Finishing crystal clear canopies on scale model aircraft – how to guide

September 18, 2019

Hello, and welcome to Dave’s Model Workshop Today I’m going to be showing you how to prepare clear parts [canopies] things like that for use in your models So the first thing to do is obviously get your clear parts I’ve been working on my mustang, ever since I’ve opened the kit I’ve been protecting the clear parts So I had the clear sprue Wrapped inside a tissue nice clean tissue and then I chucked it Inside the bag and that was just to keep it safe and protected in the box while I was new Moving around all the other sprues. So you know getting a nasty scratches or grazes on it so I’m going to Unattach and attach remove [dis] [attach], whatever. I’m going to take them off the sprue, and then we’ll start our work here we are two pieces of canopy off the sprue and Obviously, we’ve got some pretty big cleanup to do here here and here [I] find the clear plastic can be quite brittle. So just be really really careful Ideally get a really sharp scalpel Slice away and then just do some fine sanding, but just be careful it tends to be brittle so all cleaned up This piece no major dramas the tabs were on th e bottoms of it so it was fairly fine. One other thing, when you’re handling them try and keep your greasy fingers off them because It all contributes. This piece, due to some stupid engineering by Hasegawa It actually had the tab on the side there so even with some very delicate sanding with like 2,000 grit paper. It’s still got this manky bit here. I’ll take a photo in a second to show you That’s where our next piece comes in handy, so I’ll take a photo show you what we’re dealing with and then we’ll move on Right so our next step clean it all with a clean tissue fresh soft tissue Get all the oil from your fingers off it, any dust from the sanding Anything like that You’ll see there’s still some imperfections or little scratches, they’re just unavoidable, but that’s what our next step will fix. [so] the magic ingredient here is That’s as good as we’re going to get, so you can still see there’s little imperfections there I hope the camera can pick those up you can see them in front of my finger there. The next magic ingredient is this stuff so here in Australia is called PLEDGE ONE GO. I think it’s actually got some other names in America. It’s called FUTURE Also called pledge, it’s basically floor polish I’ve had this bottle for about five years and it’s still completely two-thirds full, so Just pour it into a cup and what we’re going to do is dip our pieces into it now this stuff Actually goes a bit yellowish over time so you can see there five years ago. This was perfectly clear Some people worry about it. Getting yellowy or cloudy on their canopies of their models. It’s never done it to me Yeah, it looks a bit crap there but we’ll dip these little guys in. Got some toilet paper to drop them onto here only the best in my household and Yes, we’ll just see what we can do, so try to find a spot where it’s not going to matter too much if you don’t have perfectly clear So those tweezers will hold that there bang that’s all you got to do drip off [the] excess and then leave that for 24 hours to dry completely Same with this bad boy. Bang. There you go, couldn’t have done that better if I tried. Yeah, again drip off the excess. You don’t want to leave great big globs of this stuff You don’t want it to be drenched in it because while it’s drying. It will Settle down, and you’ll get like run marks or globs of it down the bottom there Well bollocks, if that happens just re-dip in in while it’s wet Drip drip drip try and get us much of the drips off as you can And then back [down] so I’m [going] to leave that for 24 hours This stuff going to pour it back into the bottle and we’ll be back in a tick. So here we are 24 hours later and as you can see There’s just a beautiful shine to these. So those sort of slightly manky bits that were there all gone all the visible imperfections are gone We’re in a good place With [this] one so now you’ve done is just be careful and also obviously Try and store it in a nice dust free place overnight You don’t want a little bits of dust falling onto your surface, but yeah, you can see. They’re really beautiful blemish free In a good place. Now the one thing that is bothering me is this little Mark just here. Which is where it was attached to the sprue, so Try not to put your fingers all over so you can still see it just there Yeah You could maybe live with it But it’s going to piss me off the entire time so I’ve done a little bit of testing. I’ve got some 2,000 grit sandpaper and a little bit of testing on the Sprue that the thing came from just to see how badly that will grind it up, and it seems to be okay So I’m going to get to work on that little bugger there, and then do another coat of future I was planning to do another coat of Future anyway because I’ve had people tell me that “Two coats Oh my God it just makes it amazing” and I wanted to try and I reckon if you did one coat You’d be fine. That’s what I’ve always done in the past, and I’ve always been happy but with this one I wanted to try it anyway, and I want to get rid of that little bugger So I’m going to sand it away now and do some more. I’ll show you in a tick. Precisely the same as last night pour some Pledge future, whatever you want to call it in there dip little bad guys in So take it off my drying paper, chuck it in, make sure it’s covered Get most of it off Because you don’t want it dripping. And then dry it somewhere nice and dust free overnight On this piece here Look, I’ve done the best I can it’s still a little bit visible down there, but it’s not going to get any better It’s actually like an imperfection in the mould it goes all the way through so it’s as smooth as I can make the edge But yeah, not much I can do. Hopefully this second dipping Will help it out just to get rid of that effect Splush, splush, splush – you get the deal. The beautiful thing about this stuff, too is it protects your plastic from any kind of reaction with your glue when you stick it on so When you superglue this onto your model the Future stops it from clouding up fogging up Bang done, leave that for 24 hours, pour this lot back into my bottle to use again and Bob’s your uncle. And here is the end result After the second day has dried. So it’s 24 hours later As you can see it’s really Beautiful um there’s not a hint of yellow about it It’s just perfect you know all that nastiness around there. It’s as good as it’s getting. I think we’d get away with that. Beautiful and shiny. Just zooming in closer there for you so yeah Um if you can’t find a product that’s called Future or Pledge Basically in some countries. I think it’s also called Johnson’s Clear, not quite sure but basically any kind of like Durable High-gloss floor finish that comes in a bottle you want it to be clear, and you want it to be a little bit sort of thin oil consistency So if you do find it like that yeah try it out on a bit of spare Sprue first make sure it works, but you can’t go far wrong So points to note if you bugger it up, you can always clear it off with windex or any kind of ammonia based Window cleaner or you can use isopropyL alcohol. So that kind of cleaning rubbing alcohol? It comes off easy peasy Last thing to note. I’d probably leave it another two days or so before I mask. You just don’t want to Tempt fate and get too stuck in too early with sticking sticky tape onto it. Give it plenty of time [to] cure. So look. I hope that’s helped you from here on yeah yeah, your Pledge your Future will save you so when I attach this to the Mustang a little bit of Ca Glue It’s not going to fog up like it would have done otherwise and it really has saved of all those Nasty Crappy bits that were sort of here the nastiness around here, a Couple of scratches here and there. This is made a world of difference, so I hope that helps if you have any questions Please chime in below. Some people say yeah, don’t bother with it, or it looks unrealistic It’s totally up to your call. But for me It massively improves clear pieces and it just makes them look beautiful and once that’s masked up yeah, it’s gorgeous, so Chat to you next time, chime in below with comments Subscribe if you can if you think my work is good love to have you on board and chat to you next time See you guys, bye. Hey, P.S. – One last thing Someone’s going to chime in and say how can you use such yellow future that’s crazy is going to yellow on your canopies This is a russian fighter. I made about five years ago with this exact same batch There is no yellowing. This is Focke Wolf. Let’s get some light on the subject and Yeah, it’s dusty as hell, but there’s no yellowing So that’s the same batch stuff in the bottle has gone yellow to give you the focus there So you can see the dusty, but yeah, there is no yellowing there So I just wanted to let you guys know That to me is not an issue don’t be put off by it Get stuck in enjoy. Right, I promise, that’s it this time. See ya

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