Firecrackers VS Helicopter made from Matches
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Firecrackers VS Helicopter made from Matches

October 15, 2019

Today I will use matches to build this helicopter
and than firecrackers to make an epic air battle. By the way thanks for the idea Abraham! If anyone have a good idea and it is not something
like artificial intelligence from matches comment below and i will make it. I know it looks like a game but it is not
so do not try i t at home! You can watch the Tank Battle here, and if
you subscribe then next week you will get a notification with a jet fighter battle and
you will love it believe me. Thanks for the support! See you next week!

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  1. Dude this is so cool! I’m so satisfyed! I subscribed because this is art and satisfying. You really know how to have art!

  2. покажи мой комментарий пожалуйста в следующем видео мне очень нравятся твои видео пожалуйста ты можешь показать меня на следующем видео умоляю тебя прошу прошу я поставил на лайк и подписался на мне нравятся твои видео очень

  3. Thanks for making really epic creations ur amazing and will go very far in the rest of ur lifetime so thank you and love all ur amazing things

  4. It’s hard to not sub to this guy when I see all the work he puts into making these things + time and patience only to burn it all up 😂

  5. i really enjoy watching your videos they are great
    i came up with an idea maybe you build a pistol or a rifle,any gun from matches and fill the insides with the red part than make a target and set off the gun maybe it will shoot maybe it wont

  6. Every experiment he did
    He broke one treess
    Imagine if milions youtuber do that too for viral and good recomendation?!
    What will happen with earth in the future
    Stop doin this and try something better than this please

  7. The Sahara used to be a rain forest. Then this guy started buying matches. SUPER COOL video tho. I don't miss the Saharan rainforest at all.

  8. In two years this guy will be top ten youtubers
    sings remember me
    stop cringing at me XD
    He WILL be mark my words and invest your ads and other random merchandise because…..
    actuallly the talent in this video explains it all

    Also……… hot air balloon out of matches anyone?

  9. I almost cry when you destroy these things cuz they're so amazing you know you spend so much time building these and they're gone within seconds and before I almost couldn't figure it out but they're beautiful works of art that's all I can say and when they go up in flames it's like you know the rise of the Phoenix you know from the ashes

    so that's what I kind of compare your videos too because they're works of art and also their rising from the ashes and I'm glad you got the video I mean I hate to see you do one of these and the video did not come out and you wasted all that time like almost 80 hours on it and you forgot to turn the camera on or something and I'm just wondering has it ever happened or not

  10. Would you be able to make a dummy of President trump blowing his lid(wig) because of more accusations coming his way.especially before the votes coming in 2020….i think it would be very funny….from Anthony Hewitt in Liverpool,Merseyside,England….thanx.i think what you create are brilliant especially as I'm an artist and can appreciate the hard work you put into each of your projects….

  11. What about making the London Bridge or Big Ben? I’d also really enjoy seeing you make and burn Trump Tower…

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