Fear of needles – Genji Cat – Part 3 | Overwatch Comic Dub (ft. HamletVA)
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Fear of needles – Genji Cat – Part 3 | Overwatch Comic Dub (ft. HamletVA)

August 10, 2019

I need healing thank you for seeing us as Madonna nonsense miss Sigler anything for my favorite patient and healing one little jab and he’ll be all better [Music] [Music] good morning this cygwin out for a walk as well I hear it will be clear skies all weekend against tiket is looking quite well oh thanks to you right back no candy cat reinbek behave what are you doing well then old friend go to sleep oh hey Anna now this is my kind of day [Music] hmm caps and boxes are so popular right now Kenji cat uh let’s take some cute pics ourselves okay one yeah another day spent chasing dingy cat around does even appreciate what I do yes he does never die why do I still keep you around this thing is really dangerous and I need to work on my aim I’m getting too old for this but it’s okay if I walked away slowly no one will notice a little bit right am i right DSM are you sure right but I need you back here right now we need to go home I got your favorite toy there we go my little my little what do they call baby in Egyptian I do not know because I am NOT Egyptian I shall speak in Mandarin man even though has nothing to do with this comic come back to you watching either I will give you much love in both forgetting you are my puppy [Music]

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  1. 0:41

    Genji: I need healing

    Me:ok I am an ana so you need to stay still

    Genji: ok

    Me: shoots

    Genji: moves to kill people were he is not in my line of sight

    The same genji: dies


  2. the first one was like…
    Angela!!! wake up!!! * slap * It's me, Genji, the cyborg sent by blackwatch!!!

    anyone? : 3

  3. 1:38 love the fact that Lucio isn’t even surprised by this and just casually takes a nap.

    And by the way if Ana would’ve hit Reinbark Ganjicat probably would’ve scratched Reinbark and then wake him up

  4. If the little thing that genji killed was A rat I would call it junkrat😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

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