Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from 128k’ – Mission Highlights
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Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from 128k’ – Mission Highlights

August 21, 2019

Release! I know the whole world is watching now… I’m going home now. Jumper away. Speed 725. Showing Felix at a stable descent. And Felix is back down to Earth safely. The new world record holder.

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  1. Felix: Goes to theme park
    Random kid: i bet ur too scared to go on that drop ride
    Felix: am i a joke to you

  2. Think back to when Col. Joe Kittinger did this, without all the fancy technology and nice cozy gondola to ride up in.

  3. When is Felix going to fly his jetpack into space.?

    Can't wait for the video…….That will show those flat earthers how silly they are being.

  4. Only a stupid american people can believe in this .. video from space and no water,no oceans on earth, no medical support when he came down, no clear video how he falled down..
    I said, only for stupid people.
    This is level like 60 years ago, when man was on the Moon, and today, nobody get the Moon again.. hahhahaha

  5. Why when the capsule door opens at 128,100 feet is the horizon at eye level and completely flat???? Shouldn't the horizon be lower since we live on a sphere? Only when the camera angles downward is there a curve. How strange. Camera magic?

  6. The camera inside the capsule looking out the hatch at 48 seconds isn’t a fish eye lens and you can see the flat earth. At 1:15 the camera is upside down and the fish eye lens makes earth look concave. Check for yourself.

  7. door opens @ 0:46 camera captures Flat Earth? then they switch cam view with different lens for outside shot. just a thought. kinda odd.

  8. Fact, he didn't jump. His balls was so heavy it generated enough gravity to pull the earth towards him.

  9. At exactly 1:15 you see the camera positioned below the jumpers helmet and surprise, surprise, the curvature of the earth is now in the opposite direction…Hahahahahahaha

  10. Flat earth At 47 seconds the camera from inside the pod which isn't a fish eye lens shows a flat horizon and the horizon is still at eye level this should not be the case from 128 000 feet

  11. Please explain how it took roughly 3 hrs to reach the jump altitude, however, Felix seemed to have landed very close to the actual location he jumped from. So did the earth forget it was supposed to be rotating at nearly 1k mph that day? Lmaooooo He should have landed hundreds of miles away.

  12. in 1:15 min just watch u will see the truth . the earth like letter u how ¿¿¿ and look the left hand symbol of satan.. and earth sometime ball another time like letter u how thie people bleve this lies … the truth they use fisheye . and make all people to not worship god . just that .

  13. And no The Earth is not Flat The Waters are flat. (This we can prove with Physics) Therefore all land is convex.

  14. 1:14 THEY ARE LYING TO YOU. Why is the earth inverted in this scene and look what he does with his hands, the devils horns! PEOPLE WAKE UP FROM YOUR DREAM! They are all puppets to the devil and the secret societies that controll the media, bankingsystem, nasa and all parts of goverment. WAKE UP! DONT BE STUPID!

  15. All flat earther's, let me ask you this. What benefit could the government possibly gain by hiding the shape of the earth?

  16. Can you explain why in some parts of this the earth is spinning counter clockwise and then clock wise and in some parts its not spinning at all and when he is ready to jump taking steps and holding the rail he is wobbling and if u look close enough the earth below is wobbling and not spinning at all.

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