopter look at the camera we need to be vlogging with that oh? My god you want to carry that around go for it we could do it you know how much for this camera man oh Yeah, yeah we’ll stick to this one will stick to this one’s fine who would have thought a song about numbers being this epic it’s gonna be a good day oh he’s back she’s back she’s back that’s right hi how are you looking good i don’t know man i still feel like i’m set on The idea that i’m a good-looking girl string connects to the pulleys and yeah it looks good yeah Seems legit i don’t even know you don’t know how to vlog bro to do this there’s no way the light is good it’s not that all right ladies casinos in the sun i check that it’s so easy to vlog you just every time you say something funny car zoom oh not that funny when we compensate by a Euro on this camera i’m beautiful guys i have to sell because they’re not letting brendan come in this one? Okay bye oh? Yo which one you said brendan’s fat you mean that maverick backpack available now only on logan paul calm /op yes can’t get over a beautiful i see the blades spinning uptown going down oh my god *Dramatic Music* *Epic Music* Got you. Oh, you did? No, the most epic piss ever. I kept it off the vlog but I guess it’s happening. yeah, i did that i just didn’t have anyone to film it might be the most epic p We got it’s done to do all so i just want To say this is really hard to shoot Cuz bread is not here obviously we’re focused on the music video well i guess you’re just gonna have to wait and see so yeah just
mark it down now in your calendar just be ready to like this video give it a thumbs up and count with me baby cuz it’s all about them numbers *Epic Music Continues* *groaning* Any idea what it’s like the dangle from a ladder dangling from a helicopter no Yo this music video is gonna be crazy and i hope that shot looks good because it cost $30,000 yeah but Now guys we are halfway through the day so i’m gonna grab my redbull here cuz we have a lot more to do which includes stuff with my sweet sweet mother looking beautiful as usual but only cuz that maverick merge you can buy now logan paul calm slash Hi guys all jokes aside these are pink hoodies are actually back in stock today oh thanks for the enthusiasm mom you’re welcome don’t things As well as the favorite hoodie but i’m not gonna lie a little gang big deal y’all know when we do merch drops it’s not Just, some fufu ash, to youtuber all i make merged our apparel it’s actually the best in the game So i’m gonna let you in on a little sneak peek valentine’s day right we’re doing another drop this one’s for the ladies and mom I know you’re a lady oh my bro is the favorite hoodie big cody y’all know y’all i just said it logan paul bako let’s make a music video Oh, snap my voice back in character looks so good it’s new bro music hey ladies john stuff i just feel like the songs monumental one more thing i want to say though 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 That’s the number song that’s a rap rap rap rap my eye, so bright, we did it gang that’s the vlog officially timer how long was that day since we got here who knows That’s that’s a 1800? If you’re not a part of the Logang make sure to subscribe join their strongest family on YouTube! So you can be well aware when this video drops it’s called “The Number Song” be ready to drop a like on put it in your calendar! And do yourself a favor bro cops a Maverick more stuff- *gasp* *squeak* Now where at it? It’s okay. Maverick merch. The hottest merch at, or link the description. I promised you you gonna be better with it on your body and that’s a verifiable fact Logang. I love all and i’ll see you tomorrow! Take it easy, bro! *Outro* Captions by WilsonPerez3!

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