FGFA & AMCA Two Fifth Generation Aircraft at Same Time for India

September 19, 2019

India Planing to Develop Two Fifth Generation
Aircraft at Same Time. FGFA & (AMCA). India should go for Russian developed T-50
(FGFA) 5th Generation Combat aircraft or should drop plans and stick to Country’s own Aircraft
5th Generation ADVANCED MEDIUM COMBAT AIRCRAFT fighter along with purchase of more 4.5 Generation
fighter aircraft to build up depleting airforce. Factors over the years seem to have emerged
has biggest factors which might go against proposed development of FGFA 5th generation
fighter aircraft with Russia. * Sukhoi-30MKI Hangover: Even after being
in possession of most advanced 4.5 + Generation Fighter jet in the world, Whole Sukhoi-30
experience has been mixed bag of experience for India. Su-30s with modern avionics and
superior performance has no doubt has given the edge to India in the region but it has
also become an aircraft which has poor Serviceability issues, Build Quality and Spares Concerns
and numerous teething issues which still plague the aircraft in the Indian Air Force fleet.
5th Generation aircraft are not only expensive to procure and operate but can also suffer
from more downtime due to various reasons and Indian Air Force has been very critical
of FGFA due to Quality, Performance and serviceability concerns also because it can ill afford another
aircraft of becoming Hangar Queen. * Operating Top Heavy Air Force: With 272
Sukhoi-30MKI and Plus 115 FGFA, Indian Air Force runs the risk of operating Top Heavy
Air force where its operates more Heavy Class fighter jets then Medium and Light Class fighters.
Heavy Class fighter jets comes with higher operating and procurement costs along with
higher spare burn rates due to two engines. Indian Air Force is more interested in procuring
Single-engined aircraft to bring balance to its operational fleet.
* Rafale attraction: ” It’s better to have potent 4.5++ Generation fighter aircraft
then Half 5th Generation aircraft ” has been echoed around Indian Air Force Headquarters
to often after India shirked French Dassault Rafale fighter jet order from 126 to just
36. Indian Air Force since then has been supporting Government of India and reduced its initial
FGFA requirements from 144 to just 115 and ordered 83 Upgraded Tejas MK-1A to save more
funds to procure more Dassault Rafale fighters from France in near Future.
* Influence on ADVANCED MEDIUM COMBAT AIRCRAFT Project : Designed with Western philosophy
and with active help taken from many western countries like Britain ,French and United
States , ADVANCED MEDIUM COMBAT AIRCRAFT like LCA-Tejas will have large western influence
in its Design,Avionics,engines and weapons which will see little or no help actually
coming from Russian influenced FGFA project in fact it might be other way around where
technology developed for ADVANCED MEDIUM COMBAT AIRCRAFT might find place in FGFA .
* Expense of Two 5th Generation Stealth Programs: India simply cannot afford to have Two parallel
5th Generation fighter jet program to meet its Medium and Heavy Class requirements. Both
Projects might have combined Investment requirement of more than 20$ Billion in Short terms, which
will go up to 40$ Billion in long run up till its production and orders. Thank You For Watching. Please Like, Share,
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