Falcon’s REDWING Explained! (MCU)
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Falcon’s REDWING Explained! (MCU)

August 14, 2019

Stored within a compartment on the back of
Falcon’s EXO-7 flight suit, The Redwing drone can be launched and flown remotely by
Falcon, via the use of a touch screen on his left bracer. When launched, Redwing is capable of flying,
hovering, and scouting undetected. Using its advanced onboard camera, it can
scan for lifeforms, provide information in multiple visual spectrums, and deliver real-time
visuals and tactical data to Falcon’s goggles. When caught in a confrontation, Redwing is
armed with a tow cable and twin guns, and can even be used by Falcon as a large projectile. Also possessing the ability to use its advanced
flight evasive maneuverability equivalent to that of Falcon’s own EXO-7 flight suit.

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