[FFXIV] Camp Bloodshore & Airship Ramps | RoaR | Episode XXV

September 23, 2019

Hello Eorzeans! I’m Lukile Bravestone, your favorite 1.0
archaeologist extraordinaire! Last week we looked back at the dark and gloomy
Black Shroud and it’s Bentbranch area, as well as the original Notorious Monster system. Today we’re returning to my favorite 1.0
location – La Noscea! We’re more specifically headed to the eastern
part of La Noscea to revisit Camp Bloodshore. Camp Bloodshore was a tiny encampment near
the shore of Eastern La Noscea, close to the entrance of Cassiopeia Hollow, which we’ve
covered in an earlier episode. The camp was also the endpoint of the La Thagran
Eastroad, and connected to Wineport further north. The camp was home to two merchants, Danyell
and Alistair, Gatewarden Brunadier, Quartermaster Kokomui as well as a Battlewarden. A chocobo caravan would depart from Bloodshore,
lead by Sergeant Friont, Arlth and Skyfryn, headed to Wineport. Bloodshore could also offer gatherers a plethora
of ores, wood, herbs and nuts. And because of it’s extensive shoreline,
also offered a wide range of fish. Look at that Bianaq Bream. How cute. The whole area was located so far northeast,
it was considered a high level zone, with monsters ranging from lvl 30-50. Levequests in this zone would also range between
lvl 30-50. The Name Bloodshore comes from the famous
killings that took place in the area. Some 50 years ago, 1.0 time, the pirates League
of Lost Bastards and the crewmen of Rycharde Mistbeard fought on the sea just off Bloodshore. It is said that by the end of it four galleys
had sunk, and hundreds died. As a result, all the blood and debris drifted
aground at bloodshore, dyeing it red. Camp Bloodshore had a whopping 4 aetherial
gate connections – Tiger Helm Island and South Bloodshore to the Southeast, Agelyss
Wise to the north, and Cassiopeia Hollow. What’s interesting about Bloodshore is how
it differed from other areas in La Noscea due to it’s sandy beach to the east, leading
into South Bloodshore. This aetherial Gate location consisted of
a lower beach level, and an upper mountain level. The aetherial gate itself was located on the
beach level, and was home to several levequests, as well as a handful of mobs unique to the
Bloodshore region. Walking through the upper level of South Bloodshore,
you’d eventually end up at a bridge connecting South Bloodshore to the second aetherial gate
location – Tiger Helm Island. Like the name suggests, this was an island,
very similar to South Bloodshore. However this island had no beach level, but
instead had a bridge connection to this mess! It’s unclear if these smaller islands were
part of Tiger Helm Island or not, but I always assumed they weren’t as the name suggests
just one Island. Anyway, these tiny islands were connected
with several bridges, and levequests connected to Tiger Helm Island would often take place
here. Let’s head all the way up north to Agelyss
Wise. In 1.0, this area was highly insignificant. It’s probably something I should clarify
right away. On most maps in 1.0, the further north you
got, the higher the difficulty, and level requirement. Because 1.0 was highly unfinished on the endgame
front, that usually meant the further north you got the less content and landmarks you’d
find. Instead, you’d often just find absurdly
high level monsters roaming the area. However one interesting detail still exists
from this area. The name itself. The Japanese name for Agelyss Wise is “Old
Ageless Highroad”, and comes from the ancient remains of a road in the area. Some scholars speculate that the road in question
was already old by the time of the Allagan Empire in the Third Astral Era, but because
it’s impossible to know for sure, it’s purely speculation. The road’s age and origin is unknown. Despite knowing this, I could never find any
remains of this road in the area. Back to Bloodshore, and just south of the
camp, you’d find Gullperch Tower. This lighthouse was constructed to warn ships
navigating the Strait of Merlthor of the deadly shallows on the Bloodshore coast. It also served as a way to give Lominsans
advance warning of pirate and sahagin raids. Up until patch 1.18, La Noscea had the same
theme running throughout the entire map. The theme would stand as one of the most iconic
themes in the game, and is still one of my absolute favorite tracks in the game. I speak of course of On Windy Meadows. As the calamity did its thing on Eorzea, Bloodshore’s
jagged cliffs, islands and mountains got obliterated, most of south bloodshore disappearing into
the sea. Only the old South Bloodshore upper level
bridge remaining. Standing like a monument to the era we’ve
since left behind. The western valleys of Bloodshore were whittled
away by the combination of raging fire, water, and wind caused by the calamity, causing this
separated area to become Raincatcher Gully. Agelyss Wise was struck with a gigantic fragment
of Dalamud, upsetting the land and causing massive corrupted crystals to erupt from the
ground. In the wake of the Calamity, Garlemald invaded
Eastern La Noscea and laid claim to the area, most likely destroying what little was left
of the ancient highroad. In it’s place, Castrum Occidens was raised,
and within you’d find the entrance to the legendary raid The Binding Coil of Bahamut. Following the calamity, Master Gegeruju of
Ul’Dah bought the battered remains of South Bloodshore, as no one wanted the land due
to the soil being too salt-drenched to grow anything in. Gegeruju then took the land, and constructed
a large seaside resort – Costa Del Sol, as well as planting new flora and fauna to
breathe new life into the once battered area. Close to the resort, one structure still stands. The only visible survivor from before the
calamity – Gullperch Tower. The tower is still intact, albeit visually
somewhat upgraded, but it is still the same tower lore-wise, still in service! It’s even more or less placed geographically
correct as well! Turning the clocks back again to 1.0, we’re
going to take a look at something curious that never really became anything, but it’s
interesting to discuss nonetheless. Airship Ramps! In 1.0, as I’ve covered in previous episodes,
Airships played a bigger role in Eorzea than it now does in ARR. When chocobos and airships were introduced
in 1.19, there was an often overlooked detail at the bottom of the official lodestone post
regarding the airships. It read: “Airships will be introduced as a new mode
of transport between the three city-states. To ride an airship, simply make your way to
the airship landing in each nation and pay for your passage in gil. Departure and arrival cutscenes will accompany
each flight; the voyage itself, however, will be over in a matter of seconds. In the future, we will make it possible for
adventurers to fully savor the experience of flying, taking in the sights and sounds
while roaming the decks of their vessels.” Although the game would rather quickly change
focus from updating 1.0 to rebuilding it as 2.0, it was clear that there was an initial
idea to make the airships do more than what we initially got. More of this was evident when these airship
landing ramps started appearing all over Eorzea. These would usually be located far away from
camps, in remote areas of all zones in Eorzea. The most prominent one being this one located
in the Black Shroud. It was long thought that this was the only
landing in Eorzea, and that it was meant to be used by Ishgardians to trade with Gridania,
as similar ramps could be found around Coerthas. But other ramps could be found in La Noscea
and Thanalan as well. This strongly implies that these ramps could
have been some sort of planned travel system, where the airship perhaps made stops along
the way to the major city-states. If the airships were intended to work in real-time
like the lodestone post suggests, it wouldn’t be too crazy of an idea. Alas, this idea was never followed up in 1.0
or 2.0 and in ARR all the landings are retconned altogether. Still, it would have been interesting if they
went through with it. Or would it? Let me know in the comments! And oh boy here we are at the ending screen! Thank you so much for watching this episode
of Remnants of a Realm! I hope you’ve had a good time! Make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed,
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of Remnants of a Realm! See you then Eorzeans! And may you ever walk in the light of the

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