Fantastic Feats of Flight! Air Pug’s Journey to the Skies – Flugtag 2015
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Fantastic Feats of Flight! Air Pug’s Journey to the Skies – Flugtag 2015

August 10, 2019

Crimson Ox is proud to present Fantastic Feats
of Flight! The year is 1945. Sir Archibald Donut Senior
dares to be the first Pug ever to take to the skies! With a limited understanding of aerodynamics,
Sir Donut will make a world record attempt on August 1st, 1945 and fly the furthest a
pug has ever gone! Kiss for good luck Sir Donut! Here at the Crimson Ox runway, Sir Donut prepares
his craft for the perilous journey ahead! And we have lift off! He’s OK folks! Just shaking off the post-flight
jitters! And hot dog! A distance of 1 foot achieved
by the world’s first Air Pug. Way to go boy! Fast forward 70 years to 2015. Pug Donut, great great great grandson of the
famed Sir Archibald Donut Senior dreams to break his grand papi’s record. Sorry gramps! This time with a crack team of aviation experts,
Pug Donut embarks on his journey on a more airworthy craft dubbed Air Pug. With its maiden voyage at Red Bull Flugtag
in Portland, Oregon, Air Pug hopes to smash the pug record by at least 1 inch. Working feverishly into the night, they tune
and tweak to ensure maxium flight capabilities. The craft is subjected to a battery of tests Making it stronger Lighter Faster and Flabbier Even Pug Donut gets into the fun. GOOOOooo
Donut! But is it enough? Will it go further? Team Air Pug sure thinks so! Find out for yourself on the next episode of Fantastic Feats of Flight!

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