Facebook Ads for Small Business – My 5 Tips
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Facebook Ads for Small Business – My 5 Tips

August 26, 2019

what is up guys Dschwaebe again day
we’re talking about Facebook Ads for local businesses now I know on YouTube
there are plenty of videos do this this this for Facebook ads what I’ve noticed
is there’s kind of a trend they all tend to talk about large companies what
happens when you have a small business now my name is Dan Havey I’m a freelance
social media marketer and that’s all I do
as I work with a lot of small mom-and-pop brick-and-mortar stores that
don’t have you know thousands of dollars an ad spend heck even a couple hundred
dollars is a bit of a stretch however they do realize one thing that the
return on investment for Facebook ads is really really great so when it comes to
doing Facebook ads for these clients I follow a couple rules which we’re gonna
get to in one second now Before we jump in I do want to bring
up a couple of things a lot of small business owners do have a hard time
wrestling with the fact that you have to now pay for Facebook maybe back in like
say 2010 to 12 you could really get by with just having a page and just doing
nothing but organic posts because that a lot of small business owners they’re
like why don’t want to start throwing money at it because Facebook’s free
right you know it’s kind of cow back in the day when Google AdWords like say in
the late 90s early 2000s when Google AdWords were super cheap there was a
time when people said oh no one’s gonna be searching for stuff on Google they’re
gonna go to the phone book well you know being that’s 2018 we know what how that
actually turned out Oh with that being said Facebook is pretty much becoming
another pay-to-play platform however it’s still cheap to actually get great
results for your business let’s go ahead and jump into five tips for Facebook Ads
for a local business now what I usually work with the client the first thing
they tell me is oh I re do Facebook ads and usually it’s the boost foot and this
kind of leads me into my first thing use the right type of AD objective a lot of
times business owners to see the boost button think that is the end-all be-all
if you’re on this channel you already know that that is completely not true I
mean if you for example when you’re in your business manager in your ads
account you know I have a little video right here talking about that you know
there’s a whole bunch of different types of ad types and you know it I’m gonna
break it down real simple consider it kind of like a funnel up here at the top
you really want to focus on brand awareness and post engagement and video
views this is why I called the rapport building set after that you definitely
want to focus on traffic and conversion ads consider it like this it’s just like
in sales you need to get people to know who you are and like you and then you
ask for the offer kind like an 80/20 sort of a thing I know for small
businesses that really tight budgets you really have to be optimizing on the fly
and really saying okay well this is the ad budget I have how much can i allocate
to each section use the right ad objectives because I can guarantee you
this one thing so if you only have an ad budget of $300 for the whole month
and all in boosting I can guarantee you that ad budget is going to go to almost
no sales if you just keep on boosting stuff let’s go into number two targeting
targeting targeting Facebook is super great when it comes to targeting however
it can be really bad when it comes to targeting pretty much your ad will live
and die by who you are talking to now the nice thing is Facebook does give you
a lot of options and the bad thing is Facebook gives you a lot of options when
it comes to who your ideal customers are you really need a sit-down and think who
is my ideal customer you also have to make sure that since your local business
that you are focusing on your local area I know on Facebook when you’re starting
up a new ad it will automatically kind of have you know the country that you’re
in already selected please make sure you deselect unite higher United States if
you’re only targeting you know Denver Colorado and maybe the suburbs around it
say if you’re you know John’s mattress store in Denver Colorado
you know John’s on fifth in downtown Denver don’t need to be pushing your ad
up to people in Indiana it’s a nice gesture maybe if you do online sales and
you want into it that’s something to consider but if all your customers are
in a local area make sure on the targeting especially the targeting you
go by zip codes you go by you know city names and you keep it kind of a
constrained radius on the flipside say if you’re in a local area you want
attract people from other cities that are close by like I’m in Temecula and
say if I want to pull people from San Diego or San Bernardino I can run ads
there too just make sure that you don’t accidentally leave on the entire United
States make sure your targeting is right on the
money make sure you know say if you’re doing a nail salon
you’re targeting only women if you’re targeting you know a barbecue store
targeted you know targeted to guys unless the promotion is for like
Father’s Day then maybe you do want targeted to women make sure you actually
have your targeting right because if your targeting is wrong or you’re
targeting the wrong area you’re just going to spend nothing but ads spent and
not get anything back let’s jump into number three have something to give now
as I said way back in the first one you definitely want to make sure that you
know like certain ad types they’re more the rapport building you do those but
what actually comes time to ask for the business you have something to give them
to have some type of offer for them maybe it’s a
huge discount like say like oh you know 30 percent off these select mattresses
or 50 percent off these select mattresses I see the word mattress way
too much to be humanly possible or it’s a free one-on-one consultation a free
oil change it’s something to get people motivated to come in when I was in sales
I would see a lot of the newer sales reps they could talk all day and night
about the car and how great it is and then they would never ask for this sale
well when it comes to Facebook Ads you have to do the same thing too you have
to make sure like okay well we built a how great our brand is you love our
brand you think the products great you can’t have that awkward gap you need to
say hey look we are offering free one-on-one consultations here’s a free
workshop 50% on Cuisinart pots and paint I don’t think they make pots and pans
but you have to give them a little bit of something to get that call of action
going if you don’t want to discount then at least say hey we’re doing this they
give them a call-to-action check out our website get this this actually jumps
into number four now as I mentioned and you know I’ll admit I’m not even a big
fan of it I don’t like discounting because it’s seen it makes people feel
like they’re getting a deal maybe they get a little bit more off and you know a
small business already is running on smaller margins to begin with it’s
usually not fun to do so my fifth advice for doing Facebook ads for local
business think like a big business think of it this way we now live in a time
where we have technology literally at our fingertips I am talking to you right
now on an iPhone on a tripod with two lights that I bought off the Amazon in
my garage ten years ago this was impossible thirty years ago is
unfathomable just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you have to beat
you still have to be a small business from like twenty or thirty years ago you
can actually be tiny you can be a laptop in Starbucks and still run like a large
business say if you don’t want to offer a discount or something like that
think of a freebie you could give away it is absolutely easy to get into email
marketing think of it this way running ads cost money and not everyone’s good
to take action but the people that do you definitely want to make sure you can
retain them in some way shape or form you need to think like a big business
don’t think about just like okay well if I run this ad this person will buy this
20 dollar widget and the ad cost me $5 to get the minimum 50
dollarz know what you need to think is okay well I run this ad it’s constantly
$5 every time a person buys a $20 widget after they do that then I upsell them to
a $50 widget that they must need business owners marketers think about
that when you’re talking to your local businesses your small business people
don’t think oh I could sell this one thing have an upsell in the wing and
definitely if you don’t have something in the wing maybe give them away
something for free a free pdf like say if I was say if you’re a small gym and
you want trying to get tracked new people maybe you can actually like a
free checklist to you know get back into shape or what you need to do before I
get in the gym I mean canva a couple of pictures forty minutes tops and you
already have a document a freebie to give away to people you send it out you
know they go to a landing page or maybe they go to your website you already have
it already set up properly they give you their email address now you have their
contact information are now acting like a big business you’re not looking for
that okay well if I throw this ad they’ll come in and they’ll sign up and
great we have that one sale know that customer needs to have multiple sales so
you can keep open so you can have a good cash flow the ad goes out the
prospective person gets the PDF you can now send them like hey by the way come
sign up for a gym since you’re already here or hey we also offer these
supplements get them in the door to buy something who knows
they come in they like the gym they like the friendly staff hey I like to join so
think of it this way we had an ad you know maybe a casa like three dollars
every time they clicked on to get the PDF which is really horrible probably
the last three dollars there but they decide hey I’ll take action I’ll come
and I’ll buy the $6 or like you know maybe the $7 thing of protein powder
great so we really made money and then they look at the gym they’re like oh wow
I really would like to you know kind of step it up and they get the $30 month
gym membership and they’re like wow I’m doing really great I love going to the
gym I need a personal trainer at like 150 a month think about that way instead
of just trying to sell people that you know let me like that $30 a month gym
membership you got them at seven you got them at 30 you know you got them at one
you’re thinking like a big business even though you’re small so definitely when
it comes to doing Facebook ads for your business
don’t all only think about this one ad in getting this customer one time think
about other ways you can do so through email marketing to retargeting audiences
because you can absolutely do that with Facebook Ads as well think like a big
business and still stay small and let’s jump into my fifth way on doing Facebook
Ads for local business make sure you have a pixel installs as I was just
saying say we’re sending out these ads and these offers and people go to our
website you want to make sure that you can get an idea about who the heck is
showing up to your door oh Jesus let’s make sure we know what type of people we
are actually attracting think about this way you have the offer they go the
website they download it and then you can retarget them what you do is you
create a custom audience but you won’t be able to unless you have the Facebook
pixel installed the Facebook pixel is absolutely free it is super easy to
install I have a video right here on how to set it on where to get it from it how
to install on a Squarespace website which is another easy way to make a
website I love Squarespace I do all the time no I do not have an affiliate link
for actually make sure your website is properly pixeled people are already
gonna be going to your Facebook website it’s not like oh the only will get you
know tagged by the Facebook pixel if they see an ad no as long as they are
going to your website you can get an idea about who’s going there you can
look at your analytics it’ll make your ads better to run because guess was I
said in the beginning when it comes to targeting well heck I don’t know where
to start well let’s look at the pixel data and see who has actually been
showing up oh I’m not sure if I should target this people with this people
let’s look at the pixel data and the pixel day says hey most your people are
demographic male 25 to 50 they’re balding I don’t know they’re balding or
something like that great let’s make sure we don’t target
women right so I hope these are awesome tips to doing Facebook Ads for your
local business if you like this kind of content give me a subscribe and I will
see you guys next time

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  1. Great tips! Especially on setting up a funnel and building a long-term connection. Now, my question is, where do I find the information collected by the Pixel? Thank you!

  2. Nice videos! How would you advertise a t-shirt store where you sell ur drawings on them? No particular niche, mostly skulls mandalas and many more random things.. Im thinking about a broadly targeted audience with discount offers for buyers (PPE ad)

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