FB Flywheel Review | is FB Flywheel Viral Traffic WordPress Plugin Any Good? [Demo Video]
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FB Flywheel Review | is FB Flywheel Viral Traffic WordPress Plugin Any Good? [Demo Video]

August 11, 2019

hi this is Andrew hunter and in this
video I wanna give you a quick demonstration how the FB Flywheel Review plugin works where here on the dashboard page on FB fi will not got to campaigns created you can
create an unlimited number of campaigns within
your installation we’ve got two campaigns raining here and
if this one is the main campaign and i got running on my member sign excite you
can see a contract the visitors in the leasing
conversion rate a number subscribers have connected through the band today and as a number different things I can
do within the dashboard of FB Flywheel I can edit a campaigner I can add a new campaign and
I can look at the analytics about have an existing campaign if I
were to clicking the edit button you can see
these are the details of how he set up a campaign and very straightforward the steps he
can walk through and some other optional the first one is you create your
campaign you specify the page they’re gonna be read our directed
to you if they successfully connect through the FB Flywheel Connect button and
allow the app to connect if they don’t think you can so the
redirected to any page you specify notes perfect opportunity to get them back into your sales final
and then have them opted against you put that same connect button on that same
page within an additional message in
disincentive to get them to connect through and complete the
application you can specify an FB Flywheel image custom image or we can choose from on the default images for the button left the connect button
itself here’s the settings for the Facebook application and then here’s
the where you integrate your autoresponder
now in a great through a form code C can integrate FB Flywheel virtually any I responder that generates HTML form code section
4’s the welcome wall post this is an optional you can enable or disable that beacon
see this is basically what you would see on somebody’s wall on Sony’s time line
when they can act through the button you can specify the
FB Flywheel content for each one of these elements so it’s very dynamic in the settings
section 4 5 is optional you can set your button to
be a pop-up within a pager post and there’s a number
of different elements you can customize here in the as well as the dimensions are the pop-up
again section six you can’t alterna we had a min exit popup so when
they go to leave your page the FB Flywheel pop-up will display with your butt nynex and finally in Section seven again which is optional you can actually integrate go to weather
and have them on a Mac Lee registered for a webinar when they click through the Facebook
Connect bun now we’ve got some cool analytics here’s
welfare is cookin subscribers you’ll be able to see a listing of all
the different subscribers that have FB Flywheel connected through the body kits and demographics like their their ad gender the age the birth date
location the date they were added new Canet delete a subscriber from this listing you can
also export this listing to a CSV files is perfect for feeding
some Facebook Ads finally we got the FB Flywheel analytic section we can get a graphical analysis are followed the Leeds that are
connected through various campaign see can filter all at you can select one campaign you can
filter individually by campaign and you can see bye week or you can see
monthly data as well to click Submit here on FB Flywheel monthly chart you can see we’ve got January and
February data and finally the latter have demographic
information that we can select from here’s under demographics click Submit
and now you can see that we’ve got demographics by male and female and the age group as well since some
great FB Flywheel information here that he collect right within FB Flywheel will they be
able to do an analysis I love you are marketing who’s been
connecting through your Facebook button Andy how do you get a facebook but not
page very easy if we open a new page or post a click on post add new and within the post page and post editor
we have this icon right here and if we really click on that you can select the type of code that you
want to insert a pager posts weather too short code the pop-up shirk order the exit sure code or you
can select the HTML form Co which means you can put that on any site it doesn’t happen anywhere
press a computer on an HTML page in this the Facebook Connect button will still
work sorry to select the shortcode select the campaign you
once a answer code and there is right there now i click
Save and FB Flywheel view you’d be able to see the button on this particular page if you wanna see
her in action click on the link directly below this you can see the FB Flywheel light opt in form that I have their and
you can see exactly how FB Flywheel works

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