Fake a Drone Shot with a Phone Tutorial by Chung Dha
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Fake a Drone Shot with a Phone Tutorial by Chung Dha

September 24, 2019

Hey Filmmakers Chung Dha here
In this video I’m going to show you how to fake a drone shot with your phone
And were are now at the Kwaku Festival in Amsterdam
In Amsterdam there is a strict No-Fly Zone so I could not bring my DJI Mavic Pro
However I brought these three items My Galaxy S8 from Samsung
The Zhiyun Smooth III phone gimbal And the Miliboo Carbon 5m boompole So we’re going to show you some
samples and lets watch ( music ) So those were really awesome shots, made with this simple setup And I am going to show you how this looks like fully exteneded With the Miliboo fully extended it’s 5 meter tall, however if you lift it up you can reach 6 meter or higher The maximum payloads, I would not put a DSLR or a Mirrorless camera An Actioncam or a Mobile Phone with a simple small gimbal is the maximum it can handle A few pointers how to use this setup, go get a trucking shot like this high up You need to hold the setup in a 45 degree angle and also set the gimbal to a lock mode So it doesn’t pan around and you only need to pan around and not need to walk with it. To get a pedestal up shot like this, there is a trick to it You need to walk forwards while tilting the whole setup, the reason for this is if you only tilt it up It will also move backwards, but if you are going to walk forward while tilting it up It will stay closer to the spot where you tilted it from To get a dolly shot like this, you need to work on your ninja walk to get a really smooth walk without getting up and down movements in your shots. Hope you guys like this video and please give me a thumbs up! If you want to see more upcoming videos please subscriber! Also check out my other videos on this channel! If you have any questions please comment below or join us on our FB Group there is a link in the description And I hope to see you the next time! Bye Bye!

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  1. For those interested in the effects used in this video check out these videos:
    Pincushion Roll – https://youtu.be/HtI9jhDGbtQ
    Seamless Bounce – https://youtu.be/-hB35kKZycg
    Diagonal Split – https://youtu.be/9OetSA-E7CY
    Seamless Transitions – https://youtu.be/YC9m6116t40
    Cross Spin – https://youtu.be/7lD3HuzsPL0
    Youtube Outro – https://youtu.be/EM8rcyGODhY

  2. Great idea! But how do i know im recording right scene or not? Any resolution that I can see the phone as I recoding?

  3. I really appreciate to you bro…so nice n cool ideas,, I want more videos regarding this technique in different angle n more…

  4. Check on ali express, i just got this, a 5 mts pole, JIEYANG JY90C JY100C JY500C carbon fiber boompole microphone pole Mic recording microphone rod boom pole Speedlite Stick 3m 5m

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