FINAL FANTASY XV [FR] – Ardyn 06 Airship [Sub FR/ENG]
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FINAL FANTASY XV [FR] – Ardyn 06 Airship [Sub FR/ENG]

September 10, 2019

Well well! It’s a chance I found you in time! What do you plan to do with us, now? What do you mean? I just want to drop you at a safe place. You’re from the Empire, though…I did not dream? It’s not very kind to say such things. You insinuate that all the people from the Empire are necessarily enemies? Uh, no. I dunno. Uh, uh… Noct…What do we do for the truck? We go back to get it. Good. Let’s not linger. Chancellor…You pretend to be our ally, so prove it. Release us immediately. Come on, there’s no rush! The surroundings are crawling with magitek soldiers. You would quickly be captured. Ah, ha ha! Don’t worry, I’ll drop you off, pinky promise! I told you: I want nothing more than to do you a favor. It’s a beautiful car. It would be a shame to lose it…

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