Fairly OddParents! Shadow Showdown All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS2, Gamecube)
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Fairly OddParents! Shadow Showdown All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS2, Gamecube)

October 12, 2019

season finale of crash nebula previously
on crash I know yeah are we getting a horrible nightmare
what is it to me is my nightmare let’s both in bed don’t worry Jimmy
we’ll fix the TV after you wicked whore I wish today me respect the guys what’s
wrong our wands aren’t working Jimmy I can’t imagine why there’s a Batson
observe it were loose I doubt it Cosmo one way I have my
emergency watch that wonder it says in case of emergency break brother there’s
an emergency Oh fairy have an emergency one I’ve
never used mine though I wonder what will happen oh oh oh here Irish add cumin little
commandery subject my husband and I welcome you to this interactive training
in new spending imagine we have to rely on our wits in my day is what he doing
this a filmer one magic good one should follow the on-screen instructions were
to learn how to use emergency magic waste all that isn’t yes very good very
good indeed carry on hey what’s happening we’re in a training
movie I think it’s going to teach us to use emergency magic reserves
wow that was team over on in green titania I didn’t know fairies had a king
in Queen we haven’t for a long time this must be a really old movie we can’t stay
here we’ve got to fix my TV how do we get back I guess we’ll just have to
follow the instructions come on jibing deriding
let’s start with the basics try moving around using the control
stick glorious my view of the word of life that’s right and of major
importance you can talk to me in Cosmo whenever you want
shouldn’t that be sighs Moe and I try talking to a sweetie hi Jimmy it’s great
to talk so do it whenever you want my godparents tell me you used to be
royalty did you finish bringing a child into the
painting failure that’s right your ex majesty we’re trying to fix Timmy TV so
he can watch crash nebula hey pay attention ticket now
what was my life oh yes there are times when wings just get time in these
situations you may need to jump let’s find out how yes nothing
jumping is vital to getting around let’s tackle the static very pleased I Tanya
kinky stuff one two children no longer have mattered
not anymore hideous positive energy it’s based I’m
sorry your fairy ship maybe you could teach us about emergency with stars
anyway it’s one monster but one will complain to the appropriate authorities
and connect first all to gain one wish it is that I don’t see any stars you may come straight to catch the burn
can’t find Raja everywhere and christine at my motto which is do all
kinds of things Timmy such as opening doors are moving
objects to press a switch bounce it from the air in the usual way to me yeah move your
mouth to make words well okay I wish that I was back in front of a working TV
watching transgender oh dear I’m sorry Kimmy put your star simply aren’t bad
powerful I think every day we can send a death wish
what can I wish you our friend for a magical capital with which to activate
the magic target when activated it means TARDIS allow the people to leave the
training arena wow she’s so bossy that’s the only way out here I wish for
a magic castle well done Jimmy you’re a screaming now
to find out what’s up with our magic and your tedious time a fresh new Beulah we
really have to find out why our magic isn’t working Timmy we could visit fairy
world what the TV listing says that crash nebula is on again tomorrow great
I’ve got 24 hours to fix my TV there’s no fine glow to fairy world it looks like fairy world
stranger than usual who know something’s wrong
you don’t want Tong and Bonsang overhears you just in Kate this is our
fault ha I’m not scared of dragon I’m Stan are
you sure puny theory hey we didn’t do anything
this time I had considered blame you anyway
Kylie Tina Turner but you are lucky I already have a suspect mr. monk
strangled sir we’ve lost our wish granting powers we came here to find out
why all the fear is now without their powers my muscular intellect suspected
it has something to do with the missing royal jewels desiccated oh no wait
that’s the worst thing that can happen so dear pop Oh scuse oil jewel stolen
why is that so bad the Royal jewel has tremendous magical power it is the
second most powerful wretched nan de Parys and am I to guess that it’s
falling into the wrong hands oh this is embarrassing but I asked for
your help tiny teeny Tana Wow okay anything that
fix my TV why you want you must first rescue fairy world from a devious peril
come with me and I will show you try to recover a stolen magic gem my prime
suspect is a jester named quince he worked for Oberon and titania our old
king and queen they recently fired him Quinn stole the jewel everybody for
losing his job he took it jesting very seriously
now he’s causing havoc in fairy world demanding his old job back
fix the stuff in fairy world by the capture and shopping with my expert
management skill even your puny three oceans exceed Jorgen by leaving us to
manage by ourselves we tease I didn’t get any of that
let’s just do that but see what happens I just sprained wrist are very still
your stuff we need a little more information than actually I did a lot
more who’s gonna rest Waldo Sport Club free card we’ll need something for
transporting to make at this day maybe some part of playing cards to
restoration get low thingy okay I wish for some sort of playing card
restoration is developing I had one of those when I was a little fairy now
you’re not very to this now you can carry playing card suit from soup
Mountain God how else would a playing card restoration give up any work I’m
sure nothing used to be behind this gate there used to be some rainbow stepping
stones and ridges I’ll bet that insane gesture quinces on the other side right
here off me Timmy this is the action of a shame dish Bandol yeah you suck my
blood I’m Fanta Cosmo and it’s aimed at by FanDuel gesture being from the other
side come on let’s find a way to fix the stepping stones before cosmos is up his
entire vocabulary this is a very damaged Pacific whoo-hee
bed it’s a dairy fairy he’s worked with town for so long we speaks like a zoo
text not to move because three pounds are missing from the township film if
you want our help then the cows have been scared away from their shed by quiz
and the cowshed activates the rainbow bridges no means all back it’s not in
the context my destiny one two three stars so we can grab a wish I wish I let
the cowboy I’ll do this one I’m a cow expert God well haven’t you ever seen a
cowboy movie oh yeah I watch The Bull Island mystery channel all the time I
think it’s perfect fairy cows are very safety conscious and always look after
their town they’ll follow me when I wear this you’re okay
I didn’t go see in Cosmo there you go Gary Gary what I can do now mmm-hmm
yes that should restore a rainbow stepping-stone come on guys
we’ve got to work out some I need color factory without them white would be very
grave what if we can’t get the cover back
without my green hair I won’t be heard them don’t worry hon
what’s complex of things it once we have enough counters assembly card one tree
died I have an idea no it is done leaning into all I can fix
anything and why don’t you wait for whip Erick Rowan it’s a very – we don’t like
effort we have repair Oh time to dig them hey I wish were on repair no time
you’ll be able to use the repair on to fix broken things we’ll yell when we see
any I might get out anyway we get three guesses
Lala yo can you quit the Ox royal jester hey honey I mean inside frumious
Bandersnatch do not get there you’re not funny in you tell me that you’ll have to
get back the Royal jewel and stop this nonsense
jewelle nonsense not funny I’m positively mimsy without grave I just
want my job back I get to fight then fight shall we fighting well it’s better
than talking to this weirdo I see that you have ever ended the despicable
criminal I’m not a despicable criminal I’m a disposable jester that big money lady titania Lord Oberon Kalin Helene
have you come to give me my job come on is you to be silent
you miserable lump of earwax on Franco Jer is the thief
where is the jewel where is the jewel your miserable love what June the Royal
jewel you stole you pathetic sack of feeding from I dribble
I’m not leaving dribbles and the dribble in gestures you still haven’t done
anything funny I will question the suspect he is puny he will talk I’m
making you personally responsible for recovering the German final see to it
come timmy turner come incompetent fairies follow me where
we met this must be Jorgen face of operations so many screams kids stop
watching baby suggest that there’s not happy jeweled someone else must’ve
stolen it that’s that’s stolen jewels to blame for you guys losing your powers
and for my team is going complete I will continue with my investigation I will
locate the teeth but I require a Beckett laughs thank you
there’s only one magical of gets more powerful than the Royal Joel yay a very
very sorry muffin never underestimate the power of muffins that is correct
there is the magic theory bursary muffin recipe I will entrust it to you but you
must catch it first I’ll do that recipe go I think you can’t
do much children’s care about to join you I’m not impressed go tiny timmy
turner make the recipe collect the ingredients and bake a magic muffin only
oven baked treats in state TV delicious Dixie Silver Moon happy milk a Phoenix
egg and Supercross hair raising flour where are we going to get ingredients
like that the only one place I can pick up ordered our agreement from the only
star that happen to experience yes right thank goodness for the one second
delivery Karen Hayes weird stops another is becoming Turner’s I’m his babysitter
okay if you say sugar I need some sugar to
power my newest invention and I just ran out of flour you are mr. and mrs. de
Kock sure he won’t mind we raised him to be generous I lost the sugar
the flowers are new but the egg is still okay
I must be losing my catch the back honey ingredients are gone Cosmo what are we
gonna do there are no more in the store but don’t give up tinnie yeah we got
ours before and even sometimes we just maybe it’s time to go on bizarre
adventures and find the ingredients incredible toxic you’re here they did not go so very well how do you
know I was watching on one of my many very control screens I don’t suppose
they shall crash nebula oh you can use them to locate your missing ingredients
move to a screen with an image and activate it oh boy time to check in on
the home improvement channel and better still my latest invention can do all
that strenuous TV stops robot channel 15,000 and six please there should be a cinch
the pixi sugar muffin ingredient must be in that fuel tank on invention I bet
they’ll know how to get the stripper wake up magic TV signal must be making
them sweet how do i wake them up easy way will take you into his theme you can
wake him up from the inside great plan cutie Oh God is this what my
dad dreams about it’s pretty weird Timmy but dreams can to be weird
wow that’s pretty weird dreaming about a giant robot what does that mean it means
he likes a robot I mean who doesn’t let’s concentrate on the job at hand
boys waking your dad off Timmy and how do we do that we need to shock him away
I suggest wrecking his dream you need to destroy that robot sure it’s that real
he can dream it again if you want okay let’s whip up some wishes and break
dad free of that strange TV magic oops well there’s no one in it oh yeah it’s
creepy let’s make a wish must be your bad dream of consequence who’s dreaming
yeah it doesn’t River to reach the robot with this bug doesn’t look very pretty
because if you’re bad subconscious is conflicted as to whether it helps us
wake him or not yeah he made us a boat but out of weird stuff do we make this
boat moored like you Jimmy this is a dream we simply need to
simulate the parts of your dad’s train that want to wake up yeah but keep it
well ain’t no grain turkey but if you think it’ll work I’ll give it a try
what should I wait we need to get topics both the MP soap what is so scared of
sown angers right penis golf courses not good skier must mock eat since that’s
the one a work and Mars are on tonight I wish for like hey my good idea about I
need that but you so rarely use it you can read books with a Timmy and also see
in dark areas one of your bad be free he dreams that we’re all there really weird
stuff come from and we should be able to wait part of
bad subconscious fears that’s right look for a machine that’s like my dad’s brain
is receiving a better boat what does a metaphor look like just look for a
machine to me use Kosmos idea bolt to lure them off and keep going it’s a
dream representation of part of your dad’s brain you understand how you guys
know this gap I’m very very in the waves of the human mind except me so I guess
this lever weights this part of dad Freya you recalibrated your dad’s brain
he should be thinking of a better boat now I use little broccoli top it looks very
heavy who’s mentally heavy one time I got the pan on my book but I never do
that again it just the other thing that I did here
push and also magnetic I wait for an ultra powerful super magnet
oh sweet razor mistake to me he’s kidding
it’s just great I mean that’s but it’s not an ultra-powerful be presented as a
super powerful Oprah battement know what is the pain Appetit brief okay why – k10
matter everyone’s being for Kaizen pebbles seems pretty big wow your dad
doesn’t seem funny to you he’s committed it looks supposed to right men will come
in handy here wait let’s go snack to move coming along nicely
daddy three thanks to well maybe it would be higher if it wasn’t asleep
now your package by Megan really do they go
I wish for ducking laughs – crashing OH I was hoping for a stadium but if I
closed and stand out but not very portable convo Timmy your person will
wake up sleepy awkward it’s a super irritating and chin flatbed this one was
quite a good dream for your dad anyway does your dad like tools I can’t tell
but some of the tools seem lazy don’t forget to use your klaxon their sleepers
my still again okay I must ignore of a weirdness I’ve got to shock my dad’s
brain into useful boat improving activity that much better what we need you and I
content portal thingy so we need to power the boat with you that’s right we
need to get into your dad central thinking cortex dingy deck one of the
regulars no surgery don’t worry hon we just enter by the
kernel if you can’t fly and for Texas must be blow through after you have to
do expect us who do you want to fuck you from your bad brain
beer Cosmo we made it to the giant robot we destroy it gotta wake up
so how do we hear that yeah I was hoping you’d have a plan
me too luckily it hasn’t seen us yet security alert process initiated
scanning tiny life-form detected subroutine activated source code stomp
initiating stop module destroy tiny life-forms how many times have I told you not to
break my giant robot emissions into a thousand pieces come on Bob you go
turmoil huh I just had the strangest dream
you were there Jimmy and you were a very naughty figment of my outer space
imagination Wow you need the sugar from your loma hmm oh
you like it ah it’s the next inevitable phase in essential technology for very
lazy people voice-activated remote control robots you command it using the
code words which give me some sugar baby I’m going to my dentists all can have a
tantrum but do as I say not as I do your dad sure loved his robot I had to
traumatize him but I got petitioner and where parents are concerned it’s giving
what you want that counts we need a Phoenix egg to make a magic
muffin but the only one available on the Internet is master Santorini Thank You
Vicky where can we find another woman hey remember where I saw a Phoenix egg
there’s one in an old Crimson Chin comic say no more P issue 133 part 27 of the
Ducks TV sets up the seagull eggs to Olga is flooding canary but why you soon
find out Crimson Chin prepare for the fall of ischemic bag so like to test the
course training it into the very edge and as soon as King Vanessa’s blood is
quite noisy sing and with the power of a prison gene Wow can majoun survive this
Oh what happens in big fish you can eat h2 Olga you to the Phoenix a test site
nothing Crimson Chin kidnapped a coward so what’s with all the walk ha in order
to destroy the chins house forever Albany’s it up where to place the fire
yet and she takes over kinfe natty waterworks and plexus any way you can
get ice water so the water do you even what cartridges million and one could be
harmful to me it because not the common man Oh whisper another 5 juzz every Roman
Empire here we Apple Python well I need to be
able to travel further enhance it’s a limited power we have I’m thinking
short-term blind I think he’s right a map right I know Rachel has a Crimson
wave the prison is sensitive f5 there you are
one lipid-based just give you start boosting you use it but you want to have
some long if it’s enough Oh should we wait for a day’s exercise
to break your bone we can grab a whisk out I’m running with terrific stuff
Thank You functional Cosmo I wish I could jump right in here there you go a
crime and CRO solution to vertical launch scenario pogo stick magically
pogo stick yet this is the mighty poverty defenses all
right resume cool where’s that me now you can defy gravity even on the
crowded building insurance that included once we get to include an extra
accessory with a question paper we make inside the waterworks the next step
would be easy um what’s the next step in a comic book
h2 all the souvenirs at the top of the water work and one off of crimson tips I
don’t know what about it that was a rhetorical question Cosmo when I don’t
secret organism I play my fairy wish we could use
something to defeat its to Olga’s disturbing hinge things they mean water
so whispered I’m really freaking fast Cosmo don’t encourage Timmy to drink he
will do it I know and we had a free drink that’ll
give us plenty of dough for that current user in keeping with your identity
we made it come out of your camp thanks guys
you’re the best okay I’m fine left just tired from straining to be
free Wow h2 Olga really did send your kinetic powers and you ever read this
comic that happens all the time must stop they just go Olga maybe you should
play him Timmy you can’t sighs hold on your condition chin flavor to me
condition what condition he’s a fully grown man and you’re just a ten-year-old
boy thank you for your concern captain Cosmo but I am so used to my powers when
they’re stolen it feels like a really mild dose of food so you’ll see what
must battle in my stead it’s perfectly normal Cosmo the whole point of sidekick
is to fill in when powers get lost don’t worry Jim clef will save the day if we
have to room like this on the floor below I remember you have to inflate the
elephants with the foot pump wait that’s that right this is a heart of the
waterworks where they oh yeah you’re a washout exploder hey good
cheesy lang to me keep it up please no more good work boy chin wonder once
again chincinatti old yuan set up by killing nothing kids we’d better get
these superpowers out of this a get into your job yeah you know what this isn’t
even our muffin I’ll ignore that cryptic comment
captain Cosmo no more weight chin for me thanks flex
up to chincinatti jail for this West women this is a golf or wrong way Cincinnati is safe once again and we
have a new meaning let’s take this one away from Vicki we should get back we
still don’t have all the ingredients for the muffin yet jorgens going to make
sure we never brand another wish again if we don’t get a Volvo on the investigation comes or have you been
kicking back while we do all the work do you enjoy having arms and legs people
Cosmo Fieri yes hey you look sad you are too stupid to intimidate hey have you
found the Royal Juliet do we need the other muffin ingredients I have not
located the jewelry store something the jewel was stored in a vault in Oberon
and titania smashing locks behind the magic door which never opened is the guy
that never opens still adore or just part of a while I have decided that you
see Madonna and your annoying godparents shall hate in my
investigation is your stone from behind assigned open Apple door sounds like a
mystery for a spade the martinis chicken I love the way you switch the skies is
sweetie and I love mysteries most things are a
mystery to me let’s go okay young man buta fishes and I’ll greet Leo
Chamberlain Georgia to text yes it is a sad day I feel pretty good
me do ladies only sad if your own Oh mister faithful retainer was above
suspicion any clues yeah I’m sure the mansion is packed with them young master
Damian and when I feel my eyes on what they used to be what do they used to be
eggs Easter those our Oberon and titania here I want to set up an trial can maybe
try on some fancy dresses regrettably the juju am here is a sudden attack
being so strong my lord and media are not available for interview you should
start by talking to the door that never opened its God the treasure donating sounds like fun make it go away
it’s probably as scared of you as you are bit cosmos wow I’m really scary so
the man confronted her he returned to the door never opened who’s askin hello
miss preneur this is Timmy an ace detective and we’re here
business cow pies he means collie where were you on the night of the fence right
in genius I’m a door I don’t move go lay me notes take notes
he’s never opened right it’s not my job though I keep people out Pete must have
got into the treasure room through some other entrance
oh no snob I can tell you mind if I just in your head yes I was done we need to
get here but there are no stairs to the upper floor there you can fly of course
we don’t need any stairs thank you there’s a fundamental to my ability for
up and down I have a simple solution oh boy and when I when Carlo think
laterally it’s a whole new definition of raro
if we turn the menu right now then this will be upstairs and upstairs will be
downstairs simple but won’t over on in titania be
upset if we mess with her whole life back okay thank you
I wish for a fashion up my desk Talia Texas Chainsaw dreams upside down
now sailing when we cook Lars and bars will become feelings right now
let’s find out how good that creaky old apron is attesting I quite like rinses
all you made me love please needs of a gesture was never amusing over on it had
to be let go he seemed so absurd and you blame queens for the Metra Majerle just
as you sent that disgusting group of props not Jorgen von strangle seemed to
pull on it good girl now get rid of this irritating
child and his moronic fairy godparents well yes yes of course
I think say it shall be done that was interesting but it was just hearsay
inadmissible as evidence so let’s find some visible evidence pretty big room I
wonder what they use it for and you’re rich enough to buy all the class they
need which stars must have been attracted to it that suggests it’s
magical what I wish we need to be able to do this I’m already hearing what we don’t want to activate costumes oh
it’s so heavy right off oh no feelings are what do wish to do
can you get down and seriously tekken guys there’s something fishy going on
here we need to be able to track that rope but they must have let the spray
will sometime break your hand and magic back defying glass but really we need to
close it a magic by glass I don’t think so either
that’s event again and I’ll turn you into a candelabra bends light all your
hands here’s this magnifying glass try to be able to see stuff that is
invisible to the naked eye oh boy I’m going to kick everywhere I’m funny
jeopardy passage behind over and I tell you everyone Basilisk frustration
I bet this is out of feet into the treasure room that you’re right time Oh
question is who could have had access to it
Wow so this is the secret treasure room dad can empty I spent a little more
treasure in treasure room maybe over on it hi kandi I had to bail their pressure
hard to afford treasure when you’re not loyal Oh dad nothing it’ll be rich
anymore I’m sorry Christopher great to penetrate a room is really impressive
please imposing there’s more to this case than meets the eye now to reveal the culprit now I’m sure
we have a good idea I know what’s happening where am I just as I thought
Oberon and titania ex rulers of fairy world stole their own royal jewels well
I’m never and by describing themselves as a bum
using magic go swamp woman by a magic loo they tried to keep us off their
trail when I die so where do you live you scraps of rodent I will never tell
you who has but you okay but there’s someone else food is old ghosts don’t
see a thing it doesn’t matter they’ll never stop the process soon the human
world shall be ours to ruin you intend to rule the world one is royalty royalty
should move if one cannot rule fairy world one will make a new magic realm in
which to be obeyed their head is to back at Jorian he can question one supreme
person manhandled by the muscle grained outpouring a platypus vomit
why didn’t I think of that oh dear they got away yeah but look what
I found in all this manual steps it’s a magic muffin pan and wart cosmos don’t
come in handy I cannot believe it Oberon and titania stolen royal jewel I take it
you were watching on your monitors don’t do everything anything in this book like
where the jewel is now this island you must continue to recover the muffin
ingredients yeah I know olia magic muffin has the power to undo
the effects of the Royal jewels and give off our magic back not to mention 650d
so Timmy can watch crash nebula channel 1 million techniques I wanna see are
aliens real possibly not but that won’t stop another highly improbable
exploration of scientific fact put it now
what can a Turner if this is some stupid game
I’ll make you scrub the bathroom with a toothbrush while wearing a dress
what is the matter almost evil face we met foreign exchange in from jerem come
on yeah you are within your very own cue fungus and gargantuan space palace to
seat up your Universal Empire rubbish you rule absolutely everything
correction – everything every sticky early what time begin charging Jordan
principals making another okay look you’re always capable of
saving the earth from space and Pacific it definitely makes it alright
I love here okay here we are on Vicky’s evil plant light-years away from home
bad at least you’re dressed for it bright clothing is vital in space it can
be chilly thanks for the crashing tight butt sound
like through the CD field right that’s right Cosmo weird TV magic has
made this space so into reality and Vicky has been cast to the balance which
is kind of appropriate and giddy esteem plenty of space shows on TV right I love
spaceship cow parish alien scum so you know exactly what to do he does he’s
talking to you beam up big down dig must be impressed about your sisters rescue
sisters you didn’t know your head and head for the space palace he thanks for
the help I blow it all down soul is straightforward now I can thank you for
this other babysitter just eh okay how do we get inside no
problem Cosmo it’s easy is to be brief who doesn’t believe in PD my spouse is
always a secret underground entrances where inside people thank gosh that’s
great why are we near so we really got lots of Moo cows milk but Vicky stole
flour here we made reservations plans to babysit the entire and fresh thyme now
we can make one of your press suits it won’t work what’ll it be coaching cute
and searching units in helmet surround sound stereo microwave boob warmers
there’s one thing that every state you’re nice guys Christian jetpack Oh
what joy Wow my back is turned I’ll charge when you activate the jetpack
it’ll will shoe up in the air for a little while and if the fuel sizer
punctured Italy so so pity you won’t feel a thing
rain wait what is it boy my TV shows don’t deceive me this is a transporter
hub we need to transport no Cosmo but we do need to collect that waste time you
need to deal with au rhodium problem weird space gas Cosmo detect it in that
quarter that’s right if I remember correctly and it would be a first
gamma rays make you go to you become solid
of course you can’t walk on a Yugo neum floor unless it’s solid okay then I wish
for gamma rays one bucket of gamma rays coming up counting cosmos I have a
better idea Wow you want to find my sister give us
gamma rays what I wanted to that’s right and the shielding inside the suit will
protect you from side effects and traces of nuts
they think that aren’t affected by harmful radiation that’s what we don’t
care what are these these gadgets they remind me of something what is it
sweetie I remembered it’s a pimple a signal
oxidizes hitting ball what it largest symbolistic ejector Kajal it’s a
transport device if we wait for one of these modules could we you miss maybe
how we help us explore kog’maw how you know about this yeah I watch a lot of
science shows on TV they Sue’s me when you were trophy shows when I can’t sleep
because I’m watching TV static we need one of those do it you from TV whoo I’ve
been ballistic ejector Paju it would help him I knew what that was
I trust Cosmo Wanda I wish for a PEP oh I’m so happy it’s a big ball that I go
inside out it’s not quite what I expected
it’s fantastic you’ll love it it’s resistant to every day that’s in shock
Oh why are we doing it you can roll around in it for fun and wherever we
find a simple integral on to take the driver so we can fire you at high speed
into stuff great here we are behind glass I’m Betty I deserve to be
displayed so how do we open vicky beam up a storm
we need power to me small portable power cells let me find out you can buy them
in stores but on earth Matt is big on the other hand part more I should shrink
to high knees eyes infiltrate the high-tech systems here and swipe a few
from Vicky that sounds like a good plan whoo who’s gonna do it
me Wanda me Monda Pete Mickey black mark wit me why
are you here timmy turner why are you wearing a traditional outfit
I intend to stop your evil friend pinky o great queen of all that is what and
will be shy activate the lasers wavers I’ve seen lasers but they won’t stop me Mordor is martin omander warrior and
irritating Clerk how am I going to roll here now babysitter this is so
irritating the Rays charge meter only shows 6% wait until exactly finish
before you burst in and ruin my plan Wester heroes make the crash nebula
believed in efficiency really hate you timmy turner well I guess this is the
end of the show keep watching the skies check it out save the world again it’s a
good habit to get into where are we what are these weird word credits Cosmo
remember the TV magic made Vicky’s spatial and to Rihanna it’s all the Bowl
whoever stole the Royal jewel I get it and it shows headed when we
went to the credits roll they’re making me dizzy
we should get a commercial start Kimmy was so thoughtful to order flour I
realize that I’ve almost run out and it’s impossible to make banana bread
without flowers and now from Big Bad bakery broadcasting banana bread penned
a new show dedicated to all things banana bread oh I shoes on Oh what’s wrong with the TV
I want the banana bread show not some dumb documentary on monkeys we’re really
a filthy monkey go away who are you where am I I’ll have you know that I am
no ordinary monkey Rana I am Queen College where the television is talking
to me it’s never done that before feed me Oh King touching themselves more
evolved than you and will attempt to insane your destiny to rule them break
up this world while you’re with my destiny to rule but should I believe
everything I hear on TV but we were one shall come to overthrow you
with one sandal a lion shade birthmark and a silly ticket will the heck at the
very least human female do you know of this pink-hatted warrior my son Timmy
wears a pink pack and you shall come with me if this pink happen warrior
attempts to overthrow me I will never throw you throw you over a wall for
something wait where was he pretty I don’t mind telling you so no love been
kidnapped by a super above a thing you need subtractive his threat and
Dimmesdale has been turned into an eight worldwide TV magic Oh
how will we get our banana bread dough I mean we’ve gotta rescue mom and get
that magic flower back we’re here this is where the eights take
their prisoners when it where why it’s teeny magic Cosmo and a documentary got
mixed with other shows and now they become real and it ain’t captured my mom
so we’ve come here to rescue her but now we didn’t rescuing I was betting
don’t worry Cosmo D dates may be highly evolved but they’re dumb enough to leave
this crate here excuse me you and Charlie who you calling human
today dad will come free me we political prisoners are increasing an
extra sturdy metal cages political prisoner what happened we recently
acquired a new king but he’s paranoid it was prophesied that a small boy with a
silly pink hat would else him from his throne that’s why this place is under a
hairy form of martial law he created new laws to protect himself and any ape who
speaks out is imprisoned he also captured my mom now I’ve got two evils
to put right the tyrant Kings headquarters are behind the giant ape in
the temple you must find a way to open the statue axanthic banning the monkeys
will help you they hate the tyrant king because he rations bananas remember the
rebel forces pass one but two bananas that give energy but two bananas back
their bananas is our in this case a monkey yes what did it a station tractor
to the hummers back to bananas Cosmo we’d better free the monkey this case
look weaker than a metal pipe what are climbing on it and bouncing it alright
three star equals one wish what do we need this
and I might answer Greece b8 revelry your mentioned hordes of eight guard
defense work either way you need to distract them
how about bananas it’s well documented that Apes can’t resist bananas what
about a banana launcher even better a portable banana entrapment detriment
death I wish I had a banana launcher you’ll need to collect bananas from
banana trees a banana larger isn’t it cool at the portable banana and said
maccann glassman dumb dude up beneath a furnace no I can’t even say it now you
guys must be part of a horde of eight cards we were told about one don’t let
them see you if you pop a banana next to them it might detect them these Apes
really take their 18s seriously hey that sure is one big monkey statue
clearly hate said we have to get behind here so now we should get a view for
higher up there all with stars here let’s get grabbing look a giant not a
monkey haha I bet that opens a gate and I bet we’ll need a whisk before we can
use it like turning the neck this way is easy yeah where you don’t have to grab
it I wish I had a monkey wrench to undo hockey nut what’s a monkey wrench I am
amazed I know fools follow my lead that’s just a monkey it lacks our H
component but it don’t you you’re right look at the terror inside oh hell I
guess we’ll have to see how L enriches this is that wall hard to climb but not
impossible that Rick had been doing up there that’s
a good wish I eat super sexual climbing abilities
like sticky Lizardman from your chronic he’s in the league I didn’t bet you
Olivos you wish for sticky leg powers wow that’s cool now you’ll be able to
claim vine-covered well like a real lizard
you can also bask in the Sun and run on hot sand but I already could yeah we’re
pretty high up now come on guys how do we get past that stack you the tyrant
king must have created some fiendish mechanism to protect him
check it out bananas smelly litters I bet on TV okay we should both note
banana smelly meters and if that’s how bad you’ve activated Coco I’m proud of
you that’s a good thing right and monkey bars a natural playground for
simians and impassable barrier for ten-year-old oh yeah
why do think we can use a monkey wrench monkey to grass from you know vas never
mind it’s a great idea yes the poor little fellas arms hold out
pretty weird not something I expected but activating that first bananas
millimeter seem to have some effect bananas movie I didn’t expect that
quick jump aboard it may be our only camp we got a ride that Jays banana
I’ve been waiting my whole life for this check it out guys this is what the
interstate sum up an entry and repairs on 8th King looks like hey it’s exactly
like I thought it would be there he is on top of an apparently functionless
pillar at the center of the chamber hey there’s all kinds of plants growing on
it that means I can climb it with mice terrific right how are we gonna stop the
ace-king for mating coconutty destruction down on you it does have it
here your mom Domeier he is Cosmo Timmy could you help
me please I’ve been captured by this egg he forced
me to pick life from its fur in Kingston Rd prepare dinner injustice no is the
human child from the prophecies do not take my lands or my chattels of one goon
or any of that stuff tinnie how many times have I told you
not to fight prophecy fearing super-evolved
8 king ma I rescued you well that’s all that’s stopping me from grounding you
young man tell me if my flower I still have banana bread today I’m the
flower was spilled in the fight mom you’ll have to buy new flowers typical I
guess a mother’s work is never done all the flower was spilled
Oh No what do we do hey Katie Cosmo I couldn’t give the magic flower to mom
I’ve got it right here good work Timmy Shelly’s over TV shows
are dangerous when they become real but at least they end we better leave before
we start to experience technical difficulties my vertical ho and I’m up and dance
I found that let’s get baking you will need an oven please allow me you have no time to lose the magic
duties are all broadcasting the same show now soon that show and take over
the world wait better get to the TV station and do
what we can while it’s cool which TV station is it you see I have been
investigating it is channel 13 yeah no parking have a muffin cool yes what no still red
hot nothing cool that big-headed boy and you start parents that sounds like
author oh wow the bad guys are already tightest
death date sometime we were lied to he said that he would use a royal jewel to
create a new magical robot earth for us to rule but he lied he used you to make
your TV devices magical dessert so they would make real TV shows whoo-hoo for
padule who is running the TV station I have an idea about that then excuse me
young man it’s the Chamberlain it will shuttle it back nine or biggest mine Oh the Chamberlain shadow even the shadow
tricked us he promised us a realm to rule and then talking for himself we
don’t like to be tricked you’re washed in your hunger for power you consider
yourself more important than other fairies and now you pay the price for
your prize get this straight the key ruling isn’t attached to a
shadow don’t you get lonely I magically separated my shadow from my feet
centuries ago you see I thought that if there were two
of me I could better serve my Lord and Lady the fool fail to realize that all
shadows are evil after years of slavery and totting I will finally rule my own
custom-built world I get it you use the power of the Royal jewel the broadcast
magic through TV sets and now you can broadcast any sure you wanted to reality
that’s right timmy turner it took some time to tune the channel properly but
now I’m broadcasting shadow TV moving a world in which settles will wear their
trust us not the other way around I think but to no avail
my TV magic is broadcasting subtlety to the answer there and the problem of the
Royal jewels making it real all real shuttles will try to prove oh you don’t ah like I said everything was back to
normal Oh we really do miss race how was the
muffin absolutely disgusting sex muffin I never had one like that meat you want
to say that you always been approached and you intend to give up this silly
dream of power and become good fairy and you’re going to make me and Mickey
survival of Cambodia that is correct but you must will come back to the
mansion to celebrate no time I have a TV show to watch guys I wish we were home
you got it Timmy I’m was the release of the season finale of crash nebula which
will never be shown again here’s hoping you didn’t visit never mind Jimmy at least you saved the
world Hey what who cares about that world I just crash nebula it could be
worse the whole world could have been turned into crash nebula at least then I
know what happened but aren’t you forgetting something we have our powers
back see what yeah I wish I can see the season finale of will

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  1. Dayum…i like how you take your precious time todo all of this, it's amazing!😅 Thats why its really one of the best gaming channel!😄

  2. Pacha: We've gotta help him! Salim, Galleth, you're with me!
    Sir Galleth Cooper: Verily shall it be in thine command, hence and…
    27:51 [Poof cloud: Zap! Pow! ETC!]

  3. 34:00
    Wanda: we should get back! We still don't have all the ingredients for the muffin yet. Jorgen's going to make sure we never grant another wish again if we don't get a move on!
    [They poof off]
    34:08 [Poof cloud: Faster Than A Speeding Fairy!]

  4. In Breakin Da Rules, you need 5 Wish Stars. In Shadow Showdown, you need 3.
    16:35-Aw, Timmy's sad… Guess that's how I feel, when I lose something important.

  5. Fun Fact: Oberon and Titania were actual mythological figures, particularily in the mideval and renissance era. The were the King and Queen of Fairies. Then had a tendancy to fight a lot.

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