Fate/Grand Order Summer(Okita J Souji) Valentine Chocolate scene  voiced English sub
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Fate/Grand Order Summer(Okita J Souji) Valentine Chocolate scene voiced English sub

February 23, 2020

Okita:I finally got it! The limited edition Jet Choco Youkan! Okita:They’re so popular, so they’re always sold out. But today, I stealthed my way into the shop as soon as it opened. Okita:I was able to get the first batch! As you’d expect from the First Unit Captain! Okita:Fufufu… Now this year’s Valentine’s is perfect. Master is going to be happy for sure! Okita:Now, to hurry back to Chaldea. Okita:Jet Pack, full power! Okita:Okita J Souji! Here I go!! Choice 1: What’s the sound?
Choice 2: This roaring… it couldn’t be… Yuuki:What’s the sound? Okita:Huum huhuhuum♪ Okita:Man, I’m totally late. Okita:Heh heh heh… When I hand this over to Master, they will be completely blown away by my Jet charm! Choice 1: It’s gradually getting closer…
Choice 2: I got a bad feeling about this… Yuuki:It’s gradually getting closer…. Okita:Huum huhuhuum♪ Okita:Ahh!? Okita:Owowowow… S-Sorry about that. I wasn’t being careful enough with my Jets Okita:Are you okay… wait… Okita:M-Master!?!?!?? Okita:T-this is really bad… Okita:I can’t believe I crashed into Master with my Jets. Okita:They’re not coming to. I have to do something. Okita:Thankfully I have some spare parts for my Jetpack. I might be able to save Master if I attach it to them. Okita:And if Master has the jetpack equipped and masters the Jet Tennen Rishin-ryū, Okita:We could soar through the air together as a combo team and a wonderful rumor will spread about a pair of jets…! Okita:…I’m getting a bit sidetracked. Okita:Then, once again… Okita:Operation Surgical Alteration, Start! Choice 1: I’m awake
Choice 2: A Jet would be a little… Yuuki:A Jet would be a little… Okita:M-Master!? You’re awake! Okita:T-Thank goodness… I thought you’d never wake up… Okita:I’m sorry. I accidentally crashed into you because of my carelessness… Choice 1: What were you in such a rush for?
Choice 2: Be more careful in the hallways, okay? Yuuki:What were you in such a rush for? Okita:Oh, right! Okita:Sorry, the timing’s kinda strange. But here, these are for you Master! Okita:Actually, these are an extremely popular limited edition chocolates, so I wanted to hurry and give them to Master right away. Okita:That said, I ended up hurrying too much and crashing into Master. I got too carried away… I’ll reflect on it in the sky. Choice 1: Thanks for going all the way to get these for me
Choice 2: …By the way, where are we exactly? Yuuki:…By the way, where are we exactly? Okita:I don’t know much about it, but it’s a mysterious workshop where XX-san helped me. Okita:A-Anyway, this isn’t the place for this conversation. Let’s go to the cafeteria, Master. Okita:By Jet! Okita:…Or not. Let’s just walk. Okita:H-How is it? Okita:Is it good, Master…? Okita:It’s good?! I’m so glad. Okita:Then it was definitely worth all the effort Okita-san went through to get them! Choice 1: Want to try some, Okita-san?
Choice 2: Here, ahhhhn Yuuki:Want to try some, Okita-san? Okita:Eh!? M-Me too? Okita:A-and like that… I-I’m not a kid…! Okita:W-Well, if Master insists. And I did go through a lot of effort… Okita:P-Pardon me… Okita:… *Chew chew* Choice 1: Is it good?
Choice 2: How is it? Yuuki:Is it good? Okita:…Hehe. Okita:…Yeah, it was delicious. Okita:—Very!

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