Falcon’s EXO-7 JETPACK Explained! (MCU)
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Falcon’s EXO-7 JETPACK Explained! (MCU)

August 15, 2019

The EXO-7 Falcon was originally designed and
built as a military prototype jetpack for use by Airforce paratroopers. Housing collapsible wings, the jetpack allows
the operator to achieve falcon-like maneuverability, while reaching speeds on par with that of
a fighter jet. The power of the pack increases the momentum
and acceleration of the user, allowing them to enhance their physical attacks and strikes. Though the original EXO-7 was destroyed, Sam
Wilson’s highly modified and redesigned jetpack carries over many features of the
original, while adding a plethora of additional functionality. The new design incorporates upgraded, bulletproof,
highly articulated wings that can be configured into a defensive shield against gunfire, as
well as including homing missiles, and the redwing scouting drone. The jetpack incorporates itself into Sam’s
flight suit, with accompanying gauntlets that include touch controls tied into the EXO-7’s
weapon systems, as well as housing a pair of collapsible wrist-mounted machine guns. Also, it comes standard with a parachute.

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  1. The backpack can fit a scouting drone, enough room to collapse the wings, and enough fuel and power to take off vertical, and a parachute.

  2. One thing i wonder about the jetpacks in movies is the controls i need to know how they turn on and off and thrust control height control everything these are the details i am sure you and me and everyone else is also interested in right?

  3. so stark create this jetpack too? wonder what they'll do if it broken when they still on the bad term with stark

  4. I only see a stealth advantage in EXO-7 over the standard Iron Suit. Even the less durable, but more versatile and maneuverable suits offer greater protection than the jetpack.

  5. Pretty much underrated..but Falcon's jetpack is so cool…
    Iron Man suits are designed for high speed missions…But in low speed missions Falcon suit is more preferable…Falcon's suit is fun to use, because the suit's user is basically sky diving all the time…

  6. I have plans of designing something similar like this sometime in the future because this is actually achievable unlike the iron man suit.

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