Fallout 76: Quantum Power Armor Paint (Full Guide)
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Fallout 76: Quantum Power Armor Paint (Full Guide)

August 15, 2019

welcome back to the Kings quarter the
place for all things Bethesda I am The King fan man today we’re going to go
looking for the poem power armor in fallout 76 we love failing the nuka-cola
power armor before but today we’re not gonna have time for lore
in fact you better get your finger on that pause button cuz we’re gonna go
fast and get it to you as fast as we possibly can it would do you good if you
have a jetpack because a couple of these places are pretty hard to get to so
let’s hurry up and get you to that quantum power armor you start at the
nuclear coal a bottling plant and of course you do because it’s quantum power
armor you climb to the very roof on the outside and you find a hatch
once through that hatch if you have a level three lock pick you’ll find this
note on the note you will find one clue and it’s the only clue of the whole
thing on the back of the note you’ll find one word it’s ta n a GRA I don’t
know how to pronounce it but it’s that big huge treehouse that you have to
climb on up and that’s where we’re going to go after you get a key but you have
to get on power armor jump down unless you want to break your legs get to a
bathroom on the bottom floor if you have a lock pick in the stall on the floor
there is a keycard pick up the keycard and now we are off to that ta na gr8
well however you spell it it’s that treehouse place and we are off
this place that place right there and I hate climbing this place I’m getting
good at it now though because I’ve been up it several times
but I still hate it cuz I don’t like Heights and well you know this place is
the place that would be very good if you have a jetpack and you’re gonna see why
in just a minute once you get to the top there is a broke apart house the next
key card that you’re gonna need is in this house and it’s on a small little
ledge now you can jump across and get it right there is where you’re gonna have
to jump this little bitty ledge and it’s gonna be sitting right there there’s the
keycard now notice right here notice the jump you would have to make without the
pack you can do it but a jet pack makes it so much easier now the next place we
are going to go is the crashed plane in the mire and that’s all it’s called is
the crash plane and the mire and you see it there on the map once you get to the
crash plane and the mire you are looking for a suitcase that is down on the
ground now the crash plane there’s a lot of it in the air and all that don’t
worry about any of that that’s in the air this suitcase is down on the ground
as you see and you’re going to be looking for the nuka-cola access code
once you get that you will be headed to the Ingram mansion the Ingram mansion
and you’ll probably have to fight robots or super mutants or something like that
when you’re at the Ingram mention around back through a broken window is a
computer on this computer is where you will lose the card and it will make you
a code make sure you remember this code by writing it down write it down please
write it down trust me write it down I believe it’s a
seven digit code remember the seven digit code from the
Ingram mansion now we’re getting close you will go to the Overlook cabin once
you get to the Overlook cabin you want to make your way to the basement fight
your way through the Scorch they won’t be much of a problem you’ll find your
way to the basement and you’ll find these two key cards one will have
nothing on it you’ll have no writing the other one will have a – a letter –
you’ll want to do the one that doesn’t have anything you will wait three
seconds and do the one with the zero to make sense you’ll do the one first and
then the two it will open up the wall and then you’ll have the keycode there
you will press in your key code and hopefully it will work for you and then another wall will open up and
voila there will be Keys more keys it’s still not over no it’s not over
and after that there also is a note on the floor which you can read at your
leisure you can either read it now it’s a double sided it is funny but you don’t
have to read it now you can wait until then as to not spoil it but it is a
great note now from here we go to dome seven if you remember anything about the
nuka-cola armour the dome the TNT domes are all in the same place they’re all
past Point Pleasant going north just north of Point Pleasant so if you
look on the map just north of Point Pleasant and you see it there with the
custom marker it is very close to the river
not far from vault 76 it is an unmarked location now one thing about this though
with all the activity dome seven is getting right now you may run into the
problem that I ran into you unlock the door and it’s not there it’s supposed to be right
there on the desk on the left not the first one but right there where I met
the desk on the left the second desk on the left so what do you do you hop
servers and I’m not gonna tell you how many times I hopped servers I will save
you that process but I hop servers Muni times many many many many many times
hopefully by the time you watch this and you try it
things will be calmed down and you won’t have to maybe you won’t have to hop
servers at all the funny thing was many times I unlocked the door with my key it
wasn’t there this time when I went to the door it was open look the doors were
open I was disappointed but it’s sitting there and I’m like is that it is this
real but I got it I wanted to celebrate and then I turned around and it scared
me to death watch I turned around and oh there’s a
dude and he’s got his weapon out oh my word but I
he’s lower than me I didn’t worry about it
but it turns out he was a nice guy but I wanted to check and make sure I really
had it I was thinking did I really picked that
up was it really it I needed to make sure was it really there yes there it is
the nuka-cola quantum power armor oh we got it we got it and there it is I
finally have it and by the way this nice young man we became friends he shared up
I saved him from a enemy there he shared some new kishan with me we went on a
journey we didn’t go together he went one direction I went the other from the
new kishan taking us but and by the way it was very nice to meet you sir
I hope to meet again then I got down to business the painting of my power armor
nope wasn’t that power armor no not that power armor
got to be in here somewhere nope not that power armor nope
come on is it in here where is it or is it is it that power armor huh no not
that power RLC no no nuka-cola no ultra side No
well there’s one more is this it EXO one with the jetpack that’s it
that’s it alright as much as I love that prototype
here comes the quantum paint so let’s put some quantum paint on it and see
what it looks like and I’ll save you the whole process and show you the final
product and y’all can enjoy

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  1. Thanks for the walkthrough KFM. Been meaning to get to this one a little behind at the moment. Have a great day : )

  2. Tip: check Dome 7 first! I found all my keys in about 10 minutes, but spent a fortune fast traveling only to get to the dome to find the doors open and plans sitting right there, lol.

  3. Love the new paint job. I wish there was more to the quest. If there is I haven’t found it. Yes I got it from a open door. But I always like to have the key. Thanks KFM 👍

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