F/A-18C HORNET 1/48 HASEGAWA Pt.3Painting(명암도색) scale aircraft modeling

September 27, 2019

Style X Ceramics Knife Modeling Sand Paper 600 grit Modeling Sand Paper 800 grit Modeling Sand Paper 1200 grit Modeling Sand Paper 1500 grit Modeling Sand Paper 2000 grit Tamiya Compound coarse Sujiborido Micro Polisher 123 medium Tamiya Compound fine Sujiborido Micro Polisher 123 fine IPP Super Black IPP Surfacer 1200 Gray IPP Super Black Applying a mottled effect on the entire fuselage IPP P066 Light Ghost Gray FS36375 IPP P065 Dark Ghost Gray FS36320 Mr.Color C318 Radome IPP MT304 Iron Silver Tamiya Putty basic type Lacquer Thinner dabbed with a stiff brush Mr.Color C166 RLM66 Black Gray(70%) + Black(30%) IPP Surfacer 1000 White I applied a coat of clear gloss Wood glue with water I applied a coat of clear gloss after decaling

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