Fire Extinguishers For Your Boat
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Fire Extinguishers For Your Boat

August 14, 2019

[music playing] Boaters must be prepared
to handle emergencies while underway. This includes fires. US Coast Guard approved
marine type fire extinguishers are required on
boats where a fire hazard could be expected from
the engines or fuel system. This risk should be
considered present whenever a boat has an
inboard or outboard engine, plus a permanently installed
fuel tank, closed compartments, or close living spaces. Type B denotes the extinguisher
is suitable for use on flammable liquids,
while the number signifies the quantity of the agent. A type B I is usually
filled with two pounds of dry chemical, capable of
extinguishing a fuel or grease fire. A B II will have 10
pounds of dry chemical. US Coast Guard
approved extinguishers must be packaged and sold
with a mounting bracket. They should state, Marine Type
USCG, with an approval number. Fire extinguishers should be
stored, preferably mounted, where they are
readily available. When required,
vessels under 26 feet are required to carry at
least one B one extinguisher. Vessels from 26 to
under 40 feet must carry two type B ones, or one B two. Vessels from 40 to
less than 65 feet are required to carry three B
ones, or one B two and a B one. Make sure your fire
extinguisher’s pressure gauge, or other indicator
if so equipped, read in the operable range, as
described on the extinguisher. For more information
on boating safety, visit www.boatingmag.c

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